Streamline Project Management with a Construction Client Portal

Set up a secure client portal and onboard every member of your team immediately. Customize every feature to your business needs with Softr’s no-code software.

construction clioent portal

Use our skillfully designed templates to launch your web app

With Softr’s range of simple, stylish but highly customizable templates, build a web app tailored to your business.

Client Portal

A private free site where everyone can find colleagues, and what they do. Employees can update their profiles easily and securely.

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Sales CRM Portal

Keep track of all sales activities, pricing, deals, and contacts related to your construction teams.

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Investor Portal

Stay up to date with all your investor’s activities and manage your communications with them like with a B2B portal.

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customer relations

Build rock-solid customer relations

Communicate proactively with customers. Inspire confidence by letting them see the building process in real-time via the client portal. Emphasize transparency and openness every day with every step.

Manage complex operations painlessly

Organize everything and everyone in one place. Let your client portal be the touchpoint for all customers and construction teams. Save time on communications to focus on higher-level business management.

employee directory and collaboration
server-side authentication to protect your data

Ensure sensitive data remains confidential

Stop worrying about file sharing and document management. With the privacy settings, you control who sees designs and customer lists. Guarantee that files protected by NDAs are safe in your document portal.

Multiplatform Construction Client Portals

Don’t be stuck with a single operating system. With Softr's PWA feature, your internal tool is accessible to your users across IOS and Android. The apps will adapt and look great on every screen without any extra design or resources.

Multiplatform app
dan smith

DS Automotive Ltd finetunes their workflow with Softr’s flexible approach

“I have been impressed with the flexibility of Softr. The ability to pull data from different Airtable bases into different blocks and display them on one page was one of the main reasons I chose Softr. I also find Softr more user-friendly.” 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dan Smith Director, DS Automotive


Build your construction client portal block by block.

Softr offers a simple yet highly customizable client portal creation process.

Build a feature-rich portal for your business

Mix and match with Softr’s highly functional range of features to create the construction client portal to suit your business.

User accounts

Onboard team members to your project instantly with Softr’s user accounts feature. Signup and login to the app take just seconds.

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Roles and permissions

Ensure that users can only see information relevant to them with easy-to-set roles and granular permissions.

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Lists, Cards, Grids, Table Views

Choose from a range of pre-built layouts with Airtable integration to display your data.

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Search, filtering, sorting

Use the search and sort functionality of Softr’s web app to let users browse the contents of your Airtable database.

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Member-only content

Set access to any pages or sections according to a user’s role, position in the company, or construction project.

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Custom form builder

Choose from a range of customizable forms to create anything from digital inspection forms to estimates and work orders.

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Secure payments

Manage all your incoming and outgoing payments in one place. Keep track of invoicing and change orders with ease.

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Real-time data sync

Client portals are a powerful collaboration tool. Users can easily update progress as it happens on mobile devices via the app. So, instant decisions and no delays later.

Self-service access & data update

Create a platform for your team and your customers to view and manage their data based on your custom settings.

Customer support

Receive guidance on your business through our 7-day-a-week live chat without compromising any sensitive data.

Build your construction client portal block by block.

Softr offers a simple yet highly customizable client portal creation process.

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For individuals building passion projects.


Unlimited apps & visitors
Essential blocks
5 workspace collaborators


For entrepreneurs building new products.

$49 /month Start for free


10 internal / 1000 external app users
Custom CSS/JS
Embed Softr apps


For teams building advanced custom apps.

$269 /month Start for free


100 internal / 10000 external app users
Timeline, Org chart
15 workspace collaborators
Downloadable mobile apps (PWA)


For larger companies that want extra volume, security, and support.


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SSO for app users (SAML, OpenID)
Security audit
Team training
Custom invoicing

Frequently asked questions about construction client portals

A construction client portal provides companies in the construction industry with a secure digital gateway to their project database. Businesses—such as construction teams, contractors, subcontractors, home builders, and real estate developers—use it as a management system and work automation tool. It may provide access to one or more of the following: - Timelines for the building process - Progress checks and updates - A knowledge database - A collaboration platform - Payment fields - Community forums - Files and documents - Other software (via integration) - Use of other portal software e.g. OEM partner portals

A client portal allows a business to grant each user permissions based on whatever conditions they choose. Businesses can categorize by company, project, seniority level, or even by individual. That means there is no risk of one customer signing in and seeing another customer’s sensitive data.

Softr’s client portal has server-side authentication. Users can log in and upload files to the app without fear of malware or other cyber-attacks.

The choice of whether to buy software or build your own depends on the company - both come with advantages and disadvantages. For example, building your own software is time-intensive and requires regular upkeep. But out-of-the-box software may look generic and may not contain all the features you need for easy management solutions. No-code software like Softr offers an alternative. Construction companies can set up a client portal that displays their brand and individual style using white label client portal software. But it’s still simple to set up and easy to fit into a busy schedule.

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