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Use Softr's Freelance Marketplace template to get started with your own marketplace for professional services powered by Airtable.

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Features and functionality

Build a feature-rich service marketplace, where visitors can find the services and professionals they need.

Details page

Each freelancer has a profile page with the list of relevant services and vice versa.

Add a service

Registered freelancers can add new services.

Become a freelancer

An application form to be listed as a freelancer.

Subscription form

Users can subscribe to get notified about updates via email.

Search and filtering

An advanced search and filtering system to easily find a service or a freelances.

Responsive design

A fully responsive design, allowing each user to access the system from any device.

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The Freelance Marketplace template lets you build and launch a service marketplace where businesses or individuals are able to search for the required services and choose from a selection of professionals for each service. The freelancers can sign up and fill in an application form to be listed on the platform. As soon as their profile is accepted, it will become visible on the platform and will start receiving offers. The marketplace comes with a convenient search and filtering features, where there are two options to start searching: browse freelancers and browse services. In particular, each service page has the complete list of freelancers that provide the service.

How it works

The only prerequisite for starting with the template is having a Softr account. Good news, you can get started with Softr for free and the template is also free of charge. As soon as you register and access your Softr dashboard, choose “New Application” and select the Freelance Marketplace template. Next, you’ll need to connect your Airtable or Google Sheets account and import template’s database.

That’s it for the setup. Now you can start customizing the template to adjust the look and feel if needed as well as replace the entries in the database with real data. If you already have freelancer profiles that can be published, then just add them to the database and publish your Softr app. Alternatively, you can just publish with an empty database and start promoting your service marketplace to collect freelancer profiles.

Build your freelancer marketplace today

Proceed with the template and have your marketplace ready in minutes.


The order form has multiple options for sending the submissions. One of the options is collecting orders on Airtable.

These are some of the most well-know freelancing platforms: - Upwork - TopTal - Freelancer - Fiverr - Dribble - Behance - LinkedIn - Guru

Freelancer is the largest freelancing platform as of now, providing a communication and collaboration space for millions of businesses and freelancers.

Here the key steps you need to take if you want to build and launch a successful freelancing platform: - Choose your business niche - Come up with a business model. There are multiple options for earning from a service marketplace such as having featured entries (e.g. a business profile), showing ads, transaction fees, and so on. By the way, with Softr, you can easily integrate ads through custom code or add payment integrations and collect transaction fees directly in your freelancing platform. - Design. Work on your branding and overall UI. - Launch and promote. As soon as you launch, you need spread the word to as many potential users as possible. Social media, niche communities and directories are extremely useful for this. Also, don’t forget about SEO to allow your marketplace to be discovered through search engines.

Unfortunately there’s no out-of-the-box shopping cart solution, but it’s possible to integrate third-party solutions.

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