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Build an Inventory Management System powered with Airtable data to keep track of all your inventory-related assets.

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Features and functionality

An inventory tracking template for a small business to track and manage all their products (SKUs), orders, manufacturers and purchase orders (template designed in collaboration with VisualMakers)

Different access levels

Login for admins and employees.

Adding products and manufacturers

Add new products and manufactures directly from your app.

Manufacturer details

Store and manage details about each manufacturer.

Manage orders

View and manage the details of each order directly within your app.

Search and filtering functionality

All users can easily find the entries they need through search and filtering.

Responsive design

A fully responsive design, allowing each user to access the system from any device.

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Softr’s inventory management template is perfect for a small businesses that need to track and manage all their products (SKUs), orders, manufacturers, purchase orders, and so on.

Managing your inventory on a spreadsheet isn't the best experience, and proper inventory management software can be really helpful. Our inventory template brings your spreadsheets to life and creates a fully-functioning, bespoke web application for you and your team in a matter of minutes.

For further details, check out this tutorial:

How it works

After you setup your existing database of products and manufacturers on Airtable, your can give your team members access to the system to add new items and modify the existing ones. In particular, you can define different access levels for the platform users. By default, there are two users groups—employees and admins—but you can easily configure new user groups based on your needs, setting granular permissions for each group to specify who can access/edit what. Further on, the template allows you to maintain your complete list of manufacturers that you’re cooperating with along with their corresponding orders.


Inventory management covers entire process of managing company inventories from raw materials to products ready to be sold. It involves ordering, storing, using and selling the company’s inventories. The main purpose of inventory management is to organize the whole process efficiently in order to avoid both surplus and shortage.

Just-in-Time (JIT) and Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) are the two main approaches to inventory planning and control. The MRP method tracks customer demand to find out which materials and goods are needed and when. On the other hand, JIT’s goal is to make sure that production takes place only when the product is needed and that materials are made available just before production in order to minimize inventory-related costs.

If you are selling any sort of physical products, that adopting an effective inventory management system can certainly help you keep everything under control and improve decision-making. Stock fulfillment decisions work best when they rely on accurate data. That’s why having a detailed overview of your entire supply chain along with your orders, stock numbers, vendors, etc. will help you oversee potential issues and stay efficient.

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