A Contract Management & Billing System Your Clients Deserve

Retain and wow clients by providing them with a custom experience. Manage client inquiries, contracts, payments, and communications all in one place.

softr features to build a marketplace
server-side authentication to protect your data

Get paid securely, on time, every time

Build your custom checkout page and use Paypal or our native Stripe integration to securely accept payments in minutes. Charge clients a recurring or one-time fee, and send automatic reminders to follow up on payments.

Keep your entire client flow secure

Airtable securely stores your information, so clients can only access what they need to. Forget worrying about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

server-side authentication to protect your data
server-side authentication to protect your data

Reduce administrative tasks with automations

Automate tasks with native Airtable automations or tools like Zapier and Integromat, and rest easy knowing your work will be taken care of even when you’re not around. Automatically convert an email to an issue ticket, easily send follow-ups, and instantly send invoices.

Assign resources and client tasks to your team

Simplify client processes and document management for your team by easily exchanging documents, adding comments on items, and even using in-app chat functions with third-party integrations. Keep your internal team in the loop and collaborate no matter where you are.

Assign resources and client tasks to your team

Kickstart your billing system with feature-rich templates

Client Portal

A secure client portal lets your clients view necessary documents and contracts, manage projects, and change status in real time.

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Sales CRM

Easily manage all your sales activity, client information, and deals in one place. Add status labels to track progress through your sales funnel and more.

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Knowledge base

Offer self-service to your clients with a white-label portal and centralize all the information they need in an easy-to-access place.

Our awesome features

yohei nakajima

Untapped Capital VC firm uses Softr to track thousands of startups and keep its LPs informed

"I had already tried other tools, so when I started using Softr, it was clear immediately that the capabilities were beyond what I found elsewhere." 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Yohei Nakajima General Partner, Untapped Capital


With Softr, security and efficiency go hand in hand

Easily turn your Airtable data into a customized contract billing system. No coding, no tech background, no hassle.

Powerful, pre-built functionality out of the box

Softr does the heavy lifting and the technical work for you. You just focus on your business.

User accounts

Let your clients easily create their own accounts with out-of-the-box authentication. Keep your customer information secure and provide them with a seamless experience.

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Roles and permissions

Use granular user permissions to make sure the right people have access to the right information while everything is securely stored on Airtable.

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Custom form builder

Allow clients to easily submit documents, contracts, and other information to your document portal or billing system.

Our awesome features
Search, filtering, sorting

Easily find any client information or document you need with search and sorting functionality based on any of your Airtable fields.

Our awesome features
Lists, Cards, Grids, Table Views

Display your Airtable data in whatever pre-built layout best suits you and your clients. Customize what information you share and what stays private.

Our awesome features
Multiplatform app

Multiplatform Contract Management & Billing System

Don’t be stuck with a single operating system. With Softr's PWA feature, your internal tool is accessible to your users across IOS and Android. The apps will adapt and look great on every screen without any extra design or resources.

Integrate your billing system with the tools you love

Simplify your workflows by easily integrating your billing system into your existing business systems. Gather client information with Typeform, track user activity with Google Analytics, and get paid securely with Paypal or Stripe.

Assign resources and client tasks to your team

With Softr, security and efficiency go hand in hand

Easily turn your Airtable data into a customized contract billing system. No coding, no tech background, no hassle.

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For teams building advanced custom apps.

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100 internal / 10000 external app users
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For larger companies that want extra volume, security, and support.


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SSO for app users (SAML, OpenID)
Security audit
Team training
Custom invoicing

Frequently asked questions about contract billing systems

Contract billing is a type of billing that’s specifically designed for contractors to help them better generate invoices, track and manage billable hours and accounts receivables, and easily send over contracts for their clients to sign.

Billing systems are sets of protocols and processes that ensure the entire billing process, from client inquiry to final payment, is streamlined and painless. The three different types of billing systems are: 1. Closed systems 2. Open systems 3. Isolated systems

Some of the benefits of a contract billing system include: 1. Easy invoicing 2. Secure payments 3. Ideal for brand identity 4. Ability to provide clients with a custom experience 5. Accessible anywhere 6. Less administrative work 7. Streamlined business processes

The best billing software depends on your use case and business needs. However, some great billing and accounting tools include: 1. QuickBooks 2. Zoho Books 3. Square Invoices 4. FreshBooks 5. Xero 6. Invoicely 7. Bonsai

Pay-as-you-go is a payment system that requires you to pay for goods, services, or bills as they come up. For example, having a pay-as-you-go phone plan means you only pay for how much you actually use your phone. On the other hand, when you pay a monthly flat fee, the price will remain the same regardless of how much you use your phone

The five best ways to pay independent contractors securely include: 1. Through their contract billing system 2. Wire transfers 3. Paypal 4. Stripe 5. Direct deposit

A contract is a legally binding agreement between a service provider and a client or customer, and it establishes working expectations and deliverables. An invoice, on the other hand, is a document service providers create and send to their clients to request payment.

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