Sales KPIs Dashboard Template


Provide sales teams visibility and control over their sales pipeline.

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Features and functionality

Get a full overview of your sales activities.

Personalized dashboard

Each user has his/her own dashboard with relevant metrics visualized through charts.

Performance metrics

Sales reps track their individual performance, while managers get the bigger picture.


Track deal value, stage, estimated close date, owner, and other parameters.


Track your goals that include goal owner, start and end dates, value, attainment, and more.

Responsive design

A fully responsive design, allowing each user to access the dashboard from any device.

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The Sales KPIs Dashboard template provides sales teams visibility and full control over their sales pipeline, answering such questions as

  • are we bringing new deals to the pipeline?
  • what closed deals are worth?
  • what's the forecasted sales for next quarter?
  • are sales team members hitting their quota?

Each sales rep has access to individual performance metrics and data, while sales manager get the overall team performance overview.

How it works

To get started with the template, you need Softr and Airtable or Google Sheets accounts (Softr and Airtable offer free plans that will work just fine to get started). The "Use Template" button on this page will take you to the template app, where you can start configuring it. The template's database comes with mock sales data that you can start customizing as soon as you set up the template. When you're done seting up the template and importing your own data, you can start inviting your team members to start collaborating.


While the KPIs you track can vary depending on your business needs, here are some common metrics to consider: - Annual Contract Value (ACV) - Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) - New leads in pipeline - Average age of leads in pipeline - Conversion rate - Rep retention - Average rep ramp time - Referrals - Customer retention While this template provides a specific set of KPIs, it can be easily customized to include more indicators.

As soon as you click the Use the template button, you'll be immediately taken to Softr studio and can start working on the template. If you don't have a Softr account, you'll be prompted to register first (a Free account will work just fine).

All the Softr templates are completely free of charge and can be used with any of the Softr subscription plans. However, Free and Starter plans have a limitation on the number of application users, so you might need to consider a higher subscription plan if you need to have full Memberships access.

Build your Sales KPIs Dashboard today

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