Top Airtable Experts You Should Be Following

Published on July 10, 2021

Are you looking for Airtable experts who may help you start with the platform? With a passion for sharing useful information, we have compiled this list of top Airtable experts, who are a great source of knowledge and advice in the field. Learn the names standing behind the huge and powerful community of Airtable, regularly sharing their ideas and expertise and helping newbies become more professional in working with the platform. To get a better idea of what Airtable is and what problems it allows to solve, check out our article on the subject.

The experts we've included in our list have mastered the ins and outs of the platform. They are actively involved in the Airtable community providing up-to-date tutorials, tips, and ideas on how to make the most of the platform. They always help newcomers to feel at home. Follow them on social media to master Airtable and get the latest tips and tutorials on the platform. 

P.S. The order of the list is randomized as we believe everyone in this list is equally great. 

1. Aron Korenblit

aron korenblit profile

Automator of things, an education team member at Airtable, a Udemy instructor, and one of the most inspirational influencers, sharing valuable content on no-code and Airtable

Aron is very active on social media. Through his YouTube channel he shares useful guides and tips on how to get started with and master Airtable. Follow Aron on social channels to keep up with Airtable news and discussions.

Twitter | YouTube | LinkedIn

2. Dimitris Kamaritis

dimitris kamaritis profile

Dimitris uses his social media presence to cover trending topics within the digital community and offers solutions on how to succeed in using automation tools. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow Dimitris on social media to get the latest updates.

Twitter | YouTube | LinkedIn

3. Gareth Pronovost

gareth pronovost profile

Leading Airtable Consultant 

GAP Consulting is one of the most valuable resources for Airtable research and learning. Gareth is the author and the expert who regularly shares comprehensive guidelines and toolkit usage manuals to help the users organize data in a database and link it to other software. Subscribe to his channel to learn how to make use of Airtable for your business.

YouTube | LinkedIn

4. John Robinson

john robinson profile

Helping entrepreneurs automate their businesses using Airtable, Zapier, Process Street, and other tools

On his YouTube channel, John regularly shares tips and guidelines on applying Airtable in business processes. Follow John if you are interested in making your business more productive or if you are just a digital geek looking for learning something new.

Twitter | YouTube | ProcessBoost

5. Ben Green

ben green profile

Automating repetitive processes and building databases to save business owners' time

Ben’s YouTube channel is a unique and valuable source of extensive material for starting with Airtable and automating operations. He shares practical tips on how to set you free from the most time-consuming processes. Don’t forget to follow Ben and get regular updates about Airtable.

Twitter | Youtube

6. Noam Say

noam say profile

With a passion for new creative solutions, Noam is looking for the tools and techniques to drive productivity with less effort. On his personal website, Noam leads training courses, practices consulting, and is open to talking about Airtable and its opportunities. You can also follow Noam on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn | Website

7. Dan Fellars

Dan FELLARS profile

Airtable enthusiast

Dan Fellars is the founder of Openside and Built On Air, a few of the largest Airtable platforms. He loves building software and seeing people use the products he builds. He is passionate about Airtable and the opportunities it provides for everyone to become creators.

LinkedIn | Twitter | Website

8. Scott Rose

scott rose profile

The Inspirational Nerd, a transformational coach, and motivational speaker

Aside from being an inspiration for public speakers for his ability to create compelling speeches, Scott shares valuable content over Airtable and its functions. He is also the author of an Airtable beginner course, taking you through the basics of working with the platform. Get subscribed to the channel to be a part of Scott’s inspirational conversations.

Twitter | YouTube | Lynda

9. Diane Lazor Elkins

Diane Lazor Elkins profile

Designing smart Airtable systems with organized data

Diane is working on creating systems to organize data and automate workflows. She is also a great enthusiast contributing to building team collaboration with Airtable. Follow Diane on LinkedIn and save the website in bookmarks for your Airtable projects and much more.

LinkedIn | Website

10. Cherry Yang

Cherry Yang profile

Credible Solutions for Incredible Businesses

Cherry is an AirOps database and automation expert specialized in creating databases and automating processes for different business purposes. She also teaches beginners how to use Airtable tools and integrate the platform to drive efficiency. Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel not to miss the latest updates on the topic.


11. Tobias Troendle

Tobias Troendle profile

Strategy consultant and business developer

With years of experience and expertise in business development, Tobias now successfully leads the highest-rated course of Airtable Academy, revealing platform's capacity for professional implementation. To learn more about the expert, follow Tobias on LinkedIn and find the courses on Udemy.

LinkedIn | Udemy

12. Jesus Vivas Medina

jesus medina profile

Entrepreneur and passionate about Marketing, Growth Hacking, and everything related to the business world

Jesus leads two courses and shares trending content over digital marketing and tools. He is a true inspiration for startups and freelancers. Learn more about Jesus and his expertise shared on LinkedIn and Udemy. 

LinkedIn | Udemy

13. Mikayla LaRosa

Mikayla LaRosa profile

Part of the Airtable education team

Mikayla is the speaker of Airtable learning videos and content that is always updated with the latest updates and improvements. Mikayla creates highly professional learning materials to help beginners start with the platform. Follow Mikayla on LinkedIn to find out what is trending on Airtable.


14. Wes Wagner

wes wagner profile

Helping startups move fast

Wes is very active on social media with RearlyDecaf’s Twitter account and the community of no-code power users dedicated to helping startups leverage third-party tools and automate the processes. Using the social media channel, Wes shares updates and practical information on how to turn Airtable into a powerful tool. Follow Wes on Twitter to become a part of his community. 

Twitter | Website

15. Tom Nguyen

tom nguyen profile

Educate and inspire people to pursue and design the life they want

With 15 years in consulting serving Fortune 500 companies as a Big-4 senior manager, Tom decided to completely change his lifestyle. Now Tom is sharing his experience and researches on redesigning the business. On his YouTube channel, Tom regularly shares lessons on personal journeys. Don’t forget to hit Subscribe to keep updated on the latest videos. 


16. Andy Wingrave

andy wingrave profile

Airtable Enthusiast

Andy is an automation professional and enthusiast who is always on top of the leading technologies and trends to share his expertise with followers. His social media channel is a valuable source for Airtable and other no-code news. Don’t forget to follow Andy on Twitter and stay up-to-date.

Twitter | LinkedIn | Website

17. Julien Mottet

julien mottet profile

No-code consultant

Julien works on removing repetitive tasks and reducing reporting work as much as possible. He says his mission is to bring developers and business experts under the “roof” of Airtable to simplify the work through high-performance tools. Get connected with Julien through LinkedIn. 


18. J-F Bodin

j-f bodin profile

Airtable specialist 

J-F calls himself an Airtable enthusiast and a "no-code" junkie. With his knowledge and skills, J-F brings expertise to companies who want to evolve their system with total control and without after-sales service. If you are starting with Airtable, follow JF for useful information about the platform. 


19. Mike San Marzano

Mike profile

Airtable expert

Mike has a professional background in CAD, BIM, and IT and is a self-taught web developer. In 2020 he built and launched Airconnex, a platform that allows individuals to no-code their solutions from Airtable to the web.


20. Chris Dancy

Chris Dancy profile

The most connected person alive

Christopher Dancy is often referred to as “the world’s most connected human". He is responsible for platform and technical development for the digital startup of WebMD, and he has assisted in the establishment of many successful startups. He also organized and ran the "2020 Airtable Virtual User Conference" which was a major community event. 

LinkedIn | Twitter | Website

21. Florian Verdonck

Florian profile

Airtable consultant

Florian is our next Airtable expert. He is open, sociable and ready to help teams better understand internal processes. Florian can improve the work process of any team with Airtable base setups, advanced integrations & scripts and API integrations.

LinkedIn | Youtube | Website

P.S. If you're a fellow Airtable expert wanting to be listed, send us your Twitter handle at


Thus, with this guide, we tried to bring together professionals, educators, enthusiasts, etc. that regularly share their knowledge and thoughts on different aspects of Airtable. The Airtable universe is expanding rapidly, and we will surely be supplementing the list with new figures in the future. We'd also love to hear your suggestions on who else should be included.

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