Features and functionality

A powerful recruitment tracking and organizational template to manage your entire recruitment pipeline involving jobs, applicants, hiring managers, etc.

Create jobs

Create new job opportunities within the application.

Applicants management

View and manage new job applicants.

View your actions

Team members can view their particular actions.


Add and view team notes added to each applicant.

Applicant CVs and bios

View applicant CVs and detailed bios which include all their info along with assigned team member and more.

Responsive design

A fully responsive design, allowing each user to access the system from any device.

Applicant tracking

Track applicant progress through the entire recruitment funnel.

Search and filtering functionality

All users can easily find the entries they need through search and filtering.

Template Gallery


If you’re a fast-growing company with a lot of job opportunities, you certainly need a tool to track all the job submissions and application stages, to collaborate with your team in candidate selection and interviewing, and so on. This is when an applicant tracking system comes in handy. Using Softr’s Applicant Tracking template, you can easily build a web application to manage your entire recruitment pipeline along with your team. We created a customizable template to accommodate your particular needs without the need to buy inflexible, expensive, off-the-shelf software. The template is ideal for recruitment agencies and internal recruitment teams.

How it works

You or your team members can add new job opportunities and publish them on your site so that anyone interested can apply. As soon as you receive a new application, it can be assigned to relevant team members and tracked through the entire hiring funnel. Each team member can log in and view their specific actions to complete. Moreover, there’s an option to attach notes and assign actions to each application in order to to incorporate feedback from different team members and facilitate the decision-making process.

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An applicant or candidate tracking system facilitates the hiring process by automating the tasks that would otherwise need to be performed manually. It allows the hiring managers to organize all the applications in one place, track them through the recruitment funnel, as well as coordinate appointments and decision making across the team.

Any company that is hiring can make use of candidate tracking tools. Nevertheless, it’s especially useful for recruitment agencies or rapidly-growing startups and big companies with a big number of vacancies for each department.

The recruitment funnel defines the stages involved in the hiring process, narrowing down the initial list of applicants at each stage to come up with the best candidate eventually. Typically, the recruitment funnel consists of the following five stages: - Awareness - Attraction - Application - Selection - Hire

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