Property Rental Website Template


Build a two-sided marketplace for property rentals and long-term leasing powered with Airtable data.

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Features and functionality

A property rental website template that allows you to create a two-sided marketplace in minutes.

User registration

Visitors can sign up and become guests.

Become a host

Guests can sign up to become hosts and list their property.

Email capture

Capture visitor emails and build an emailing marketing list.

Property details

View property details including descriptions, image gallery, and more.

Host bios

View detailed host bios to understand more about them and the properties they offer.

Contact hosts

A form to contact hosts to understand their availability and clarify questions.

Nearby properties

View nearby properties for each item.

Responsive design

A fully responsive design, allowing each user to access the system from any device.

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As soon as you click the Use the template button, you'll be immediately taken to Softr studio and can start working on the template. If you don't have a Softr account, you'll be prompted to register first (a Free account will work just fine).

All the Softr templates are completely free of charge and can be used with any of the Softr subscription plans. However, Free and Starter plans have a limitation on the number of application users, so you might need to consider a higher subscription plan if you need to have full Memberships access.

Not really. The free Airtable subscription plan provides 1200 records per base, so if that's sufficient for your project, the free plan will work just fine.

No, unfortunately that's not possible. You'd need to create a new application using the template.

You need to copy the base with mock data to your Airtable account which is linked to your Softr application. The process is described here.

Yes the given template is just a handy starting point, and you can add more blocks and pages to customize it exactly as needed.

Yes, we have native Stripe integration, but you can also link to other payment services if preferred. Yes, Stripe integration is available for bookings and payments. You can link other payment services as well, but they are not natively integrated with Softr.

Yes, you can define custom conditions to display related properties based on any criteria such as the number of rooms, the property type, the price, and so on.

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