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Top 21 Airtable templates

Mariam Ispiryan • Updated on Jun 30, 2023 • 11 min read

If you’ve spent any time researching Airtable, you probably already know of many ways to use Airtable for companies. And, got to say, all of them are equally awesome. Even though it's very easy to get started with the platform, templates are the best way to get the most out of Airtable. Templates are pre-built tables with pre-built Airtable views ready to go and give you a headstart with your data. To help you find the required Airtable template faster, we’ve collected some of the most useful templates for different use cases.

As a known fact, Airtable is a modern spreadsheet tool with database functionalities. Airtable is the perfect software for people who know what they want to achieve but need extra tools and resources. To save time and recourses, many people use Airtable templates. Templates are flexible and customizable and, what’s more important, ready-made Airtable bases created to make your life much easier. There are both official templates and templates submitted by users, so there's a lot to choose from.

Lastly, if you want to go one step further and build a website or a web app on top of your Airtable data, Softr offers a wide variety of templates that come with their own Airtable template. Alternatively, you can just link any of the regular Airtable templates to your Softr application and turn it into a full-blown application.

Want to turn your Airtable template into a website or a web app?

Softr is the easiest way to build apps from Airtable. No coding skills needed.

For Digital Marketers  

1. Content Calendar Template

Content calendar template

Every content marketing team needs a content calendar to have everything under control. You can create your calendar templates on Airtable, but why waste extra time if there is a ready-made content calendar template which is free. With this template, you have everything under control, from the status of articles to publishing dates. Content calendars, built using the template, allow performing a variety of tasks. Some of these are assigning/scheduling with multiple calendar views, reviewing the most relevant data imported directly into Airtable, and publishing with integrated apps like "Publish."

 2. Marketing Campaign Tracking Template

Marketing template

Marketing campaigns are tough to work on and usually take a lot of energy. But thanks to Airtable’s MAT template, marketing campaigns don’t seem that exhausting anymore. The Airtable template makes it easier to plan, visualize, and publish any updates as well as track everything. In particular, you can use the template to track your spendings, conversions, and return on investment. Also, it's possible to automate scheduling processes and distribute reports to stakeholders.

3. Social Media Calendar Template

Social media template

Whether a content marketer or a social marketer, everyone needs their own unique and helpful calendars. It's hard to imagine a social media strategy without using calendars. For you to focus more on creating great content and spend less time on planning, we present the Airtable social media calendar template. This template helps to craft, schedule, and post your weekly posts. To make it even more helpful, the base also provides some great tools for tracking posts’ performance. You can even observe which content is the most popular among the audience.

Want to turn your Airtable template into a website or a web app?

Softr is the easiest way to build apps from Airtable. No coding skills needed.

Project tracker template

If you're looking to bring a little freshness into the workplace, we recommend the Airtable science museum project tracker template. It's built to create, collaborate, and track projects with thousands of templates to choose from. The Science Museum Project Management Base is a new and innovative project management system that can be customized to suit the needs of any team. It will easily fit into your workflow and help team members finish their projects on time.

5. Bug Tracker Template

Bug tracker template

Having a great bug tracking system is crucial for successful software development efforts. The bug tracker template will let your team easily organize and track the software bugs. In addition, the template provides a form for reporting new bugs. 

6. Project Tracker Template

Project tracker template

For a successful product release, timing, roles, and schedules are crucial. Every team player, whether a developer or a content manager, should account for these aspects. That’s why we think the project tracker template is not only useful for project managers but also for developers. It’s one of the best Airtable templates used by people of different positions. The template can help you and your team keep tasks organized. With different views, everyone can be on the same page while they work on individual tasks and thus contribute to the teamwork.

Want to turn your Airtable template into a website or a web app?

Softr is the easiest way to build apps from Airtable. No coding skills needed.

Pipeline template

Project pipelines are the best option for web designers and project managers. They present a visual representation of what stage each project is in, with a checklist for each stage. Airtable provides a customizable design project pipeline template that is simplified and also flexible. With this Airtable template, you’ll have one place to see all your upcoming requests. You can visualize the timing and resource for the project initiatives in your pipeline.

8. Design Project Pipeline Manager

Project pipeline manager template

This template was created by Taylor Gilbert, a UX designer, and has been copied more than 1300 times. The template showcases how Taylor and their team use the pipeline template for design projects, associated tasks, and team responsibilities. Thus, you can just copy the template and adjust it according to your team's needs.

9. User Feedback Template

user feedback template

Before launching a new website/web app design, web designers put a lot of thought into making the best out of their users' experience. Airtable has come up with a user feedback template that lets you learn more about your users. The template is perfect for UX and UI teams, product managers, and others. With the help of the template, you can collect all of your customer feedback in one place. It lets you see all the data you need to do your user testing and analysis. You can also avoid the hassle of data entry by using Airtable forms as it will automatically add the user feedback to the template.

For Sales Managers & Teams 

10. Sales CRM Template

Sales CRM Template

For any sales team, no matter the size and capability, customer relationships are essential for a great customer experience. A proper tracking system is key to a successful sales team. The best option you have is using the Airtable CRM template. It provides real-time access to your accounts. The template will also help in building out a sales pipeline. Moreover, you can use this CRM template for any size of business and sales process. The template is flexible enough to adapt to your sales team, no matter how many customers you manage.

11. Customer Testimonials Template

Customer testimonial template

Another big part of sales teams is customer testimonials. Often, there is a need to pile up all the feedback and any other info needed for customer testimonials. The customer testimonials template is a great option to address this. Using this template, you can tag each testimonial with the main topics it addresses. You can also mention the social media site you found it on, add video testimonials, and more. On your next sales call, pull up testimonial examples and simplify your work!

12. Ratio Coffee's Distribution

Distribution template

If you’re looking for more of a smart and interesting solution for your sales team, take a look at Ratio Coffee’s Distribution template. With the Airtable base, you will be able to collect and manage a network of retailers and distributors who can get your products into the hands of your potential customers. The template is perfect for you if your company, similar to Ratio Coffee, relies on building relationships with the first contact to close. You can add information on retailers, distributors, target regions and trips, and even interconnect different components whenever needed.

Want to turn your Airtable template into a website or a web app?

Softr is the easiest way to build apps from Airtable. No coding skills needed.

For HRs & Recruiters 

13. Employee Directory Template

Employee directory template

Keeping track of your employees can be a challenge. It's imperative to manage your employees' roles, start dates, birthdays, and so on. That's the reason employee directories are a crucial part of the HR department's work. Additionally, with contact information at employees' fingertips, the directory encourages coworkers to reach out to each other and build stronger connections and bonds with one another. The Employee Directory template addresses all of these aspects. Using the template, you can regularly update information on your employees, track their progress, and much more.

14. Contractor Time Tracker Template

Contractor time template

Are there any contractors at your company? If yes, you probably have a spreadsheet where you track their work and communication with them. A more flexible option is Airtable's Contractor Time Tracker template. It's a simple and fast way to keep track of your contractors' hours worked across projects.

15. Simple Applicant Tracker Template

Simple applicant tracker

Another big part of HR's job is tracking and recruiting applicants. Airtable's Applicant Tracking template allows to keep track of the whole hiring process and never miss anything. The template has a number of personalized views that allow filtering, sorting, and grouping of the records based on different criteria. Trust us, your hiring process will become much easier and better with this handy template.

Want to turn your Airtable template into a website or a web app?

Softr is the easiest way to build apps from Airtable. No coding skills needed.

For Product Managers 

16. Program Communications Plan Template

Communication Plan template

If you're looking to undertake a large-scale transformation or small capability-building project, you need a clear program communication plan. To do so, start using the program communication plan template. This will help lead by example, engage employees, and continue to improve. The template will help you develop a communications plan that's right for your program. It's easy to set expectations and identify the right people to involve in your team.

17. Product Launch Calendar

Product launch calendar template

Now you know about two of the best Airtable templates for project management. It’s time to show you how effective they are on the example of the Product Launch Calendar template. The template was created by none other than the co-founder of Airtable, Andrew Ofstad. The main inspiration for creating the template was Andrew's years of practice at Google. The Airtable base consists of a “Feature Launches” database, a separate field for the “Launch Date” and the “Deploy Date” of given features. The views of the template are designed for you to add as many calendar views as needed to make the best out of the base.

18. Growth Experiments Template

Growth experiment template

When it comes to web development, one thing is certain: one should continue on their path by learning from the previous failures and milestones. To help keep a record of all your experiments, we recommend using the Airtable "Growth Experiments" template. With the help of the base, you can sort out your successful experiments, mark and track the ongoing ones using the calendar view on the template. You can develop a framework with this template when brainstorming your ideas and thus watch your growth process become more focused. With more effort and proper application of the template, you'll surely provide a better structure to your growth experiment process.

For Event Managers 

19. Event Planning Template

Event planning template

It’s high time for our event managers to get a blast with Airtable templates. Managing events is a multitasking occasion for which one should be fully prepared. Need some extra tools to help you with planning? This is the event planning template you need. Using the template, you can catalogue every moving part, person, and place. It’s flexible enough to use for any stage of event planning, from creating event collateral to finalizing the last touches.

20. Event Marketing Template

Event marketing template

It is common knowledge that every field is interconnected with Marketing. Event management is not an exception. Hosting events is one of the best ways to engage customers. To simplify your duties, it would be a good idea to use an Airtable template. Airtable's event planning template will ensure your meetings and events are a breeze. You'll be able to stay on top of your planning process and focus on the most important part – creating an amazing experience for the attendees. As with all the other templates mentioned in the article, this Airtable tool is also free and can be applied with just a few clicks.

21. Nonprofit Gala Template

Nonprofit Gala

Very often, non-profits plan galas, parties, or fundraising events to be able to financially support those who need their help. In many cases, non-profits tend to hire event managers, volunteers most of the time, to plan and conduct Galas. To simplify the job, it’ll be a great idea to use Airtable’s non-profit gala template. This event planning template will help you stay on top of all the details that go into organizing an event. You can keep track of speakers, attendees, and even virtual meeting links in a central hub. Customize the base as much as you need to make the most out of it.

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