41 best free YouTube downloaders in 2024

Anush Bichakhchyan • Updated on Jan 3, 2022 • 11 min read

YouTube is the most powerful video-sharing service where millions of users upload, watch, like, and comment on videos. The platform is no longer just an entertainment service but a dynamic tool for business needs. Still, such a functional service lacks a very important function of downloading videos. You can save videos to watch them later, create your playlists but never download them. To bypass this limitation, there are now dozens of video downloader services, both web-based, and software for offline access. The following list of the top 40 free YouTube downloaders includes almost all the functioning sites where you can download videos from YouTube and, in some cases, from other video platforms.

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1. KeepVid

keepvid homepage

The top popular video downloader with an interactive interface keeps focusing on the functionality of downloading options. Just inserting the link, the user can download the video in MP4 format.

Apart from YouTube videos, KeepVid has an option to download videos from Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Twitter, and other services. Moreover, you can download complete YouTube playlists at once or, for instance, convert Instagram videos to MP3.


  • HD resolution;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Video to MP3 converter.

2. Y2mate

y2mate homepage

The next popular video downloading service performs the task perfectly by saving videos in MP4 format. The tool has the option to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and Dailymotion. Y2mate supports all video formats such as MP4, M4V, WMV, FLV, MO, 3GP, WEBM, etc.


  • Unlimited free downloads;
  • High speed;
  • No registration required;
  • Compatible with all browsers;
  • Videos uploaded to cloud storage.

3. YT Cutter

y2cutter homepage

The third name to come in the top best video downloaders is YT cutter that has some cool features. The service has the option to cut the video and download the bits in different formats. It is basically a pro tool with editing and cutting features.


  • Improved cropping precision (0.1 sec);
  • HD resolution;
  • Video to animated GIF/audio converter;
  • Instant screenshots;
  • No registration required.

4. Video Grabber

video grabber homepage

Video Grabber gives you an option to download a video from any website that has shared one. On a single platform, you can choose the format of the video to be downloaded (FLV, MP4, WMV, 3GP, WEBM, MP3, MOV formats supported). You can also convert Youtube videos to MP3 and convert video files into other formats.


  • 1080 and 4K resolution video support;
  • Build-in recording;
  • HD resolution.

5. Ytmp3

ytmp3 homepage

This simple downloader has all the basic features needed to save YouTube videos to your device. With YTMP3, you can choose to download the file in MP4 or MP3 format.


  • No registration required


  • Downloader converts videos up to a length of 90 minutes.

6. U2Convert

u2convert homepage

This downloader has an attractive interface and is stuffed with a lot of nice features. The best one is the function of downloading videos from more than 1000 websites.


  • Clear interface;
  • High-quality outcomes;
  • Easy to use;
  • Compatible with any browser.

7. TubeOffline

tubeoffline homepage

A simple interface offers all the tools at a single click. Before downloading, you need to simply choose the format of the file and conversion format. The service allows downloading videos not only from YouTube but also from Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.


  • No installation
  • No registration

8. Youtube Multi Downloader Online

youtube multidownloader  homepage

Another simple downloader that offers no magic but downloading the desired video from YouTube by setting the preferable format and quality. If you are not a fan of fancy interfaces with a lot of icons, this tool will be a great choice.


  • Easy to use

9. Savefrom.net

savefrom homepage

The web-based service offers two ways of using a downloader. You can either directly insert the link, choose the format, and download the file or you can preinstall the Google Chrome extension and download videos from sites with one click.


  • Original high quality;
  • Chromium-based browser compatibility;
  • Fast download;
  • Safe and secure.

10. x2convert

savefrom homepage

This simple video downloader offers high-speed video downloading from all the popular platforms including YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and others. The web service supports 360p to UltraHD quality videos of different formats. 


  • Free download;
  • No registration required;
  • Video to audio converting.

11. Videover

videover homepage

This free media converter offers an option to quickly download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other services.


  • Direct download;
  • Unlimited free download;
  • High speed.

12. Online Video Converter

online video converter homepage

Online Video Converter provides a great visual experience for changing formats and downloading videos from different streaming services. The files can be downloaded in MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV, and WebM formats.


  • High-speed conversions;
  • Free download;
  • Compatibility with all browsers;
  • No registration.

13. Ymp4

ymp4 homepage

This service allows downloading any video from YouTube as well as converting the videos to MP3. It also has the option of downloading whole YouTube playlists at once in MP4 or MP3 format.


  • Absolutely free;
  • Unlimited downloads without registration;
  • Video downloads from more than 500 social networking websites;
  • Drag and drop feature.

14. YT1S

yt1s homepage

YT1S is another functional downloader supporting different video formats and the option of converting video to MP4 or MP3.


  • No limitations;
  • Easy to use;
  • Cloud support;
  • 100% safe and clean;

15. ddownr

ddownr homepage

This simple, fast, and secure downloader helps download singles video or playlists from YouTube.


  • Open-source;
  • Simple interface;
  • Ad-free;
  • Customer support;
  • Deeplink creation;
  • Copyright content protection;
  • Conversion in many formats;
  • Compatability with all the browsers and operation systems.

16. Youtube4KDownloader

youtube4kdownloader homepage

YouTube 4k Downloader is simple, smooth, and attractive. The service offers a one-click download of 4K videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and several other services are also supported.


  • 100% secure;
  • Free download;
  • Playlist and video channel download at once;
  • No limitations.

17. Savefrom4k

savefrom4k homepage

Savefrom4k is another handy service to download your favorite videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


  • Fast downloading;
  • Privacy and safety.


goytd homepage

GOYTD is simple, functional, and easy to use. No registration and pre-installment are required. You just need to insert the link, choose the format, and enjoy your offline video.


  • YouTube video to MP3 converter

19. Addoncrop

addoncrop homepage

It is a popular YouTube video downloading extension for Google chrome used by millions, thanks to its functionality and user-friendly interface. The service supports 144p to 4K video downloads in all available video formats (FLV, WEBM, 3GP, etc.). One of the key features of Addoncrop is the option of downloading dash videos and audio streams.


  • Support for embedded videos;
  • Screen capture;
  • Customization of download formats;
  • YouTube cinema module enabler;
  • Dark theme for YouTube;
  • Pop-up video for YouTube;
  • Autoplay.

20. VideoToSave

videotosave homepage

VideoToSave is a simple tool for video downloads that supports more than 100 streaming sites. You can download the video by simply inserting the link.


  • Compressing video, image, audio, and PDF files

21. SaveTheVideo

savethevideo homepage

SaveTheVideo downloader allows you to download video and audio files from a wide range of social media platforms and streaming services on a single page. The Google Chrome extension is an additional feature to download immediately on a third-party website.


  • Downloads without watermarks;
  • No spammy ads and pop-ups;
  • Fast downloading;
  • 100% free;
  • No registration required.

22. Clip Converter

clipconverter homepage

This free online media conversion app allows you to convert and download video and audio files in different formats. The service supports HD, 720p, 1080p, and 4K resolution videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other sources.


  • Unlimited downloads;
  • No registration;
  • YouTube to MP3 converter.

23. YouTube Downloader Online

free online video downloader  homepage

This online video downloading service is a handy tool to download videos from all popular social media platforms and streaming services. It also works as a YouTube to MP3 converter.


  • Fast download;
  • No registration;
  • One-tap download.

24. Onvico

onvico downloader  homepage

Supporting up to 400 websites, Onvico offers fast and secure download and video converting to MP4 and MP3. The service supports all the formats in HD, 1080p, 2K, and 4K resolutions.


  • No adds;
  • Safe and secure;
  • Fast download.

25. Video-downloaders

video downloaders  homepage

Video-downloaders online service has all the basic functions you need to convert and download videos from social media platforms and streaming services. The service also has video cutter and cropper functionality.


  • Fast download;
  • No registration;
  • Unlimited downloads without restrictions;
  • Secure and reliable.

26. oDownloader

video downloaders  homepage

Downloading videos from YouTube has never been so easy. oDownloader is a simple yet functional online converter service that allows downloading videos of all resolutions and formats.


  • Simple and fast download;
  • Free and unlimited.

27. Blue Convert

blue convert homepage

Blue Convert is a free and simple downloader for all video formats from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and platforms. Prior to downloading, the user can choose the format and the quality. It's also possible to convert a video to MP3.


  • Numerous platforms supported;
  • Easy and fast converting.

28. Online Downloader

online downloader homepage

Online-Downloader is a fast and simple way to download your favorite videos from YouTube and watch them offline. Besides YouTube, the service supports video downloads from all the popular social media platforms and more than 500 other sources.


  • Converting video to audio;
  • Supports all video formats;
  • Free download without registration.

29. 9convert

online downloader homepage

This free unlimited YouTube video downloader offers to download videos from social media platforms in desired format and quality. You can also convert YouTube videos to MP3 format.


  • Super-fast download;
  • Simple to use.

30. Catchvideo

catchvideo homepage

An online video downloading service with robust capabilities that offers free and unlimited downloads from all popular social media platforms. Catchvideo is a web-based application that supports all browsers and video formats. For one-click download, the service offers to download Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser extensions.


  • 100% free unlimited downloads;
  • YouTube video to MP3 converter.

31. YouTubNow

youtubnow homepage

This professional video downloader offers a convenient experience in converting and downloading videos from all the social media platforms and other streaming services. YouTubNow supports various output formats. You can also get direct downloads by changing the YouTube video URL to the following format: www.youtubepaw.com/video_link.


  • Free unlimited downloads;
  • YouTube video to MP3 converter;
  • Built-in search engine;
  • Compatibility with all browsers;
  • No registration required.

32. Free YouTube Downloader

free youtube downloader homepage

Download free YouTube videos and audio with this simple web-based downloader that supports all browsers and video formats. The service supports from 240p to Full HD video resolution download to make you enjoy your favorite videos in high quality offline.


  • No registration required;
  • Unlimited downloads.

33. Loader.to

loader homepage

Loader supports three video formats in different resolutions and eight audio formats. Before downloading, you can set the format and quality and hit the download button to get the video on your computer or mobile device.


  • 4K video support;
  • No registration required;
  • Unlimited downloads.

34. Youtube Video Downloader

youtube video downloader homepage

YouTube video downloader is a fast video downloader in high resolution. To increase the speed of downloading, the service also has a browser extension for Google Chrome to get the video downloaded at one click.


  • Different social media platforms’ support;
  • Video to MP3 converter;
  • PWA (progressive web app) available for mobile.

35. Fasfrom

fastfrom homepage

This free downloader service offers a simple downloading process for videos from YouTube and other streaming services. The website is available in more than 10 languages.


  • No registration;
  • Unlimited downloads.

36. Pastedownload

pastedownload homepage

On Pastedownload web-based downloader service, the user can download YouTube videos by simply hitting the download button. The service supports more than 500 websites, different video and audio formats, and resolutions.


  • No registration;
  • Unlimited downloads;
  • No pop-up ads;
  • User-friendly navigation.

37. Video Download Free

video download free homepage

Video Download Free is a web tool that helps download YouTube videos and watch them offline. The service supports different audio and video formats with 4K and HD video quality.


  • Saving multiple videos at a time;
  • No registration required.

38. Qvideodownloader

qvideodownloader homepage

Qvideodownloader is a web-based YouTube video downloader service that supports different video and audio formats and is compatible with all browsers.


  • Fast and free;
  • Unlimited downloads;
  • Mobile supported.


Now that you have a huge selection of online downloaders, you can no longer worry about losing any video. Choose the tools that you feel comfortable with and enjoy your favorite videos offline whenever you want. If you feel lost with the set of presented tools, here is an easy guide on how you can download YouTube Videos on PC, Mac, iPhone & Android.

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