Visually build

Without a single line of code.

Build websites, marketplaces or web-apps using building blocks.

10x faster. 10x cheaper. Save tons of developer hours and reduce costs dramatically.

Our Products


Want to validate an idea with a landing page or showcase your product with a fully pledged website?
Time saving website builder that helps you launch fast and acquire customers from day one.

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Marketplaces Coming Soon

Build powerful one-sided marketplace. Planning to extend your website with features of the likes of AirBnb, GetYourGuide, Fiverr?
Softr allows you to build a marketplace with actual dynamic business logic.

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Web-Applications Coming Soon

Build production grade web-apps, with no coding skills. At scale.
Build the MVP within a week, launch to the market, iterate and scale as you grow, with a fraction of the known cost of software development.

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The most intuitive website builder for

Insanely easy and intuitive.

Tired of searching for a perfect template or building all your website one element at a time? Use our intuitive building blocks to mix and match according to your taste and style.

  • Zero design skills required

    Don't want to mess up with the endless number of elements and attributes? Our smart engine will create a custom design and layout for your use case.

  • Say goodbye to generic templates

    Build your website using rich collection of building blocks. Mix & match any possible combination of sections and designs.

  • The right balance between Ease-of-use and Flexibility

    Use custom generated design by our smart engine, or customize all the nitty gritty details to the level you need. See your changes on the screen as you type, upload or adjust your content.

Launch your startup. Fast.

Overwhelmed with too many symbols, elements, buttons? With our intuitive interface choose layout that matches your vision the best & launch a website within minute, while not compromising on customization.

  • Custom Domain

    Build your site for FREE and take as long as you need. Just add a site plan and custom domain when you're ready for the world.

  • Minutes to launch

    Publishing your site to the world is just one click away. Just add a custom domain when you are ready and your site will be up and running in a matter of seconds.

  • World-class speed & reliability

    Go live with a world-class AWS hosting. Reliability, scalability and high availability out of the box. You don't ever have to worry about your site going down.

All you need to power your startup for growth

Fully Responsive

Save yourself from the double-work of optimizing for tablets and mobile.

Email Lists

Capture and collect emails directly within Softr email lists with no extra cost, or integrate with MailChimp.


All important integrations you need to get going like Google Analytics, Stripe, MailChimp etc.


Enhance your website with your own blog to build and reach a broader audience.


You can opt-out and go with a pre-designed template from professionals.

Collection of Icons, Fonts, Images, Illustrations

Save time and money by using our rich collection of integrated free assets.

Pricing that fits every stage

Whether you are just starting or have a growing startup
Yearly Get 1 month free

For anyone to get started.

$0/ month
$0/ year
  • 1 Website
  • 1 Contributor
  • Sub-domain (on *
  • SSL Security
  • All Building Blocks

For solopreneurs, bootstrappers, early stage startups.

$29/ month
$319/ year
  • 5 Websites
  • 3 Contributors
  • Custom Domain
  • SSL Security
  • All Building Blocks
  • Custom Code
  • Payment Integration (Stripe)
  • Email Lists
  • Templates
  • Blogs
  • Support via Email

For established businesses.

$79/ month
$869/ year
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Contributors
  • Custom Domain
  • SSL Security
  • All Building Blocks
  • Custom Code
  • Payment Integration (Stripe)
  • Email Lists
  • Templates
  • Blogs
  • 24/7 Support