The complete guide to Airtable permissions: Possibilities, limitations and alternatives

Thierry Maout • Published on Feb 29, 2024 • 10 min read

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Frequently asked questions about Airtable permissions

No, you can’t. Airtable permissions can only be assigned for a whole base or an entire workspace. To set permissions for a specific element, use Softr.

You can set user permissions in Airtable by clicking on the "share" button at the top right corner of your base interface, and selecting the level of permission next to the person's name. If they haven’t been invited to the base already, you can do so by filling their email and/or sending them a link and selecting the permission level in the dropdown box on the right.

In Softr, you can edit permissions on any List, List Details or Table block. The list of fields that are supported for editing include checkbox, single select, rich text, date, and more. For the full list, please visit this article about how to configure permissions for editing Airtable data.

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