Softr vs An Agency/Freelancer

Softr is more effective and less costly than hiring an engineer or working with an agency. Our platform doesn't require any coding skills to build a web-app and enables you build web-apps like AirBnb, Fiverr etc within days.


Agency or Engineering Hire



€2k - €5k per year


€100k+ per year

Time to Hire


right away


3-6 months to find and onboard the right hire.

Time to Build


< 7 days


6-12 months to build a standard MVP.



The team that created Softr has helped 25+ companies build some of the Europe's best known products. Our inside knowledge of what great software & UX looks like, and how to attract and retain best in class engineers, helps remove the risk of choosing wrong solution when relying on Softr.


Agencies and full-time hires are risky. Agencies are unpredictable and push contracts without guaranteeing success. And bad hires set you back months, if not years.

Insanely easy and intuitive.

Build your entire application visually. Hundreds of templates, rich plugin ecosystem, reusable building blocks enable anyone build fully responsive web-apps within just days.

  • No coding skills required

    Low-code and visual programming tools still require an understanding of many technical concepts. Softr is designed to allow non-technical users build complex web-apps without any technical background.

  • Onboarding

    Just answer some questions about your business and product, and based on data our smart engine suggest you the best matching building blocks and workflows to help you get started. Only spend time on building pages & workflows for your custom use cases.

  • Product Design first

    You don't start building a web-app by designing databases, but understanding what design and functionality you want to deliver to the customer. It's as easy as assembling a lego, while Softr handles all the heavy lifting like generating custom databases and workflows.

Reduce time to market

Save months of wasted developer hours. Rapidly launch and iterate based on your users' feedback. Opportunity cost is too high.

  • No developer needed

    Recruiting, hiring is extremely expensive and time consuming. Reduce costs dramatically and save 3-6 months of wasted developer hours.

  • Stop reinventing the wheel

    80% of all the web-apps have the same functionality. Softr gives you those common functionality as re-usable building blocks out of the box, so you build only what's unique to your product.

  • Rapid Iteration

    Reduce the cycle time from development to customer feedback. Iterate, test hypotheses with different versions of the product and find product-market fit much faster.

Beyond logic-less websites

Build production grade web-apps with custom business logic, not just collection of static pages. Collect, process and present data as lists, profile pages, feed, connections etc.

  • Custom workflows & actions

    Define custom business workflows according to your product needs. Send users an email when someone is following their profile. Automatically update customer's email in your database and send a confirmation email when they request password reset. Use cases are endless.

  • Databases

    Create and modify collections, manage application data, generate reports and dashboards.

  • Extensibility

    You have already got your API? With Softr you can extend the application with your APIs, plugins, custom code snippets and more.

Scale on demand

Scalability and extensibility is at the heart of Softr platform. It's created to enable you build enterprise-grade, fully customizable web-apps, beyond just an MVP.

  • Beyond MVP

    While insanely easy for non-technical founders to start, Softr's capabilities go beyond just an MVP. Have got developers in your team? Let them take over and build more sophisticated features and configurations, connect APIs, inject code snippets, right on the platform.

  • Enterprise-grade scalability

    Softr runs on world-class AWS hosting. Reliability, scalability and high availability is a default. Softr scales automatically, so your web-app is always blazingly fast and secure.

  • Pay as you scale

    Fair & dynamic pricing. Pay as you scale your traffic and resources.

Stop reinventing the wheel.

We bring all these features as building blocks, out of the box. It's as easy as assembling a lego.


Simple Lists, Card Lists, Image Grids, or create your own.


Set up, manage and accept payments in your web-app with Stripe, Paypal, Chargebee.


Create, auto-update dynamic dashboards and charts that are populated from your app data.

Authentication & User Management

Login, Logout, Permissions to grow to a web-app from just a website.


Define and add automatically triggered notifications to be sent to your end-users, when specific actions happen.


Use an integrated messaging to allow your end-users communicate inside the web-app without leaving your app.

Chat Support

Seemlessly include chat support in your web-app to allow users to contact your support team.

ML Kit

Inject machine learning functionality by either using our ready-to-use APIs or import your own custom models.

Connect APIs

With Softr you can extend your web-app by integrating with existing external APIs.