Features and functionality

Customizable form

A flexible form with a variety of field types that can be adjusted to your needs.

Multi-step forms

Break down the process into manageable steps.

Step and section logic

Show or hide steps and sections based on question responses for a tailored experience.

Time slots

Easy selection of specific work hours.

Availability preferences

Customizable options for shift preferences and restrictions

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An Employee Availability Form is a document used by employers to gather information about the times and days when their employees are available to work. This form is particularly useful in industries where work hours might vary, such as retail, hospitality, or healthcare. It helps in scheduling shifts according to the availability of staff, ensuring that the business can operate efficiently while accommodating the personal schedules of employees.

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How DCW Cost Management built their holistic business app

Softr has allowed our company to think innovatively about our resources. It has organized everything from our team events, to detailed and categorized project notes so that we can always be on top of correspondence happening throughout the team.

Rachel Quimby Business Strategy Manager, DCW Cost Management


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