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Turn your Softr web app into a no-code PWA (Progressive Web App) with mobile app capabilities with just one-click. Immediately made available on both Apple and Android devices (no extra resources needed).

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"I had already tried other tools, so when I started using Softr, it was clear immediately that the capabilities were beyond what I found elsewhere." 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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One click setup!

Yup, with just a single click you can have an entire app in the palm of your hand (and your team, clients, or user base). Check out the simple steps below:

  • Switch on the toggle
  • Add your favicon
  • Share QR code / downloadable link with your users
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Multiplatform PWAs

Don’t be stuck with a single operating system. With Softr, your PWA is accessible to your users across IOS and Android. The apps will adapt and look great on every screen without any extra design or resources.

Multiplatform app
simple install and share

Simple install and share

An accessible install page or download-CTA direct from your website. Users can also just tap ‘Add to Homescreen’ direct from URL.

Desktop app

Fully functional standalone apps that open in their own windows on macOS, Windows and Chrome OS.

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push notifications

Push notifications Coming Soon

In real-time, let your users know what's new and keep them engaged. Send to up to 1M users in one go right from within the Softr dashboard.

Don't take our word for it

Here are some of the features you get out of the box in your Softr application.


User management out of the box without any integrations.


Integrate with payment services and start earning.

Interactive Lists

Update data dynamically from Airtable and let users filter and edit it.

Roles and Permissions

Create user groups and define permissions on a granular level.

Get started with a template and build your PWA without code!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Progressive Web Apps

A PWA is an application that can be installed on any decide in a few simple steps. PWAs can work on any platform through a browser and are supported for both desktop and mobile. Similar to regular websites or web apps, PWAs don't need any dedicated bundling for specific operation systems. As soon as the application is published online, anyone is able to install it to their device's home screen.

Here are some significant differences between the two technologies: - Native apps are much more expensive to build and more difficult to ship as you need to rely on a third-party marketplace and develop a separate version of the app for each platform - Native apps are able to offer more advanced features compared with PWAs as they're better integrated into and adjusted to the environment they exist in. - PWAs provide larger opportunities in terms of Search Engine Optimization as they behave like regular web pages. - Native apps allow for more granular notification control, while PWAs rely on web notifications, which implies certain restirctions. For a more detailed comparison of the approaches, check out our PWA vs Native App guide.

Many native apps can already be replaced by a PWA, as the latter is able to provide the same functionality. However, some of the most popular platforms such as iOS have limited support for PWAs, which is a serious obstacle for the advancement and spread of this technology.

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