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The founder of 100DaysOfNoCode told us how Softr helped them build a no-code community where people from all over the world learn no-code and bring their ideas to life.

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Starting a no-code community

100DaysOfNoCode is a no-code learning online community where people with non-technical backgrounds can learn how to create software using no-code tools. We talked with the founder Max Haining to learn how he got into no-code, what challenges he’s faced while creating his no-code community, how Softr helped him implement the platform, and more.

Max says that he’s been fascinated with entrepreneurship from an early age and started working on his first startup during the university years. It eventually failed, and Max cites “lack of technical skills” as one of the main reasons behind it. Therefore, he realized that he needed to fill in this technical gap somehow, and some time later, when he stumbled upon Ryan Hoover's article about the rise of “No Code,” he realized that this could be a game changer for him.

“This opened up a whole new world that gave non-techies like me the power to bring their own ideas to life without having to write a single line of code.”

Max Haining, Founder, 100DaysOfNoCode

This is when Max decided to get into no-code but he needed some sort of a system to help him structure his learning and stay on track, and that’s how 100DaysOfNoCode started. At first, it was just a Twitter hashtag but then gradually evolved into a no-code community and an educational platform that aims at training up the first generation of citizen developers.

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Why Softr?

The first version of 100DaysOfNoCode was implemented with Carrd, but when the no-code community started growing, the need for a more advanced tool with such features as blog, memberships (to define different levels of access), video courses, etc. became apparent. This is when Softr came into the scene, and Max decided to move the existing content there and start expanding.

According to Max, Softr not only allowed them to create a landing page really quickly but also host their beginner’s course, organize the learning materials and curriculum the way they needed it.

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“This may appear an unconventional thing to do as Softr is by no means a conventional learning management system like Podia, but what it does give you, is the ability to create a bespoke learning experience unique to your end users. For instance, we have been able to use Softr’s collection of list blocks to creatively display the course curriculum but to also show content in an interesting and more interactive way than traditional learning management systems.”

Max Haining, Founder, 100DaysOfNoCode

Another feature that was quite useful was the Custom Code block that allowed integrating interactive quizzes and additional learning resources using such tools as Landbot (conversational chatbots). 

Moreover, Softr’s flexible user management system allowed defining different access levels for the platform’s users (e.g. grant course access to the users that have purchased the course). Max emphasized several other aspects that make Softr stand out.

"Softr’s ease and speed of use are its standout characteristic. No tool is faster to create with. Although there is limited design customizability, this should be viewed as a strength of Softr as it acts as a positive restraint to help you ship things more quickly than you ordinarily would."

Max Haining, Founder, 100DaysOfNoCode

Current achievements and further plans

We were also curious about the current achievements of the project and further plans. As of today, 100DaysOfNoCode has 250+ paying members, 5000+ connections have been established, and, most importantly, the platform has helped over 500+ people to build and launch their projects. The team plans to continue creating educational content that would help people leverage the power of no-code tools and expand the platform further. The platform also offers interesting challenges and has recently launched Challenge 2.0 with daily tasks to facilitate learning and building.Further on, the next big step is creating a member directory within the platform that would allow the members of the community to connect with one another based on their skills and the nature of projects they are working on.

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