Beyond just a Database - Features and functionality

Go beyond Airtable's functionalities and turn your databases into a robust web application. Create a two-sided marketplace in minutes.

User registration

Visitors can sign up and become guests.

Become a host

Guests can sign up to become hosts and list their property.

Email capture

Capture visitor emails and build an emailing marketing list.

Property details

View property details including descriptions, image gallery, and more.

Host bios

View detailed host bios to understand more about them and the properties they offer.

Contact hosts

A form to contact hosts to understand their availability and clarify questions.

Nearby properties

View nearby properties for each item.

Responsive design

A fully responsive design, allowing each user to access the system from any device.

Template Gallery


Property rental website is a marketplace template for property rentals and long-term leasing. Using the template, you'll be able to create a two-sided marketplace in minutes on top of your databases.

The users can browse a list of residencies from around the globe from a variety of hosts. The template allows to find the required properties easily through multiple filtering and search options. As soon as the user spots a good option, he/she can click on the property card to view the property details page and learn more. There's also a separate host profile section, where users can find out more about each host as well as see the list of all the announcements associated with that particular host.

The Property Rental Website template allows hosts to create an account and submit properties that are later reviewed by the admin and published in case of approval. Lastly, there's an editing functionality that enables hosts to update their properties and bios whenever needed directly via the site interface.

How it works

The only prerequisite for starting with the template is having a Softr account. Good news, you can get started with Softr for free and the template is also free of charge. As soon as you register and access your Softr dashboard, choose “New Application” and select the Property Rental Website template. Next, you’ll need to choose your preferred data source option (Airtable or Google Sheets) and copy the mock data to your account.

Now, you can proceed to customizing the template to make it your own. If you already have a database of properties ready for publishing, just add the details to your template data source, and they’ll become visible on the website immediately. Otherwise, just tweak the look and feel of your website and publish it to let the hosts register and list their properties. If you need any help with the setup and customization, our detailed guides (e.g. how to set up and configure listings or customize forms) are at your service.

Build your Property Rental Website with Airtable

Proceed with the template and have your marketplace ready in minutes.


Here are some must-haves for a property website: - Detailed real estate description and images - Advanced search options to allow your users quickly find what they need - Responsive design - Contact forms to let visitors easily get in touch with the landlords - Local SEO to make your site discoverable through search engines - Client testimonials

- Zillow - - - - Craiglist

As soon as you click the Use the template button, you'll be immediately taken to Softr studio and can start working on the template. If you don't have a Softr account, you'll be prompted to register first (a Free account will work just fine).

All the Softr templates are completely free of charge and can be used with any of the Softr subscription plans. However, Free and Starter plans have a limitation on the number of application users, so you might need to consider a higher subscription plan if you need to have full Memberships access.

Yes, we have native Stripe integration, but you can also link to other payment services if preferred.

Yes, you can define custom conditions to display related properties based on any criteria such as the number of rooms, the property type, the price, and so on.

Our users decide to use Softr on top of Airtable bases for several reasons. The most common are: - You will have a responsible and professional-looking user interface to share with clients, colleagues, and users on your domain (included for free!) - You will be able to manage different people's permissions at a granular level. Say goodbye to just "viewers" and "editors". You can decide which group of users can see and/or edit specific content. - You can merge several data sources all in one application. Do you want to connect three tables to the same app? Do you want to get data from other sources too? Not a problem with a Softr application!

Our awesome features

How Nanny Network turned their service business into a digital platform for parents to source childcare

As a small business, we needed to use a tool that could grow with us, and we feel that this is what Softr offers us. After wasting time and money trying every web builder under the sun, Softr came to save the day. We cannot recommend this platform enough – it's perfect, easy to use even for a non-technical person like me.

Lucia Borraccino Founder, Nanny Network


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