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Project Management

Manage projects and tasks between your team members, departments, and offices.

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Features and functionality

Collaborate with your team through task tracking, comments, issue submissions, and more.

New project form

Add a new project along with its details.

Easy editing

Team members can edit project details, task status, and more based on their roles.


Communicate with team members by commenting on tasks.

Team directory

A directory with detailed bios for each team member.

Calendar view

View project tasks within a calendar view.

Kanban view

View project tasks as a Kanban board.

Search and filtering

All users can easily find the tasks they need through search and filtering.

Responsive design

A fully responsive design, allowing each user to access the system from any device.

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Projected is a project tracker template that helps bring teams together, allowing them to track and manage their projects and tasks in a single portal. Team members can quickly find their own projects and tasks, edit the status, and see what their team members are working on. The template offers multiple project views (Kanban, Calendar, and more), so that each team member can easily visualize the project progress at a glance. In addition, the template includes a detailed team directory, which new team members can use to get familiar with their new colleagues as well as tell more about themselves.

For a more detailed overview, check out the tutorial

How it works

To start with the Project Tracker template, you just need to register a Softr account. Softr’s free plan provides you full access to all template features (apart from Kanban and Calendar views) for up to 5 members. So, if you’re starting with a small team, the free plan will work just fine, and you can upgrade as soon as you need to scale.

If you’ve clicked the “Use Template” button, you’ll be taken to your template application immediately and can start working on it after connecting your Airtable or Google Sheets account to import template’s mock data. As soon as you’re done, start customizing the template’s database to add your own projects and team members.

By default, the template allows admins to categorize members into two groups with different access levels: managers and employees. Managers can add new projects and assign tasks. Meanwhile, both groups can add new tasks, update status, and communicate with each other in real time on each specific task. Individually, each user can view their own projects and tasks in convenient Calendar and Kanban layouts on top of the regular List layout.


Since the project tracker is an internal tool that’s supposed to be accessed by the internal team members only, you are supposed to invite users to the platform or import your users list at once, giving them access. You can learn more on all of these approaches in our signup options help doc.

You can easily create a visual admin dashboard using our chart blocks.

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