The Secret to Becoming "#1 Product of the Day" on Product Hunt Two Times in a Row

Published on July 12, 2021

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On June 8th, we launched Softr 2.0 on ProductHunt, the world’s most popular new product community, and got featured as #1 Product of the Day & #1 Product of the Week, the second time in a row. 🥇

New version of Softr, Softr 2.0 launches as a completely new tool the easiest and fastest platform for building powerful web apps and client portals from Airtable, in minutes.

Since our last launch, we have made huge progress 🚀: Softr is now being used by more than 15,000 companies and creators around the world.

I wanted to share a short recap of what the stats were, and the secret sauce of our success with you all!

Within 24 hours of the launch we got 🥳

  • 1000+ upvotes
  • 300+ comments
  • 5710 unique visitors (1922 from ProductHunt)
  • 610 new signups
  • 7 paying customers

As a reference, here is the summary of our previous launch results to compare with. Overall, last time we had similar traffic, more signups and paying customers, however, the quality of signups this time marginally outperforms our launch last time (engagement, actively building apps, type of apps the users are building).

One important factor is to look at this result holistically. You shouldn’t just be looking for scoring a lot of short-term signups and paying customers right away. What’s more important and what we bet on is long-term success. It takes time for people to build a sophisticated application with memberships and payments, so it’s absolutely normal to see growth from these launches much later down the line.

For our type of product, to meaningfully evaluate the impact and KPIs of PH launches we have to take at least a month of data as a basis.

And the secret sauce of our success? It’s simple, yet so underrated - our passionate community of users and customers! It’s truly amazing and magical to see our entire community jump to share their feedback, support us for the launch, and share about Softr in their own communities. It's like having thousands of close friends who are ready to vouch for you, support you when you need. We are trying our hardest to show our users love by continuously improving and upgrading our product based on their needs and they share their love in return.

So if you take one thing from this article, it should be "Build a passionate community around your product", that's the secret sauce of any product's success 😉.

Check out the love messages from our community on our Wall of Love.

Thank you to all the amazing people, the fantastic community of indie builders for making this happen!

If you are passionate about no-code and believe the new Softr 2.0 helps move the space forward, share your feedback and help us become #1 Product of the Month! 🚀