9 Web App Ideas for Starting Your Business

Published on July 19, 2021

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Creating a unique and creative web application that can be useful for users is not the simplest task to do. However, coming up with an actual web app idea will certainly make the task more achievable. Therefore, we’ve researched the market to find the best web app ideas in 2021 that’ll give you a great start for your online business.

First, let’s find out what a web app is and why you should start thinking about creating one.

What is a Web Application?

A web application is a computer-based program that uses online technologies to operate a different range of tasks. It can be accessed through any browser with an Internet connection and can be used for various different purposes – from shopping carts to booking holidays.

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However, coming up with an out-of-the-box and cool web app idea can be a tricky task for anyone. We hope that our list of 11 web app ideas will assist you in this process of finding an idea for your own project.

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1. Web app for family interactions

Family is an essential part of our lives but organizing things with each other can be a real headache sometimes. That’s why creating a tool to connect families can be a really cool web app idea. Imagine a web application that contains a shared gallery, a family calendar, to-do lists for every individual member, an event planner, and even separate chat boxes for everyone. Sounds good, right?

It’s a really good web app idea and can become highly successful if you take your time and think through the feature set and available tools.

2. Recipe suggestion web app based on the availability of your ingredients

Many of us became our own cooks with the pandemic hitting all our favorite restaurants and cafés. However, coming up with fresh food ideas for every day can be tiring sometimes. That’s why our next web project idea can become a real game-changer for many people.

It works like many cooking apps – by suggesting you an easy and fast recipe that you can cook at home. But here’s the twist: before suggesting a recipe, it asks the users what products they have at hand and only afterwards offers them the best recipe options.

3. Healthy food alternatives for your favorite snacks

We all have our guilty pleasures – our favorite snacks, right? And though we know how unhealthy and harmful they can sometimes be, excluding them from our diet is a tough task. That’s why we all could use some help from professionals. Of course, people still can consult a specialist or try to find healthy alternatives for their diet. But having a tool that would quickly suggest options could be really handy.

The users just have to type the snack that they are craving for and the web app will come up with healthy options. There can be recipes that everyone can make at home or products with better ingredients they can find online.

4. Book review web application

There are too many good books in the world. Almost as many as there are bad ones. That’s why every book lover tries to find out if the book is worth the time they are willing to spend. To help them out, you can turn this web app idea into reality.

Many of us turn to Goodreads for the solution, but often the service is more focused on selling the books and less on giving honest opinions about them. That’s why creating a platform with a better review system both from ordinary readers and critics can become a successful startup idea. Besides, it’s a really easy and time-saving web application idea for beginners if you’re still not sure where to start from.

5. Tinder but for books

Similar to the previous web app idea, this one will also be extremely popular with book lovers. It’s a fun and easy-to-use web app for users to find new books to their taste. All they need to do is to fill in some information about their favorite books, authors, or genre, and the app will come up with multiple new suggestions. From then on, they can swipe left and right on books, and it will match them with other books similar to their favorite ones.

You can also add some more features to stand out in the market. For example, you can suggest online platforms from where users can buy the books that they’ve chosen. 

6. Quick advising services

This can be on the list of the more challenging ideas for web applications if you’re new, but it’s worth a try. Imagine having a platform where people can turn in for advice and get answers only from the professionals of the field. It can be like a paid version of Quora where all the advice is right and working.

The challenging part of this web application idea is that you have to create your base by choosing all your specialists one by one. Also, make sure people are paying for quality answers from licensed professionals.

7. A web app idea for exchanging things with other people

Many folks now know the value of recycling and reusing. Even if you can’t call yourself a real eco-enthusiast, you certainly have many things that sit around your house and don’t get used to even once in a year. That’s why our next web project idea can be useful for virtually anyone.

With this web application, users can upload their items, write what they are willing to exchange them with, and wait for an offer from other users. Or they can explore items posted by other users and send offers themselves. Further on, users can exchange, add more items to the list, or even bargain with each other.

If you are thinking of giving this web app idea a try, make sure to create a secure web application with verified users and safe chat boxes.

8. Web application Idea for language exchange

Learning a new language is difficult. You can try to learn it all by yourself or even consult with a specialist. But still, there are some nuances that you’ll get only after talking with natives.

Yes, many cool web apps help you learn languages but very often they offer only languages that are most popular internationally. But in this case, you give your users unlimited freedom to find people who speak the language they want to learn and vice versa. The language exchange web app helps your users feed two birds with one scone: they can learn their desired language for free while also helping others.

9. Employee orientation and training web application

Employee orientation is a hard but important process for new employees to start a long and successful career in the company. In fact, according to recent studies, 69% of employees tend to stay with the company for at least three years following a great onboarding experience. That’s why many companies now realize how easy and conventional online employee orientation and training processes can be.

With the help of employee orientation, the employees can get all the essential information and rules of the company. They get to know the company culture better and get all the team details without asking for help from anyone. HR specialists, for their part, can store orientation documentation online. Also, provide step-by-step lessons about all the essentials a new employee has to know and provide them with training materials needed for the onboarding process.

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