Top 46 growth hacking books

Anush Bichakhchyan • Updated on Dec 19, 2022 • 16 min read

The term “growth hacking” has been popping up everywhere in the business world, and it's easy to see why. It has helped many businesses find creative ways to market their products or services without having to spend a lot of money on advertising. In search of a trustworthy source for growth hacking strategies, we have put together top Growth Hacking books, both new publications, and classics on the subject written by industry experts. 

1. Hacking Digital Growth 2025

Author: Constantin Singureanu

Hacking Digital Growth 2025

The book exposes the technological solutions that are already changing the future of digital marketing and growth hacking. AI, machine learning, Big Data, Voice Search, chatbots, and many more solutions will soon take on the market and affect customer decision-making. Start learning how to take advantage of customer fears, the first and last impressions, network, obedience, and priming. 

2. The 8-Minute Writing Habit

Author: Monica Leonelle

The 8-Minute Writing Habit

As a vital part of a digital marketing campaign, content marketing should target users, be engaging and up-to-date. Quickly mastering writing habits is possible, especially with growth hacking books like the 8-minute Writing Habit by Monica Leonelle. 

Composed of valuable tips, the book will boost your writing skills with all must-know tricks to write engaging content without spending hours on a task and never experiencing a creativity crisis.  

3. Write Better, Faster

Author: Monica Leonelle

Write Better, Faster

The writing process can be time-consuming and daunting, but what if we tell you that you can write much faster than you did before. Monica Leonelle, the author of “Write Better, Faster,” has experimented and used her tricks to speed up her writing skills to 3500+ words per hour. 

The tremendous success proves the efficiency of the author hacks: from one book a year, Monica managed to write 8 books in a single year.

4. Spikes

Author: Jason Schenker


Leadership skills can and should be trained consistently. This growth hacking leadership guide by Jason Schenker, one of the 100 CEOs on the Texas Business Leadership Council, is created to help you gain skills and accelerate the path to leadership. 

Keep this book for the future, or go for it now to find out what spikes are, how to find yours, and utilize them.

5. Entrepreneur Voices on Growth Hacking

Authors: The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

Entrepreneur Voices on Growth Hacking

Even though there are dozens of books and guides for growth hacking, there is no universal trick that will be productive for everyone. Moreover, the most successful examples of growth hacking strategies, developed by global companies, may not be practical for others.

The book is a collection and inspiration for those who are starting campaigns. The success stories and failures show the accurate picture of growth hacking, examples of how to achieve rapid business growth, streamline business processes, and more.

6. Master Growth Hacking

Author: Apurva Chamaria

Master Growth Hacking

The author of the “Master Growth Hacking” book, Apurva Chamaria, shares his expertise and experience on creating an effective growth hacking funnel and implementing it in practice. To show the results, the author presents case studies for each tactic that makes you quickly get involved in the topic. 

The book is a new and must-have collection of growth hacking techniques to build a business and run successful campaigns.

7. From Impossible to Inevitable

Authors: Aaron Ross, Jason Lemkin

From Impossible to Inevitable

Already motivating with the title, this book may become your “Bible” for hyper-growth. Tripling revenue in three years is absolutely real and proved by hypergrowth stories of large companies like, Hubspot, and EchoSign. 

Growing revenue is not about luck or magic but a sustainable implementation of strategies with a scalable sales team. This book covers all the aspects of hypergrowth with examples.

Olive Valley's Growth Hacking Formula

Need a growth hacking formula? The book is based on the Five P’s of Business Growth: Precision, Performance, Process, Profit, and People; each component explains how to implement tactics in your business. 

9. Don’t make me think

Author: Steve Krug

Don't make me think

Digital marketing is a complicated, multi-level "organism" with elements that can work when connected. One of such crucial elements is the design of your product, be it a website, mobile app, or anything else. The book “Don’t make me think” by Steve Krug teaches how to build UI design intuitively and increase retention. 

10. Food for Growth

Author: Geckoboard & Mention

food for growth

You may ask what this book is doing in this list. It is not a cooking book but a popular growth hacking guide with 159 "recipes" of marketing tactics from growth marketers. Creating your own strategy with this book can be fun. 

11. SaaS Growth Playbook

Authors: Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré, Trevor Hatfield

SaaS growth playbook

The book is not yet published, but it has already made so much noise and fuss around itself. The authors have spent a lot of time on the research and development of perfect formulas for growth and tested them on real-life cases. It promises to save your time searching tools and strategies elsewhere, giving you all the answers in one place. 

12. Viral Loop

Author: Adam L. Penenberg

viral loop

Competition is a powerful trigger and motivation to make you strive for development and improvement, but sometimes, even with hard work, some companies go viral, and others don’t. The book “Viral Loop” by Adam Penenberg gives you strategies to improve referral marketing knowledge. Additionally, the author provides the readers with a formula for the ‘Viral Coefficient’ formula, a technique for calculating virality. 

13. Zero to One

Authors: Peter Thiel & Blake Master

zero to one

Just like Sarah Conor sang about a hero from zero, this book shows you how to create a new market from zero instead of improving the existing market. The growth hacking book by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters is a collection of valuable notes for startups called the “Bible for Startups.”

14. Lean Marketing for Startups

Author: Sean Ellis

Lean startup marketing

If you want to know the history of growth hacking before it became a “thing,” this book and the author Sean Ellis will tell you everything about growth hacking and how to use your marketing budget beneficially. As a fundamental knowledge resource, Lean Startup Marketing explains the tactics for starting a marketing campaign and the dangers you may face as a startup.

15. Scaling Up

Author: Verne Harnish

Scaling Up Author: Verne Harnish

“Scaling up” is a revision of “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits,” an award-winning book by a bestselling author that has inspired entrepreneurs around the globe already for a decade. In the new book, Harnish shares practical knowledge and tools for building an industry-dominating business. Thousands of CEOs have used the techniques described for scaling up a venture. The book will teach you how to create value and enjoy the ride turning the anchor hindering progress into an impulsive wind.

The Ultimate Growth Hacking Toolkit For Entrepreneurs

The book’s title speaks for itself; it is an ultimate guide with tools and techniques to grow a business. Quintin Ford, the author of “The Ultimate Growth Hacking Toolkit for Entrepreneurs,” is a successful growth hacker who regularly holds sessions and discussions over the latest news. 

The Winning Mindset That You Need For Success – Growth Hacking Author: Anna Harvey

Growth hacking is about marketing strategies and tools and the mindset of a leader and a winner who has a clear vision of success. “The Winning Mindset that you need for Success Growth Hacking” by Anna Harvey will help you develop the mindset of a winner and break the borders keeping you back from progress. 

18. Introduction to Growth Hacking

Author: IntroBooks

introduction to growth hacking

If you are just starting with growth hacking, the “Introduction to Growth Hacking” book will tell you the history of growth hacking development from the very beginning, when it was still offline. The book shows the ways startups may increase presence with a limited budget by applying efficient growth hacking techniques. 

19. Summary and Analysis of Hacking Growth

Authors: Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown

 Summary and Analysis of Hacking Growth Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown

The step-by-step guide for business growth described in the “Summary and Analysis of Hacking Growth” will help entrepreneurs and executives transform sluggish businesses into thriving and vibrant enterprises generating high revenue. 

20. Hacking Growth

Author: Sean Ellis – Founder of & Morgan Brown

hacking growth

Two industry pioneers, Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown have shared their experience and invaluable skills in growth hacking on how to run growth teams, test growth levers, and evaluate results. Start exploring the world of growth hacking with the previous summary book and get deeper into the strategies and methods of growth hacking described in 4 stages: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, and Monetization. 

21. Explosive Growth

Author: Cliff Lerner

explosive growth

It is a motivational and compelling record that gives executives a behind-the-scenes look inside a dating app startup that grew 100 million users. The collection of exciting stories is still a valuable guide with genius growth hacking techniques presented with case studies.

“Explosive Growth” will be an interesting read for business owners, marketing specialists, and students looking for startup life insights. 

22. Traction

Author: Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares


Written by two successful entrepreneurs, Justin Mares, and Gabriel Weinberg, the “Traction” growth hacking book tells about the rapid customer growth for startups. Revealing all the 19 acquisition channels, the authors give clear instructions on choosing one for your business.

Read the book, and you will find out what Bullseye is, the growth hacking cycle with four steps: ideation, prioritization, execution, and analysis.

23. Growing Happy Clients

Author: Daphne Tideman and Ward van Gasteren

growing happy clients

The success of any product and service depends exceptionally on customer satisfaction. This growth hacking book shows you how to discover your bottlenecks, tackle with actionable tactics and measure the impact of growth hacking. 

24. The Paper Plane Plan

Author: Ross Davies

the paper plane plan

The book is categorized as one of the most comprehensive growth hacking guides for B2B companies with techniques for accelerative service providers. Sharing personal experience, success stories, and failures, the author presents an already tested step-by-step guide on growing your business, choosing a marketing plan, and scaling marketing. 

25. Growth Hacker Marketing

Author: Ryan Holiday

growth hacker marketing

How do you like the idea of growing your startup without a zero marketing budget? Sounds fantastic, right? “Growth Hacker Marketing” by Ryan Holiday will show you essential tactics for a revolutionary new approach to growth hacking. The latest book of the best-selling author has already become the top marketing guide in Silicon Valley, and it deserves to be on the shelves of marketers and entrepreneurs. 

26. Hooked

Author: Nir Eyal


Mastering the art of hooking customers with different triggers and rewards may become the most powerful growth hacking technique for business. By implementing hook cycle, a four-process hacking strategy, the author describes how it is possible to reach your goal and bring users back without spending on ads and aggressive messaging. 

Expert in behavioral engineering, a professor, investor, and a tech startup founder Nir Eyal explains the Hooked model in 4 phases: Trigger, Action, Reward, and Investment. The book is a must-read for marketers, product managers, and startup founders to master customer retention strategies.

27. Contagious: Why Things Catch On

Author: Jonah Berger

Contagious: Why Things Catch On Author: Jonah Berger

The book will show you the role of word-of-mouth advertising and the reasons why it has proven 10x efficiency over traditional marketing. Delving into human psychology, the author shows the ways that make your idea catchy. “Contagious” is divided into 6 chapters, and each one explains one phenomenon and answers a question. 

28. Growth Hacking: Silicon Valley’s Best Kept Secret

Author: Raymond Fong and Chad Riddersen

Growth hacking

Raymond Fong and Chad Riddersen have revealed Silicon Valley’s best-kept secret, the Automated Sales Process (ASP) framework that is more than just a growth funnel. Showing the growth hacking on real-life examples, the authors help to apply already working models into your strategy. 

29. The Growth Handbook

Author: Des Traynor, Karen Peacock, & Andrew Chen’

the growth handbook

“The Growth Handbook” is a collection of exciting and valuable stories from growth marketing experts who have created successful businesses with billions of dollars in revenue from scratch. General partner of a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, Andrew Chen, now shares tested strategies, valuable frameworks, and observations on evaluating retention and then thinking of acquisition. 

30. Product-Led Growth

Author: Wes Bush 

product-led growth

“The Growth Handbook” is a collection of exciting and valuable stories from growth marketing experts who have created successful businesses with billions of dollars in revenue from scratch. General partner of a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, Andrew Chen, now shares tested strategies, valuable frameworks, and observations on evaluating retention and then thinking of acquisition. 

startup evolution growth

Based on the research of over 1,447 startups, the book promises to become your marketing manual with a step-by-step methodology for startup founders. It is a great chance to enlarge the vision in growth hacking with a practical synthesis of old and new marketing practices.  

32. Top 101 Growth Hacks

Author: Aladdin Happy

top 101 growth hacks

Before writing the book, Aladdin Happy collected growth hacking tactics and put them into action for a personal startup. Finally, the author filtered top working strategies and included them in a book to inspire business owners and help develop out-of-the-box thinking. 

33. The Growth Hacking Book

Authors: Parul Agrawal, Rohan Chaubey 

the growth hacking book

Here is another good source of growth hacking strategies for anyone starting with growth marketing and looking for expert advice. It is the sum of stories of over 30 experts and contributors who share their expertise and talk about their experiences. The authors explain the concept of growth hacking, the skillset, and the toolset any successful growth hacker should have. 

34. Blitzscaling

Authors: Reid Hoffman, Chris Yeh


Every startup has the potential to become the next Facebook or Amazon, but some will disappear on the very first steps, and the rest become global giants. The secret of success is blitzscaling, the technique or set of techniques that will give your business solid ground and competitive advantage to grow. 

35. Growth Hacking Fundamentals

Author: Mark Nelson

growth hacking fundamentals

The book is based on real-world examples and results of growth hacking. Mark Nelson, the author of “Growth Hacking Fundamentals,” presents the concept and methods of growth marketing, explains strategies for customer engagement and retention via SEO, advertising, and content marketing. 

36. Growth Hacking Your First Startup

Author: Deepak Sharma

Growth hacking your first startup

Deepak Sharma, the author of “Growth Hacking Your First Startup,” promises to help you launch your first startup and overcome the challenges already armed with powerful growth hacking tools like gamification and viral content. Keep this book close at hand to learn how to find, retain and expand customers. 

37. Marketing Growth Secret

Author: Roberto Liccardo

marketing growth secret

Roberto Liccardo, the author of “Marketing Growth Secret,” reveals the tactics of growth hacking, PR, and brand strategies that can be implemented for startups and already launched businesses. Presented with case studies, these actionable guides will help entrepreneurs bring potential customers to the brand.

38. Growth Hacking for Beginners

Author: Linda L Chappo

growth hacking for beginners

With 250 tried and tested growth hacking tactics, “Growth Hacking for Beginners” startup founders will obtain social media and lean marketing skills to create a buzz around the brand. The reference book with marketing ideas and strategies is designed to solve the everyday challenges of beginner marketers. 

39. Ready, Set, Growth hack

Author: Nader Sabry

ready set growth hack

The powerful practical guide by Nader Sabry has already helped startup owners and entrepreneurs grow businesses and even become one of the Fortune 500s. It is a step-by-step guide of vital growth hacking methods with tools and examples to master growth marketing.

40. Growth Hacking For Dummies

Author: Anuj Adhiya

growth hacking for dummies

Anuj Adhiya promises to turn you into a digital shark and swim in a tank with big fishes armed with growth hacking tactics that beginners can implement. “Growth Hacking for Dummies” is a valuable resource for marketers, product managers, and data analysts to deliver sustainable growth for organizations. 

41. Growth Hacking for Inventors

Author: Vladimir Petrov

growth hacking for investors

What would you do if you were offered a chance to gain success without the trial and error steps? Anyone would like to save time and effort and get a reliable solution right away. “Growth Hacking for Inventors” by Vladimir Petrov is the guide to provide you with fast growth.

42. Lean Analytics

Authors: Alistair Croll, Benjamin Yoskovitz 

Lean Analytucs

The Lean Startup movement started a new culture in the startup world, while Lean Analytics helped evaluate and understand the data essential for Lean Startup. The book will teach you the ways to use the data obtained through Lean Analytics.  

43. Growth Engines

Authors: Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown

growth engines

The success of each growth hacking strategy has been tested on numerous real-world cases and polished to perfection. This book is a collection of growth hacking cases to show the readers how a strategic approach may change everything. 

44. The Secret Sauce

Authors: Vin Clancy & Austen Allred

secret sauce

Sometimes all you are missing to have a successful startup is a “Secret Sauce,” the growth hacking book that raised over €100,000 in pre-sales. The authors have shared step-by-step growth hacking methods for marketing channels. Choose this book as a valuable source and make sure to take notes.

45. BAMF Bible

Author: Josh Fechter

BAMF Bible

If you think ‘bible’ sounds too much, then you should read this book. “Bamf Bible” by Josh Fechter is a guideline, with actual marketing automation tactics described within 30 growth marketing cases. 

46. 100 Days of Growth

Author: Sujan Patel

100 days of growth

What about having only 100 days to build a successful business and gain customers without spending resources? Sujan Patel is sure there are ways to increase scalability with proper growth hacking methods. 

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