41 No-Code Tools to Know in 2023

Mariam Ispiryan • Jan 26, 2022 • 17 min read

Before we start, let's put no-code tools into context and understand what no-code is and get an overall picture of today's no-code landscape. To put it simply, "no-code" or "no-code development" is the process of creating all sorts of digital products (e.g. web apps, mobile apps, automations, etc.) without writing any code. Nowadays, you can often hear about the "no-code movement" supported by people who evangelize the usage of no-code platforms and tools. Thus, a big community has formed around no-code, consisting of no-code platform founders, creators (the ones who use those tools), no-code advisors, no-code agencies, and others. We have already discussed different aspects of the no-code movement in other articles of our No-Code Learning Hub, and here we'd like to focus on the actual technology that enables people to create software without coding.

The number of no-code solutions we have today is really big, and new tools are introduced almost every day. However, there are only a few dozen of platforms that stand out among competition in their categories. So, the idea behind this post was to create a curated list of tools from a few key categories to assist you in the process of selecting a tool or a set of tools to adopt for your particular project. As mentioned above, the no-code landscape is really dynamic, therefore we regularly revisit the list to keep it up-to-date according to the latest trends and discoveries.

Here are the categories we're going to cover:

Let's proceed.

No-code tools for creating websites

card landing page

If you wish to have a basic website with only a few essential features, a free version of Carrd will be perfect. The free version allows building up to 3 websites with each registered account, with all the core features provided by Carrd. If you want to go advanced, features like adding forms, using Google Analytics, custom domains, etc., you can upgrade to the pro version. 


  • Pro Lite - $21/year
  • Pro Standard $19/year
  • Pro Plus - $49/year

webflow landing page

Webflow is a no-code platform that turns HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript codes into a fully visual canvas, allowing you to design your website without the need to interfere with the coding part. Later, you can use the semantic tool developed by Webflow in different ways. For example, you can publish it on the web or transfer it to developers if you want them to add custom coding. 


  • Basic - $12/mo
  • CMS - $16/mo
  • Business - $36/mo
  • Enterprise - Custom

Squarespace  landing page

Squarespace assists you in creating your website from scratch, and it doesn't stop there. You can organize all the other necessary details here, such as creating a logo, getting a custom domain name, etc. Also, it allows you to promote your website right after you launch it. There are features for on-brand email campaigns and social tools which you can use to communicate your web presence to your audience. 


  • Personal - $12/mo
  • Business - $18/mo
  • Basic Commerce- $26/mo
  • Advanced Commerce - $40/mo

4. Wix

wix  landing page

Wix is one of the most popular no-code website builders. You have two options to go with the tool: either design the website yourself by choosing the leading design and functionality elements or hire a professional who can help you use the tool. Besides, WIX provides you with the three necessary steps for your website success. You can publish your site via WIX, connect it to your desired domain, and perform SEO optimization. 


  • VIP - $12.25/mo
  • Unlimited - $6.25 /mo
  • Combo - $8.50/mo
  • Connect Domain - $4.50/mo
unstack  landing page

Shopify landing pages are easier to build with no-code tools like Unstack. You can make commerce-enabled content for your web pages and create product pages, online stores, etc. If you want to understand which design is better, there is an inserted A/B testing feature. In addition, you can be sure your page content load time will not be slow on different devices, as Unstack has the appropriate infrastructure to guarantee the page speed. 


  • Free
  • Lite - $29/mo
  • Full - $49/mo
  • Full+ - $99/mo

unicorn platform  landing page

Unicorn is enriched with all the features you need to create a perfect landing page. Your created landing page can have embedded Maps, Google Forms, Intercom, and other widgets. You can also add custom HTML or CSS codes to the web pages, depending on how you edit them. When you perform all the developing and editing activities, you can download the page as an HTML file. 


  • Free
  • Maker - $8/mo
  • Startup - $18/mo
  • Business - $28/mo

dorik  landing page

Dorik allows you to connect your audience to any content you have on different platforms. That’s why it has enlarged integration options with many platforms where you can be alive. Examples of integration options include YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Clubhouse, Mailchimp, and many others. In addition, the analytics feature of Linktree allows you to track the performance of your content with more than 10 tools. 


  • Free
  • Starter - $3/mo
  • Premium - $5/mo

linktree  landing page

Why spend much time developing the UI designs for your websites if you can do the same with the no-code tool of Linktree? There are many ready templates for websites, landing pages, and blogs that you can use. If you want to integrate popular tools like Google Analytics, Paypal, Tag Manager, Stripe, Linktree’s features will allow you to do that in a few clicks. 


  • Free
  • Pro - $6/mo
  • Enterprise - Custom

super.so  landing page

Super.so has more than 20 features in its no-code toolbox, which help you perform all the necessary activities related to your website: integrations, SEO, live code editing, free test domain, custom fonts, etc. In addition, for all the users who are not very accustomed to using no-code development tools, Super.so has separate guides and tutorials. You can do it while learning and get any necessary help.  


  • Subscription package - $12/mo per site

Tools to build no-code web apps

softr.io  landing page

Softr is mainly specialized in no-code web app building. You can build client portals, internal tools, marketplaces, online communities, resource directories, and websites with the tool. Softr develops web apps on Airtable, and for your better start, it offers ready templates and over 70 pre-built blocks. Further, you have unlimited opportunities to edit any detail in your created web platforms.


  • Free
  • Starter - $24/mo
  • Professional - $65/mo
  • Business - $165/mo

11. Bubble

bubble  landing page

Bubble is a no-code app builder which creates products that effectively work on web and mobile browsers. You can build any feature you want: communication chats, real-time interactivity, news feeds, etc. You can also add dynamic content, which will make the UI of your application more friendly and interactive. As a bonus, Bubble will take care of the deployment and security. However, Bubble is quite technical and has a really steep learning curve. So, if you're looking to get started quickly, you might want to look into some Bubble alternatives.


  • Free
  • Personal - $25/mo
  • Professional - $115/mo
  • Production - $475/mo

12. Retool

retool landing page

Retool has customized templates for users who have different preferences in UI design and style and those who want to build a specific product. You might want to develop CRM platforms, dashboards, charts, admin panels, etc. Retool will provide you with the ready-made template for all of those and many other categories, enriched with necessary functionalities. 


  • Free
  • Startup - $10/mo
  • Pro - $50/mo
  • Enterprise - Custom
stacker landing page

Stacker is a no-code app builder which aligns with your business data stored in Airtable or Google Sheets and automatically creates a web application based on it. However, the full access of Stacker to your data does not compromise its security. With the tool, you have fully flexible permissions and control over your data, and you can easily edit or control who can access it. 


  • Starter - $59/mo
  • Plus - $149/mo
  • Pro - $290/mo
  • Enterprise - Custom

14. Bildr

bildr landing page

Bildr is focused on building web applications and SaaS products. When users work in Bildr, it automatically works by developing infrastructure and defining a JSON schema. Later, the tool’s execution code uses the schema and infrastructure for executing the app. The tool mostly emphasizes its features for visual development, which are continuously enlarging.


  • Free
  • Launch - $9/mo
  • Pro - $29/mo

Build no-code apps for mobile

15. Adalo

adalo landing page

Adalo is a quick and convenient mobile app creator, which allows you to automatically add interactions and build an app with your desired design and functionality. Also, the app is friendly in integrating with your API if you have it ready in advance. Most importantly, with Adalo, it's very quick to develop the app versions for iOS and Android so that your users do not have to wait for their versions. 


  • Free
  • Pro Plan - $50/mo
  • Business Plan - $200/mo

16. Glide

glide landing page

Glide allows you to build any mobile or web app within minutes. If you have the organized data in advance, the better. The tool allows you to construct a mobile application based on the spreadsheet data you have. This also means that your spreadsheet data and app will stay in sync during its further operations. In addition, the apps and their data are fully secure and exclusively belong to the authors. You can compare Glide to its competitors in our detailed overview of Glide alternatives.


  • Free
  • Pro App - $32/mo
  • Private Pro App - $40/mo
  • Enterprise - Custom

thunkable  landing page

Thunkable ensures that its users unlock the mobile app and tablet device benefits by utilizing all its features. Thunkable offers you many opportunities for no-code development, including creating applications for Android, iOS, and even web apps. There are large opportunities to add customization and advanced functionality. You can benefit from 50+ design components and directly publish your app to App Store, Google Store, or Web. 


  • Free
  • Starter - $13/mo
  • Pro - $38/mo
  • Business - $167
  • Enterprise - Custom
draftbit landing page

Draftbit supports its users in all the steps needed to develop and launch a mobile app. You can customize your app according to your brand guidelines, using numerous themes, custom code, and properties. Also, you can empower it with the functionality you want, adding interactions, live data, and navigation. Before you go live, you can test your created app with Apple’s Testflight or Google Play’s Beta program. 


  • No-code - $39/mo
  • Low-code - $69/mo
  • Pro-code - $149/mo
appsheet landing page

More than 3,7 million mobile apps were already created with SpreadSheet, which is successfully used for different industries. It’s an intelligent no-code platform where you will not have to compromise the features or versatility of your app. The templates and instructions for the apps are categorized, and you can find the pre-made template for any direction of the business you want to create an app for. 


  • Starter - $5/mo
  • Core - $10/mo
  • Enterprise - CUstom
appgyver landing page

AppGyver is known to be the first professional no-code platform. The tool is fittable for any type of digital product of your interest including mobile, desktop, browser and TV. AppGyver is packed with 300+ components, a powerful theme engine, integrated APIs making the building process to be fast and easy.


  • Free

Use the power of no-code development for creating forms

typeform  landing page

Typeform helps you get better insights from the users by providing templates for user-friendly, interactive forms people want to fill in. The design of the forms is super interactive so that it doesn't take a long time to answer the questions. And for the content of the forms, you have a number of opportunities. For example, you can create forms for market research, lead generation, customer feedback, and much more. 


  • Basic - $25/mo
  • Plus - $50/mo
  • Business - $83/mo

22. Tally

tally landing page

When you enter Tally first, you will have the impression that it’s a simple doc. You type the content you want, and the tool will further convert it into professional forms without any coding need. You can create any form, including forms for payments, calculations, answer piping, etc. Later, you can easily share it with the right audience by sharing the link, embedding the form into the website, or connecting to a custom domain. 


  • Free
  • Pro - $29/mo
jotform landing page

JotForm can adapt to any requirements you have for your created forms. Its advanced features can fit any branding style your business has. Also, you can have complicated tasks imported to your completed form directly from the platforms like Google Drive or even accept online payments. Besides, JotForm also helps you generate reports and other types of documents that work both for web and mobile interfaces. 


  • Free
  • Bronze - $24/mo
  • Silver - $29/mo
  • Gold - $79/mo 
  • Enterprise - Custom
congnitoforms landing page

There are form templates designed for 13 different industries in Cognitoforms. You can use the ones for education, travel & hospitality, marketing, non-profits, etc. The design elements in those pre-ready templates are precisely customized so that in the majority of cases, you would not need to add some extra design elements. The tool has a high level of compliance, security, and automation. 


  • Individual - Free
  • Pro - $15/mo
  • Team - $35/mo
  • Enterprise - $99/mo 
formstack landing page

There are three main products that the no-code tool Formstack offers to its users: forms, documents, and signs. First of all, Formstack creates any type of form with advanced features accessible to everyone. You can collect information and automate many manual processes. Also, you can prepare any type of documentation, such as proposals and applications, or organize easier sign-up processes by collecting online signatures. 


  • Starter - $50/mo
  • Teams - $83/mo
  • Pro - $208/mo 
  • Enterprise - custom
paperform landing page

Paperform is where small business owners and entrepreneurs can go for all their needs, freeing people up to build their solutions their way. Take payments, schedule appointments, design fully customizable surveys and put manual processes on autopilot. Yeah, they’re a form builder, but they’re more than that. Think of their product like a Lego set: they hand over the tools and let the magic happen.


  • Essentials - $20/mo
  • Pro - $40/mo
  • Agency - $135+/mo 

heyflow landing page

Around 600 style variables and more than 42,000 icons are offered to heyflow users. In addition, you can create a flow of actions for your users for any screen size. The mentioned capacity of heyflow brings the design of interactive customer flows closer to you. If you are experienced with no-code tools, you can start designing it from scratch or use the ready templates.


  • Basic - €39/mo
  • Pro - €89/mo
  • Business - €179/mo

No-code platforms for workflow automation

28. Zapier

zapier landing page

Zapier takes away a large percent of daily manual activities by automating workflows. You can link the apps that you use the most throughout the day and tell Zapier which activities it should perform between the linked apps. For example, you can make the tool open your emails, transfer their attachments to dropbox and notify you on Slack. As a result, you can do more creative tasks while Zapier does the technical ones throughout the day. 


  • Free
  • Starter - $19.99/mo
  • Professional - $49/mo
  • Team - $299/mo
  • Company - $599/mo
integromat landing page

Integromat is a workflow automation tool that offers you a visual editor to make things easier. Particularly, you drag and drop the apps you use in the editor’s tool and sync the apps you want. Integromat synchronizes the processes between the apps. As a starting point, there are 3000+ ready templates for the initial automation requirements. 


  • Free
  • Basic - $9/mo
  • Standard - $29/mo
  • Business - $99/mo
  • Platinum - $299/mo
  • Custom
parabola landing page

Parabola is designed to automate the tasks that are usually done manually in spreadsheets. The only manual thing you should do with the tool is integrating the data at the initial stage. Later, Parabola can perform automated steps, including generating sales and marketing reporting, updating customer management data, organizing inventory management processes, and more. 


  • Basic - Free
  • Plus - $80/mo
  • Premium - $400/mo
  • Advanced - Custom
tray.io landing page

Tray.io is about the automation & integration duo, which could help you to automate many processes. You can connect your created no-code products with any SaaS product, sync to Cloud apps, etc. To automate the process, you can use any type of trigger, including email triggers, callable triggers, finger triggers, form triggers, and others you can explore in the product’s features. 


  • Standard - $695/mo
  • Standard Plus - $1,450/mo
  • Professional - $2450
  • Enterprise - Custom


ifttt  landing page

The abbreviation of IFTTT speaks for the services it can provide. IFTTT stands for "If This Than That", which means you can link an unlimited flow of actions and tell the tool it should automate many of your manual processes. For that, you should connect the services you use the most to the tool, then enable a published Applet (to allow the tools to work together). Lastly, choose a trigger that will make the process work every time. 


  • Free
  • IFTTT Pro - $5/mo
  • IFTTT Pro+ - $10/mo

33. n8n.io

n8n.io landing page

n8n.io is the tool that automates workflows between your used apps. As the tool’s capacity is high (you can sync around 200 apps), there are almost unlimited opportunities to create automated workflows. You can design from simple 2-3 step information transfer workflows to large ones with around 20 synced apps. 


Free and open

Explore the benefits of no-code platforms for your Spreadsheets and Databases

airtable landing page

Airtable is a no-code tool for building databases that precisely fit your business structure and needs. In many regards, its interface and usage are similar to spreadsheets; however, with Airtable, you have everything organized in one place without using multiple documents. Airtable has several features which make your user experience more accessible. You can learn about its main features with the Airtable glossary


  • Free
  • Plus - $12/mo per user
  • Pro - $24/mo per user
  • Enterprise - Custom

35. Rows

rows landing page

Rows are what ordinary spreadsheets do plus several new features for organizing a better online workplace. Rows' goal is to free you from copying/pasting the same information into numerous spreadsheets and performing all your work in one place. That’s why it has advanced features like built-in integrations, automation, real-time collaboration, and many more. 


  • Free
  • Plus - $59/mo
  • Pro - $249/mo
spreadsheet  landing page

Spreadsheet is a step ahead of being an ordinary spreadsheet. It also includes many project management tools. As a result, you can organize all your work directly here without the need for third-party PM tools. Particularly, you can create projects and tasks on your spreadsheet’s dashboard, build hierarchical order between the tasks, set deadlines, etc. 


  • Free
  • Standard - $9/mo
  • Premium - $18/mo
  • Enterprise - Custom

37. Notion

notion landing page

Notion is about dashboards, where all your team members upload their tasks with deadlines. As a result, you have an organized calendar to see which of your milestones are coming for every other week. The rich functionality helps you implement Notion for different teams, be it sales, HR, accounting, or other departments. Also, you can use Notion simply for organizing your to-do list.


  • Personal - Free
  • Personal Pro - $4/mo
  • Team - $8/mo per user
  • Enterprise - Custom

38. Coda

coda landing page

You can quickly edit your business data in a shared spreadsheet and organize it with your team for simultaneous usage by using Coda building blocks. Even whenh you all use the same tool, each team member can manage the interface independently. If your team members are familiar with the Trello interface or your project manager is accustomed to Gantt, there are more possibilities for better and synced working processes.


  • Free
  • Pro - $10/mo per Doc Maker
  • Team - $30/mo per Doc Maker
  • Enterprise - Custom
stackby landing page

Stackby offers businesses real-time automation, where companies can connect their databases to the services they use. Later, the system will automatically update the data from different servers into the all-in-one database. Stackby has an inserted data explorer, more than 40 API connectors, time-triggered automation features, and many more. 


  • Free
  • Personal - $5/mo
  • Economy - $9/mo per user
  • Business - $18/mo per user
  • Enterprise - CUstom
infinity landing page

Infinity is home to all of your business documentation. Bring all your tables, columns, lists, calendars, Gantt charts to one place. The six interface views later allow you to track all your scheduled activities and have a powerful work management system. With the Infinity Enterprise plan, you can organize the necessary database for all your company, no matter the size. Also, you can access and Infinity both from desktop and mobile.  


9$/mo per user OR a one-time payment offer for any number of users

drapcode landing page

Drapcode is a no-code platform where you can build and launch fully-fledged web apps. They have great pre-built layouts and free templates allowing you to fasten the building process. You can even request a demo or start a free trial to see what Drapcode is capable of.



Starter - $25/mo,

Professional - $95/mo,

Growth - $275/mo.

About Softr

Softr is an easy-to-use no-code platform that turns Airtable bases into powerful web apps, member-only websites, and client portals. Softr offers a way for you to authenticate your end-users, control access to your content and data based on conditional rules like roles, logged-in status, subscription plans, etc. If you're using Airtable as a product catalog you can use a Softr template to build your e-commerce website. Or maybe you'd like to build a custom website for your travel journal, there's a template for that too!

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