114 Top No-Code Experts You Should Be Following

Published on June 16, 2021

Admit it. You feel extremely frustrated when you can’t solve a technical problem that involves coding. We’ve all been there. We have had ideas we wanted to see functioning live or make an impact with. But not knowing how to code never let those ideas come to life. Many experts who could make a difference in their industries have faced this too until the No-code movement empowered them

Now individuals from across the industries are building products and online businesses using no-code tools. Luckily for us, many of these no-coders regularly share insights that others can learn from and apply. 

If you’re familiar with the no-code space, you might already know Ben Tossel, Doc Williams, or Lacy Kesler, but there are many more experts you should connect with and learn from. Many of the no-code experts in this list built their careers from the ground up. Now they’re top-notch solo entrepreneurs, product makers, freelance automation experts, community builders, and educators. 

Wait, what is No-Code?

No-code is a way of building industry-grade websites and applications, without writing code. Yes, any technology is made using code, even the no-code platforms that provide you all raw materials any app or website might need. The difference? While building, instead of coding, one can only drag and drop those raw materials and connect them into their app. No-code platforms can support complex app building too, with API integrations, data storage, custom landing pages and more. 

You can use no-code tools to power up and run your business online, build customer portals and stores, and even create marketplaces. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can start building apps and websites right away, with minimal to 0 investment. 

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From 2014 to 2021, the No-code industry has grown at an unparalleled rate. Many platforms enabling no-code development for various sectors are raising millions from investors. It’s a dynamic space, with almost limitless possibilities you can harness. And following the experts in this list will help you access the no-code space better and help you learn faster. 

Before we get into this list of experts, please note the list follows no hierarchical order. However, the first 10 are our honorable mentions. 

1. Ben Tossell

Image alt

Ben is one of the most prominent no-code experts since the start of the movement. He pioneered no-code education through his venture Makerpad, which is now acquired by Zapier.

Twitter | Website

2. KP (Karthik Puvvada)

KP no-code

KP is a “Build in Public'' evangelist and currently Program Director of No-Code Fellowship at Beondeck. He regularly shares growth tactics for makers. 

Twitter | Website

3. Max Haining

Max no-code

Max founded the 100 Days of No-Code community where thousands of makers congregate to share and learn. Besides educating no-code beginners with his online course, he’s currently building TryHive.


4. Sarkis Buniatyan

Sarkis no-code

Sarkis is known as the man who rebuilt Civilization VI (an RPG video game) without writing any code, using Webflow. He is a serial entrepreneur and a Product Designer. 


5. Doc Williams

Doc no-code

Doc is Youtuber and maker who teaches creators and industry leaders how to build online businesses without code. 

Twitter | Youtube

6. Mackenzie Child

Mackenzie Child no-code

Mackenzie is a designer and no-code expert, who teaches web app building with Webflow and other integrations with step-by-step guides. He also creates ready-to-use templates for no-code makers to build faster. 

Twitter | Youtube

7. Lacey Kesler

Lacey no-code

A no-code education specialist, and co-host of Visual Development Podcast. Lacey is currently the Head of Education at Adalo a native no-code apps builder. She is also spearheading the Women in No-code Movement. 


8. Andy Wingrave

Andy no-code

He is a certified expert on integration tools like Zapier and Integromat. If you want to learn automation using no-code, Andy is the expert to follow.

Twitter | Website

9. Tara Reed

Tara no-code

Tara is a bootstrapped CEO of Apps Without Code, who is currently creating opportunities for women in no-code by teaching them how to build digital businesses. 


10. Aron Korenblit

Aron no-code

A writer and specialist in no-code education at Airtable, Aron creates Udemy and Skillshare courses on automating workflows without code.  


11. Michael Novotny

Michael no-code

Michael is a product manager and independent maker. He helps people find the right no-code tools stack to use for building their projects successfully. He also makes free no-code resources.  

Twitter | Website

12. Felix Wong

Felix no-code

Felix is a venture builder, marketer, and experimenter. Follow him to learn about new no-code products, startups, and marketing your online business. 


13. Sisa Lleses

Sisa no-code

A designer turned entrepreneur, Sisa is a master of using no-code for social impact and product design. She also teaches how to apply design thinking to building products.

Twitter | Website

14. Madhuri M

Madhuri no-code

Founder and product designer who has built multiple no-code ventures. Madhuri specializes in enabling first-time no-coders to start their journey.


15. Janel SGM

Janel no-code

Janel is an expert who practices Building in Public. Follow her to learn how to turn business ideas into products fast using no-code. She’s also a writer and a newsletter expert. 

Twitter | Newsletter

16. Pierre Tillement

Pierre no-code

Pierre specializes in freelancing as a no-code maker. He is currently building a community of no-coders to bring digitization to small businesses and increase their revenue. 

Twitter | Website

17. Luc Meijer

Luc no-code

Luc is a freelancing no-coder and Notion expert who has researched and collected 1500+ no-code tools. Get ready-to-apply insights from him regularly, as he writes too.


18. Kavir Kaycee

Kavir no-code

Kavir is a Product Manager who builds mental-health products using no-code. Follow him to learn the business side of no-code, design, and startups. 

Twitter | Newsletter

19. Natalie Furness

Natalie no-code

An expert who combines marketing, no-code, and sales. Natialie regularly shares immediately applicable insights for B2B marketers and no-coders. 

Twitter | Website

20. Soraya Jaber

Soraya no-code

Soraya is the founder and CEO of a VR platform that lets you design AR experiences with no-code. 


21. Gregory John

Gregiry no-code

He is a Bubble.io expert and a bootcamp instructor at Yale. Follow Gregory to learn to build industry-grade mobile apps and MVPs without code on Bubble.io. 

Twitter | Website

22. Curtis Cummings

Curtis no-code

Curis founded and built Shoutout.so, which helps startups leverage their social capital from Twitter. Follow him to learn automation and no-code operations. 

Twitter | Website

23. Whit Anderson

Whit no-code

This no-coder builds contrarian startup ideas. Whit builds out unconventional and funny ideas into products and launches them every week. He publishes his learnings he gathers in the process.

Twitter | Newsletter

24. Andrew Davison

Andrew no-code

He has a no-code automation agency that helps startups integrate their tech stacks. Follow Andrew to learn Zapier and Integromat-based automation.

Twitter | Website

25. Mark Bowley

Mark no-code

Get your daily dose of tools and ideas to design your no-code product better from this designer turned no-coder. 

Twitter | Website

26. Lachlan Kirkwoo

Lachian no-code

This indie-hacker shares his no-code and digital marketing insights via Twitter. If you’re building apps using Bubble.io, you can learn from Lachlan’s Udemy courses too. 

Twitter | Website

27. Kara Skrip

Kara no-code

Kara helps women entrepreneurs build their ideas with no-code. Get insights on using no-code for building e-commerce experiences from her. 

Twitter | Website

28. Sara

Sara no-code

Sara is a freelance web designer and a podcast host. If you’re planning to create a podcast, learn how to automate your workflows from her using no-code.  

Twitter | Website

29. Emily Lonetto