Rebecca Berneck

“I’ve dreamed of having a client portal for probably 10 years. I’ve tried to implement one with so many different tools and would get frustrated and let it go. I played with Softr and immediately went ‘this is it!’”

Rebecca Berneck, CEO, Officeheads

Real-time data sync

Tailor a client portal to your agency's operations

Don’t let out-of-the-box software speak for you. With Softr, you can use a wide range of building blocks to create your app, then customize the design to match your brand colors, fonts, and logo.

Protect yourself and clients from costly data leaks

Ensure your client’s data is safe from malware and cyber attacks. Use server-side authentication with AWS to guarantee clients secure access to their projects. Powerful and highly scalable for an expanding client base.

server-side authentication to protect your data

Start with an agency client portal template

Connect your Airtable or Google Sheets data to our ready-made template to get set up in minutes.

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Hit the ground running with powerful pre-built features

None of the code, none of the technical work. Softr does all the heavy lifting for you.

User accounts

Make it easy for clients to create their own accounts with instant authentication. Signup and login take just seconds.

Our awesome features
Roles and permissions

Determine access to information on your Airtable database with granular roles and permissions.

Our awesome features
Lists, Cards, Grids, Table Views

Choose from a variety of ready-made layouts to display Airtable data. You decide whether that information stays private or gets shared.

Our awesome features
Search, filtering, sorting

Increase the functionality of your web app by letting users search and sort from any Airtable field related to client projects.

Our awesome features
Member-only content

Prevent access to sensitive data on Airtable. Let clients and team members see only what they need to see.

Our awesome features
Custom form builder

Embed a wide range of custom forms onto your client portal page. Match the style to your brand and organization’s needs.

Our awesome features
Secure payments

Bill clients effortlessly with one-time and recurring credit card payments via your agency client portal, just like our B2B portal.

Our awesome features

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Frequently asked questions about
building an agency client portal

A client portal is a digital access point to an organization’s files, workspace, and knowledge base. Organizations allow their clients entry through a login page on a browser or cloud-based web app, much like Google Drive. Users can view, edit, share, track, share files, and collaborate on documents based on their specific permissions. This means a client portal only gives clients access to relevant parts of the database.

An agency client portal has the following benefits: - Work consolidation via a document portal - Secure data encryption - Easy-to-learn task management - Messaging in one place - Easy 24/7 access for clients - Improved communication and collaboration - Superior client service - Potential for task scheduling and automatization - Highly customizable - Pricing to fit your budget - A professional look - Your choice of add-ons - Extra control of your operations via OEM partner portals

There are pros and cons to out-of-the-box and in-house client portal software. Out-of-the-box software is instantly ready but less customizable. In-house software gives organizations total control over the client portal but involves upkeep, time, resources, and extensive training. But no-code client portal software lets organizations build custom client portals in minutes with white-label portal software. Virtually no training or upkeep is required and the organization retains control over branding and functionality.

With Softr's advanced permissions, you can easily tailor access for different user groups, giving each agency client a different user group, for example. This allows you to control what information different types of users can access, and which actions they can take.

Create a custom client portal for your agency

Say goodbye to chaotic spreadsheets and endless email chains.

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