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Give your clients and internal team members a central place to view projects, update tasks, share files, and manage invoices with this client portal template.

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Why create a client portal with Softr?

Softr’s free client portal template lets you build a custom client portal on top of Airtable or Google Sheets data, so you can avoid sharing chaotic spreadsheets with clients or losing important information in emails.

This template is designed with a marketing agency in mind, but it can easily be adapted to other service-based businesses, including accounting, recruitment, real estate, travel, consulting, and more.

What can I do with this client portal template?

The main purpose of this client portal template is to centralize information in one user-friendly interface. Here are the workflows it supports:

Manage accounts and logins

Provide separate logins for admins, clients, and consultants, with personalized dashboards for each user.

Create new projects and tasks

Consolidate project information in one spot, including team members, tasks, documents, and a calendar view.

Share key information

Share team info, resources, contracts, and more, so clients can easily self-serve (and not have to ask repetitive questions).

Set visibility rules

Apply rules so that each user sees a specific set of pages based on certain conditions (plus control what actions they can take).

Enable invoice management

Keep track of invoices and make it easy for clients to make payments from the portal via Stripe or PayPal.

Create a mobile friendly portal

Allow users to access the client portal wherever they are. Softr apps looks great on any device.

Rebecca Berneck

“I’ve dreamed of having a client portal for probably 10 years. I’ve tried to implement one with so many different tools and would get frustrated and let it go. I played with Softr and immediately went ‘this is it!’”

Rebecca Berneck, CEO, Officeheads

How the client portal template works

To start using this template, all you need to do is:

  • Click Use template
  • Sign up or log in to your Softr account (it’s free, no credit card required!)
  • Connect your data source (Airtable or Google Sheets)
  • Map your data to pre-set fields and pages to replace mock data
  • Set up user groups and permissions
  • Test each workflow, integrating with other tools as needed (e.g. Zapier, Make, Stripe)
  • Publish and share the URL with your clients

Need more help? This step-by-step help guide and tutorial video will walk you through the building process.

Our awesome features

"I've been impressed with the flexibility of Softr. The ability to pull data from different Airtable bases into different blocks and display them on one page was one of the main reasons I chose Softr."

Dan Smith Director, DS Automotive

Frequently asked questions about
building a client portal

Start by defining what information you want to share and who you’re going to share it with. It’s also important to understand what viewing and editing permissions the users are going to have (both from your company and on the client side). Once you map out this information and have it organized in your database, it’s time to start building! If you decide to go with Softr, select the Client Portal template, connect your data, and start mapping the data to each block and customizing the design. We have plenty of resources to help, including this step-by-step guide, this tutorial video, and 24/7 chat support (even on a free plan).

If you’re building a client or customer portal for your business, it should be tailored to your specific needs and workflows. However, here are some common features that are usually included in client portals: - Different user types (client, manager, team member) to have different access levels and actions. You may also want to create different user groups for different clients. - The ability to securely store and download files. - The ability to create projects and tasks and assign to different people. - The ability to view and pay invoices. - The ability to communicate via comments, messages, or chat. This client portal template includes all of the above.

Yes. When you click the Use the template button, you'll be taken to Softr studio and can start working on the template. If you don't have a Softr account, you'll be prompted to register first. A free account will have all the functionality you need to get started, and you won’t be asked for a credit card.

Softr connects with Airtable, Google Sheets, SmartSuite, HubSpot, BigQuery, and SQL data sources coming soon. This client portal template can only be used with Airtable or Google Sheets, but if you don't have your data in either of these sources, you can start an app from scratch and connect to another supported data source.

With Softr's advanced permissions, you can easily tailor access for different user groups, giving each client a different user group, for example. This allows you to control what information different types of users can access, and which actions they can take.

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