8 digital advertising tips for your small business in 2024

Narek Bayadyan • Updated on Jan 11, 2022 • 7 min read

The essence of Digital Advertising

Before we get into the practical advice, let's take a look at what digital advertising is all about and how it works. Digital advertising is the focused presentation of your brand, products, and services to the public. People often use various social media platforms such as email, websites, search engines, mobile apps, and other online platforms. We can conclude that the goal of digital advertising should be to increase the interest in your services with the help of the right digital tools (e.g. Instagram growth services).


In this article, you can read some useful tips on digital advertising.


1. Determine who your audience is

target audience metrics from Hubspot tool

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The first advertising tip for your website is to determine the appropriate target market for your product. Advertising campaigns that aren't properly targeted are unlikely to be successful. Expecting random people to become your consumers is dumb. Take the time to thoroughly research your target audience. For example, if you know that your audience uses YouTube a lot, you already need to think about what appropriate digital tools to use. It could be a thumbnail downloader or a video editor, or any other tool to help you proceed.


The better you understand people and their requirements, the more likely you are to reach the correct people. Your advertising approach and platforms should be personalized to your target audience's qualities and interests to help with customer retention strategy for the long term. Knowing your target market can help you decide what types of ads to make and how to target them to the proper people.


Your ad campaigns become more relevant and engaging when your strategy matches your target audience.



2. Make your landing pages more effective.

one of the Softr's landing pages

The landing page is the most important part of your marketing funnel. Consider it as a salesperson whose primary goal is to convert that visitor into a customer. Your digital presence will not yield the desired effects if you do not have a decent landing page.


Here are five crucial tips for increasing conversions on your small landing page.


  • Hire a professional to write your landing page's content or create one yourself with a professional landing page builder.
  • Increase DA (Domain Authority) with link building activities.
  • Maintain a simple UI ( User Interface) with clear action call buttons.
  • To keep disoriented customers interested, including reviews, including reviews and exceptional customer service.
  • Keep the focus of all the elements on a single purpose.
  • In your CTA ( Call to Action), make it clear what your goal is.


Landing page optimization also includes creating CTA buttons around your website. It can be a simple “Book a demo” or a seasonal “Get your 50% off today”. If someone clicks on it, later on, you can follow up with them via email or SMS marketing tools. Easy, right?

3. Utilize inventive elements

Your company has visual aspects that distinguish it from the competition. Make the most of it in your marketing efforts. This has to be one of the most crucial advertising tips you can get for your website. Incorporating a logo, mascot, font, or color scheme can help your business become more recognizable. Another important aspect is how well your employees are prepared and that your talent management strategy is perfectly crafted for your business. Keep in mind that employees are also the face of your company. 


You want to target your audience and grab their attention, but they also want to keep it so they remember your brand. Incorporating unique, creative visual elements into your ad is essential to the success of your ad. And whatever you’re presenting to your prospects or customers, always use interactive content creators that are not only more engaging than static slides, but also capable of integrating with useful tools.

If you’re planning to create a great advertising flyer to run social media advertisement then check out an online advertising flyer template that can be customized easily in a few clicks and can be shared on every social media platform too.

4. Use your resources wisely

Each internet marketing platform provides you with a unique value. You simply need to be more selective in the assistance you provide to others. Some platforms that perform effectively for one business provide absolutely nothing for another. By choosing a platform, you should pay close attention to its secrets and elaborate research. It's really specific to your brand, so make sure you budget for it.

5. Do some research

You may have ideas for what works best for your audience based on previous experience with your ad. You should also take the time to properly investigate and have facts to back up your decisions. The website advertising tip can help forecast how your customers would act in a specific manner when they are heading in the opposite direction. 


What type of content do you want to consume and through which channels? Is it more effective for you to make memes and videos or use SMS marketing? While researching, you will find out how you can serve your customers best which is a long-term investment. You might be prepared to plan your marketing approach based on research data.

6. Think about mobile

mobile responsive web app MAS

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The behavioral capabilities of software purchasing technologies are strongly related to cookies. This is a problem when it comes to mobile, as there are no cookies on mobile devices.


In the past, mobile marketing was used to view products before shopping at a physical store or from your desktop. However, according to eMarketer, 75.7% of US buyers are willing to shop directly from their phones. This figure is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. How can you benefit from this website advertising tip? First of all, make sure you take care of the mobile version of your business. Secondly, ask yourself, do you keep up your online presence successfully? Be open to mobile signups, online payment methods, online communication with clients, and more related to the digital world. 


In addition, according to the IAB, 9 out of 10 smartphone users at some point used their phones in the purchase process. That's why before you start your next digital advertising campaign, you can adapt all your creations to mobile devices.

7. Connect social media metrics with ROI

Learn how to measure ROI on Facebook ads and Instagram ads for your company's partnership. You should be able to match your data to the following outcome to evaluate which efforts work best. While social media components like Instagram feed aesthetic or Facebook ‘About us’ section work their magic, you still need exact metrics and results. When you market online, you reach a wide range of people, which should be considered when calculating your outcomes. Instead of focusing on what promotes conversions, you should consider what adds to your company's partnership. Saas metrics are very useful tools in this case.

8. Optimize product listing ads

example of product listing ads

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All of the components that users want to view when searching for products should be included in product listing advertising. You don't want potential clients to lose interest by doing further research, so answer any queries they may have. Include any information that you think will be useful during the procurement process. Whether your users are buying clothes, food, or Litecoin from you, make sure you’ve specifically mentioned all the details about your products. 


If you want to have all of these digital advertising tips in one place, make sure to get a customized business playbook. The playbook will help organize the whole process. 





As you can see, the best way to stay ahead of the competition is to use the right and true website digital advertising tactics. Your competitors may make the same mistakes while you are arming and growing your business with these 8 digital advertising tips.


Also, if you feel the need for advice, do not hesitate to request an appointment with one of your experts.

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