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Over 400,000+ users trust Softr as a more powerful Glide alternative. According to them, Softr apps offer a more flexible design experience and have more advanced user access control to applications and data.

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"I had already tried other tools, so when I started using Softr, it was clear immediately that the capabilities were beyond what I found elsewhere."

Yohei Nakajima General Partner, Untapped Capital

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Softr vs. Glide

Softr and Glide are both platforms for businesses to create client portals and internal tools, but which one is right for you? In this video, Demetri will compare the two and give you the full review to decide.

8 reasons to switch from Glide to Softr

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Create your app from multiple data sources, in one app

Softr lets you connect to as many data sources and bases as you like while allowing you to build complex logic on top. With Glide, you are limited to connecting a single data source. Learn More

Work with a complete set of powerful building blocks

Softr offers pre-built and functional blocks like Lists, Charts, Forms, Tables, Calendar, Kanban, Maps out of the box, so you don’t need to reinvent it from scratch. With Glide, you get limited layouts to present and interact with your data. Whether you are building dashboards, automating workflows, visualizing data with complex layouts - we have you covered. Learn More

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Control app permissions and access levels at a granular level

Softr shines with the level of app permission and access level controls it offers. Granular permissions ensures only designated users view and edit the right information from your app, while everything is securely stored in your database. Learn More

Don’t compromise on authentication options

While Glide supports a simple signin with email/password & SSO (Enterprise only), Softr supports almost any authentication option you might think of: Sign-in with SSO, SMS, Google, or with custom code - we have it all. Learn More

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Softr mobile app

Get the best of both, web and mobile app at once

Save the time and effort of building a web and mobile app, independent of each other. With Softr, you can start with your portal or internal tool, then turn it into a mobile app with one click (literally). Learn More

Say goodbye to record limits

The Softr Business plan has no record limit. Glide's highest plan limits you to using 50,000 records per project and only allows 20,000 updates each month (or you can get more by paying extra).

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Get support or work with experts when you need it

We are proud of the support we offer and we work hard to keep up with our 5-star review on G2. Every single user is important so everyone gets an answer. Need some additional help with creating your app? We have a team of Softr Experts ready to jump in and help when needed.

Leverage 30+ integrations

Use Zapier or Make to automate workflows. Make sign-in a breeze for users with Google accounts. Connect to your Stripe account and make one-time or recurring payments. Add analytics to your pages and understand user behavior. Learn More

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Compare features: Softr vs Glide


FREE to start (including custom domain)
FREE to start
External & Internal apps
Unlimited applications
Unlimited applications
Advanced authentication options (SSO, Google Sign-in, Magic Links, Sign in without passwords, Sign in with SMS and more)

only email/pass and Google Sign-in

Mobile apps
Turn web app into a mobile app

you have to build a new mobile app

Design flexibility & customization
Advanced control of the design
Responsive design (web, tablet, mobile)
Data sources
Google Sheets
Rest APIs

coming soon

Real-time data retrieval and update
Advanced Building Blocks
Chart blocks (Bar, Line, Area, Scatter, Pie, Donut, Rose, Stacked)


Organizational Chart block
Permission and access control levels
User Groups with advanced AND and OR conditions
Field level Create/Read/Update/Delete permissions
Record level Create/Read/Update/Delete permissions
Page & block level visibility rules (per user group)
Zapier & Make native integrations
Native Stripe payments (one-off and subscription)
Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Hotjar, etc.


only 4

Video tutorials
Livechat (for all)
Training & onboarding
Paid plan
Paid plan

Frequently asked questions

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Absolutely! You can connect your custom domain on the platform in all paid plans.

You can cancel your subscription anytime in your account. Once the subscription is cancelled, you will not be charged next month. You will continue to have access to your account until your current subscription expires.

Yes. Each individual refund request is reviewed by our team and decided upon.

Yes, you can capture and collect emails either through Mailchimp integration, or forward them to your admin email.

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