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Give new hires an easy way to view and track their onboarding tasks in one place.

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What can I do with this employee onboarding template?

The main purpose of this template is to manage the new employee onboarding experience from start to finish. Here are the workflows it supports:

Manage accounts and logins

Provide separate logins and permission levels for admins, managers, and employees.

Manage tasks

Create tasks for your new team members that they can manage from a Kanban board.

Share key resources

Include a list of company resources to help new employees get up and running faster.

Share a team directory

Introduce new hires to the team and give them an easy-to-reference team directory.

Search and filter

Make it easy for employees to find any task, resource, or team member quickly.

Responsive design

Allow users to access the platform from any device.

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“Softr has allowed our company to think innovatively about our resources. It has organized everything from our team events, to detailed and categorized project notes so that we can always be on top of correspondence happening throughout the team.”

Rachel Quimby Business Strategy Manager, DCW Cost Management


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“I’ve been impressed with the flexility of Softr. The ability to pull data from different Airtable bases into different blocks and display them on one page was one of the main reasons I chose Softr.”

Dan Smith, Director, DS Automative


Frequently asked questions

We normally distinguish between 4 phases of the onboarding process: - Phase 1: Preboarding. As soon as the employee accepts the job offer, they start their first day at a new job. - Phase 2: Onboarding and welcoming new employees. This includes orientation and introduction to management and colleagues. - Phase 3: Training. The employee is given a clear picture of what to expect at a new job. This phase can include such activities as workshops, seminars, and shadowing. - Phase 4: Transition to the new role. Finally the employee takes full responsibility of the job and becomes a full-fledged team member.

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