Features and functionality

Employee Directory template is an internal tool to view and manage all your company and employee information in one place.

Different access levels

Login for managers and employees allowing you to hide/show information to different groups of users.

Contact directory

A rich directory of all the employees and contractors divided into departments.

Filtering and search

Powerful filtering and search functionality that allows users to find the required records within seconds.

Submit annual leave and expenses

Form submission to submit annual leave and expenses.

Onboarding new employee

A separate profile page linked for each employee with all the personal information.

Responsive design

A fully responsive design, allowing each user to access the system from any device.

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The Employee Directory template is an internal platform for the company to store and manage all the staff details in a single spot. The template can be used to consolidate a wide range of information about the company employees such as name, email, position, personal interests, start date, bio, time off, and so on.

How it works

To start with, each new employee needs to pass an onboarding process in order to get access to the platform and have their profile published. Once on the platform, employees can use the advanced search and filtering functionality to browse the directory to find info on a specific colleague (e.g. to get in touch with him/her) or just get to know their team members better. In addition, there are managers with admin permissions who manage the whole directory and are able to modify the profile of any employee or contractor. The template also allows the employees to submit time off and expenses directly from the system, which makes it easier for managers to track all the requests in one place.

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An employee directory is for storing the names and contact information (and additional details optionally) of the company employees. It is supposed to provide the employees and management a quick and easy access to their coworkers’ contact information and other details.

Employee directories normally include employee’s basic identification, contact information, and his/her position (i.e. job title) within the company. Additionally, in order to let staff members get to know their colleagues better, employee directories can include personal bios, interests, fun facts, and so on.

Employee directories are important internal communication tools that are use by companies quite often. Especially for companies that have teams across the globe, these platforms provide a quick way for staff members to get in touch with their coworkers or just learn more about them, thus boosting collaboration and team work.

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