Build a customizable white label client portal in just a few clicks

Create a unique user experience that helps you build trust and facilitate client communications. 100% design freedom, zero coding.

softr employee directory functionality

Extend your brand with pre-built, customizable, templates

Client Portal

Help your clients feel more secure with a fully branded client portal. Let them easily view and update their own data in real-time.

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Donation Tracker

Organize and track your individual and corporate donations all in one place, and securely accept payments.

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Sales CRM

Build a powerful Airtable-powered sales CRM application to view and manage all your sales deals, activities, and contact data.

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Investor Portal

Manage portfolios, track funding rounds, and more. Add different access levels and conditional visibility rules for extra security.

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Build trust with server-side authentication

Stop worrying about sensitive documents falling into the wrong hands. Airtable stores your documents so your users can only access the files they need.

server-side authentication to protect your data
design in softr

100% design freedom

Take control of your branding and customize everything from your portal’s login page to domain name, font, and coloring. Add videos, animations, and images and make changes whenever you like.

Securely accept payments

Let users make donations or buy goods and services with recurring or one-time payments. Apply trials and coupons to the checkout and connect to Stripe to enable credit card payments. Perfect for donation tracker and B2B portals.

Secure payments
Multiplatform app

Multiplatform Client Portals

Don’t be stuck with a single operating system. With Softr's PWA feature, your web app is accessible to your users across IOS and Android. The apps will adapt and look great on every screen without any extra design or resources.

Custom form builder

Add fully customizable forms to allow portal users to upload documents or other information and send them directly to email, Airtable, or any other service. Perfect for donation tracker and document portals.

Custom form builder
Pascal Vallet

Build a fully customizable portal to increase stakeholder trust and stand out from the competition

“I felt confident that Softr was going to be our solution. Interestingly, the more I am using it, the more I realize that not only the platform allows me to design the solution I had in mind, but it opens unanticipated possibilities, true enhancements of the initial solution.” 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Pascal Vallet, School Principal, United Nations International School


Take control of your brand image and fully customize your client experience.

No coding, no hassle, no breaking the bank.

Integrate the tools you know and love

Your portal can be whatever you want it to be. Fully customize and optimize your users’ experience with trusted tools of your workflow.

Softr integrations

Powerful pre-built functionality out of the box

We do all the tech heavy-lifting for you with pre-built and customizable blocks, pages, and templates so you can focus on doing what you do best.

User accounts

Secure your portal with out-of-the-box user authentication. Only authorized users can access sensitive information.

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Roles and permissions

Customize the user experience by setting roles and granular user permissions. Only the right users have access to the right information.

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Member-only content

Create private pages and sections and restrict access based on conditions like the user's role, company, payment rules, and more.

Our awesome features
Search, filtering, sorting

Help make things easy for your clients by letting them explore your content with search and sorting functionalities based on any of your Airtable fields.

Our awesome features
Calendar view

Give your clients visibility over upcoming events and meetings with a customizable calendar block.

Our awesome features
Lists, Cards, Grids, Table Views

Display your Airtable data in whatever view is best for your business and clients, using a variety of pre-built layouts.

Our awesome features

Take control of your brand image and fully customize your client experience.

No coding, no hassle, no breaking the bank.

2 months free


For individuals building passion projects.


Unlimited apps & visitors
Essential blocks
5 workspace collaborators


For entrepreneurs building new products.

$49 /month Start for free


10 internal / 1000 external app users
Custom CSS/JS
Embed Softr apps


For teams building advanced custom apps.

$269 /month Start for free


100 internal / 10000 external app users
Timeline, Org chart
15 workspace collaborators
Downloadable mobile apps (PWA)


For larger companies that want extra volume, security, and support.


Let's talk


SSO for app users (SAML, OpenID)
Security audit
Team training
Custom invoicing

Learn about white label portals built on Softr

See how other companies use Softr’s white label solution to maximize efficiency and build better customer relationships.

Frequently asked questions about white label portals

A white label portal is a portal that’s been built using an external service provider, like a client portal software, but rebranded as your own to improve the experience for both your internal team and external clients. For example, if you build a white label intranet for small businesses, you’ll have a fully branded platform that not only allows you to store all important documents and easily make company-wide announcements but strengthens team engagement.

You can easily create a white label portal with Softr by: 1. Signing up or logging into your Softr account 2. Duplicating Softr’s ready-made portal template 3. Importing your Airtable or Google Sheets data 4. building blocks to match your requirements

Some of the different types of web portals you can build include: 1. Client portal 2. Employee intranet portal 3. Sales CRM portal Investor portal 4. Knowledge base portal 5. Donation tracker portal 6. OEM partner portal

Some of the benefits of building your own white label portal include: 1. Creating a personalized and trustworthy experience for your users 2. Maintaining and fostering brand identity 3. Reduce costs 4. Save time 5. Differentiating your business from competitors

Some use cases for client portals include: 1. White label client portal 2. OEM partner portal 3. Employee intranet portal 4. Inventory management portal 5. Sales CRM portal 6. B2B portal

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