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Build powerful websites, web apps and client portals on Airtable, in 10 minutes.

No code, no design skills required. Zero learning curve.

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ProductHunt called us The LEGO of Web App Building!

Softr - Build powerful web applications on Airtable, using building blocks. | Product Hunt Embed

What can you build on Softr?

Beautiful, dynamic web applications on Airtable as a database.

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Your application is just 3 steps away!

The easiest way to build web applications.

Our awesome features
Choose building blocks

Select from 60+ beautifully designed, responsive building blocks to kickstart your application building. Customize the design and look & feel as you go.

Our awesome features
Connect your Airtable base

Organize all your data in Airtable, connect to the building blocks and create stunning visuals.

Our awesome features
Link pages & application logic

View, search and filter application data. Send user filled form data back to Airtable. Or connect your application logic to any external service using Zapier.

The website you are reading now is built on Softr.

Want to create yours?

Integrate with the tools you love

Powerful pre-built functionality out of the box!

As easy as assembling a lego. Softr does the heavy lifting of all technical work for you, so you can focus on your content & customers.


Simple Lists, Card Lists, Image Grids and more.


Set up, manage and accept payments in your web-app with Stripe, Paypal, Chargebee.


Send user filled data back to Airtable

Authentication & User Management

Signin, Signup, Permissions to build gated content and keep data secure.

Custom Code

Add your own HTML, CSS and JavaScript code anywhere on the website for more powerful customizations or integrations.

Collection of Icons, Fonts, Images, Illustrations

Save time and money by using our rich collection of integrated free assets.

Connect APIs

With Softr you can extend your web-app by integrating with existing external APIs (Zapier, Integromat, etc).

Booking & Scheduling Coming Soon

Connect with your customers using online booking & scheduling.

Chat Support

Seamlessly include chat support in your web-app to allow users to contact your support team.

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