How to boost brand credibility with Twitter testimonials

Mariam Ispiryan • Feb 3, 2022 • 6 min read

People buy from brands they trust. In this day and age, it can be difficult to find authenticity online. And one way to earn trust is by having product reviews from people who have used your services before and have shown their love for your business.

Twitter testimonials are a great way to establish authenticity and credibility online. And the good news is that Twitter provides everyone, even small businesses, with an opportunity for great reviews. This article will walk you through some of the most popular ways to curate and use Twitter testimonials.

Why use Twitter testimonials?

You can use any social media platform to curate testimonials, but Twitter is one of the most widespread options for collecting feedback.

Here are a few reasons why Twitter should be your go-to platform:

Twitter testimonials are concise: you get a clean review that doesn't require a long attention span.

Twitter testimonials are easy to authenticate: when you display testimonials with screenshots or embed them into your website, you also introduce real people behind the user quotes with images, handles, etc. that your users can click and explore.

Twitter boosts the decision-making process: Yep, you’ve heard us right. Whether users are in a consideration stage or 1 click away from buying your products, they go to Twitter to check what real people have to say about you. The main reason behind this is that, compared with other social media platforms, Twitter is all about credibility, real conversations, and strong opinions. That’s why most users rely on Twitter when looking for solutions to their problems.

How to use Twitter testimonials?

There are many ways you can display what your customers are saying about your products on your website. We recommend going for pages where you promote your services and talk about your brand. Below you can find examples of Twitter shoutout placements for your website.

Add Twitter testimonials to your homepage 

The homepage is the first place users lay their eyes on. With Twitter shoutouts, they will immediately understand how your customers view your service and how your community is interacting with your brand. 

Testimonials on Softr's homepage

Image Source: Softr

We would recommend displaying your Twitter shoutouts in the middle or at the bottom of your web pages to let users get to know you a bit and later get equated with what your customers are saying.

Publish Twitter testimonials on landing pages/product pages

Landing pages are web pages with one clear message and CTA where your customer lands to get encouraged to take action, buy your products, etc. Product pages, on the other hand, are web pages where you help users decide what to get from you. 

In both cases, merging some good product reviews will help buyers make decisions, hopefully, faster and will boost customer conversion rate.

See how Smash Balloon used Twitter testimonials on their product page for brand credibility

Smash balloon product page

Create a testimonials page

One of the most popular ways to display Twitter testimonials is having a dedicated testimonials page or, as we like to call it, Twitter wall of love. 

Twitter wall of love is the number one choice for many businesses. It helps to showcase Twitter testimonials without distracting the visitors.

Softr wall of love

For instance, Softr’s wall of love is customized to match the brand image and minimalistic design of our website, making the testimonials page look unified and consistent.

Add Twitter testimonials to a scrolling carousel

Another popular way to showcase your credibility is the scrolling carousel. Mostly appearing at the bottom of a product page or a landing page, a scrolling carousel is an effective way to highlight positive small business testimonials, demonstrating instant shots of positive feedback and providing social proof.

Caspel scrolling carousel

Image Source: Caspel

How to curate and publish Twitter testimonials?

The main question left is how you can curate and publish Twitter shoutouts on your website. There are many tools and options you can go for, and we will discuss 4 of them. 

Curate and publish Testimonials with is a content curating service with the capability to collect, display, and maintain authentic customer reviews and testimonials. home page

To create and publish testimonials with all you have to do is

  1. Connect to your Twitter;
  2. Curate a list of Twitter shoutouts; 
  3. Once you have some curated content, allows you to automatically publish mentions to your connected website.

Embed Tweets

There is an easier way of publishing your Twitter shoutouts tweet embed, which is a native Twitter function. This is the best option if your only goal is publishing one or two testimonials on your website.

So, in order to embed Twitter testimonials, you need to 

  1. Copy the embed the testimonial (see the image below);

embed tweets

2. Paste the embed code into your website (e.g. on Softr it's possible to do through a Custom Code block).

Post Twitter testimonials with Twitter Publish 

Twitter allows users to display their tweets on their websites by embedding a snippet of code curated by Twitter Publish

In order to have an embed code from Twitter Publish, you need to

  1. Have your Twitter testimonials curated under your liked/favorite tweets;
  2. Copy the link of the list you want to curate;
  3. Paste the link to Twitter publish;
  4. Copy and paste the embed code generated by Twitter Publish.

Here is how a Twitter widget from Twitter Publish looks like:

You can always customize the size and the mode of your widget:

Twitter publish

Publishing Twitter testimonials with Softr 

There's a vibrant Twitter community around Softr that supports us and has helped us throughout our journey. Softr is a no-code company that enables building client portals, marketplaces, and more without code. The no-code community is big on Twitter, so anytime a no-code expert/founder mentions us we get more followers and our sign-up rates start getting higher. 

We have a Wall of love block we use to showcase what our customers are saying about our services. 

Wall of love

What people say about our awesome product.


Moreover, Softr provides a Twitter List block that allows to display a collection of tweets directly from Airtable with the possibility to search and filter them.

Softr's twitter list block

Softr can help you avoid a time-consuming setup and get your work done in minutes. Even if you don’t want to build your whole website with Softr, you can embed any of the Softr blocks or pages on an external website.

About Softr

Softr is an easy-to-use no-code platform that turns Airtable bases into powerful web apps, online communities, membership websites, and client portals. Softr offers a way for you to authenticate your end-users, control access to your content and data based on conditional rules like roles, logged-in status, subscription plans, etc. If you're using Airtable as a product catalog you can use a Softr template to build your e-commerce website. Or maybe you'd like to build a custom website for your travel journal, there's a template for that too!

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