The fastest way to accept payments

Sell any goods or services, add subscriptions to your SaaS, offer premium membership to your community, all from your Softr application.

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Native Stripe integration

Accept credit card payments in seconds by connecting to Stripe, without code.

Recurring payments

Offer recurring subscriptions on a monthly or yearly basis.

One-time payments

Charge one-off payments to get access to premium content, courses, or online events.

Our awesome features
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Custom checkout page

Customize product pages and add our pre-built checkout block to securely pay with a credit card.

Trials and discount coupons

Easily apply trials and discount coupons to your members in the checkout process.

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Our awesome features

How LendingApp Used Softr to Power Its SaaS Product

With Softr, I’m able to create beautifully intuitive and responsive front-ends that integrate directly with Airtable and Stripe. Softr allows me to create and iterate at least twice as fast as traditional web platforms.

Connor Gustafson Founder, LendingApp


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Built-in profile management

Let members update their personal information, password, billing history and details at any time, all in one place.

Paypal and Gumroad checkout

Let customers pay via Paypal with smart buttons, or integrate Gumroad for digital purchases.

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