Publish and monetize your Airtable data

Beautifully display resource listings from Airtable to the public and let users search, filter and engage.

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Ready-made directory templates to kickstart your app

Choose from feature-rich templates and customize everything

No-code Resource List

Publish a curated directory of the best no-code resources (don't forget Softr!) or any other curated list you keep on Airtable.

Our awesome features
Job Board

Create a curated job board for any industry. Seamlessly charge for listings and have candidates apply directly from your app.

Our awesome features
Real Estate Listings

Beautifully display any data from Airtable to the public and let users search and filter by any field.

Our awesome features
Upvoting Site

Find the hottest tech tools in the market and upvote the next big thing.

Our awesome features
Startup Academy

Share with the world the best resources around launching and growing startups.

Our awesome features

Nic Touron

Building a No-Code Tools Guide with Softr

I have been using Softr for a few months now, and the list of new features & improvements is PHENOMENAL. A no-brainer pick for now and a really good bet for the future!

Nic Touron Founder, ToolMeUp


Join 80,000+ companies and creators launching on Softr

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Fast Airtable connection

It takes seconds to connect your Airtable data to your Softr app. Select your base, choose a layout in Softr and map the fields. Your data is always sync in both ways.

Airtable data visualization
Dynamic search, filtering & sorting

Dynamic search, filtering & sorting

Add tag-like filters that user can click or tap to easily find what they need. Add custom search and sorting options.

Lists, Cards, Grids, Table views

Easily display your Airtable data with a variety of pre-built layouts. Customize which information is shared, and which stays private to you.

Lists, Cards, Grids, Table views
customizable blocks

Simple, yet customizable

Choose from pre-made lists and list details pages that look professional, and customize the design easily. Your information will look good on every device.

Upvoting and user reactions

Create your personal news board and make it interactive with upvoting and like features, out of the box. With Softr, you can create a clone of Product Hunt in minutes!

Upvoting and user reactions

Join 80,000+ companies and creators using Softr

Get started for free on your custom domain!

Powerful pre-built functionality out of the box

Softr does the heavy lifting of all technical work for you, so you can focus on your business.

SEO optimisation

Pages built with Softr are fast and automatically indexed by search engines. Customize meta-tags and alt-text for images in a click.

Custom form builder

Capture data with native, professional forms. Send responses back to Airtable, or anywhere with 30+ integrations and webhooks.

Embed anywhere

Easily embed your directory in any web page. Customize the look & feel to integrate perfectly with your brand.

Free asset libraries

Browse millions of images, illustrations and icons and use them in your application directly from the studio.

Free custom domain

Only on Softr you can launch your app on any domain without paying! Validate your idea first, then keep iterating with ease.

Email capture

Capture emails and build an audience. Send email data to your Mailchimp, Mailerlite or any other service using Zapier or Integromat.

Integrate with the tools you love

Seamlessly integrate your Softr app with the modern and trusted tools of your workflow like Zapier, Google Analytics, Stripe, Hotjar, Mailchimp and more.

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