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Applicant Tracking

Employee Onboarding

Team Wiki

Employee Directory

Employee Feedback Tracker

Simplify your recruitment process

Manage your entire recruitment pipeline with a powerful organizational system that covers job postings, applications, candidate selection, and interviews.

applicant tracking template
employee onboarding template

Create the best onboarding experience

Build the onboarding workflow that works the way you do and bring new hires up to speed from day one. Streamline training information, docs, feedback, and more.

Streamline employee management

Create a secure central hub for your employees to manage their info and resources. Visualize your org chart, organize teams, departments, vacations and more without code.

employee directory template
team wiki template

Centralize all your company information

Organize your company’s resources, HR policies, feedback forms, announcements and more in one central hub, for your team to easily find, use and update.

Develop better teams

All-in-one operating system for HR teams.

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