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Create an online community for founders and LPs (Limited Partners) to communicate and track progress.

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Features and functionality

A powerful community template made specifically for portfolio investors and startup founders to stay on the same page.

Different user permissions

Login for LPs, Founders, and Admins (managing the platform)

Founder and company profiles

Detailed profiles of founders and their companies that can be viewed by relevant LPs or other foudners.

Job listing

Founders can show their job openings and get access to exclusive perks.


Founders can add events and invite LPs to attend them.

LP updates

LPs can view investment-related data through charts as well as get updates on each investment in their portfolio.

Responsive design

A fully responsive design, allowing each user to access the system from any device.

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The VC Founders Community is an investor relationship platform for founders and Limited Partners to communicate, share updates, track progress, and more. The platform allows to organize all the data in one place and avoid multi-channel and unstructured communication with the risk of missing important updates or losing data. Moreover, all the data is updated in real time, and users can always see the current state of affairs whenever the log in. Apart from individual company updates, Limited Partners have access to visual dashboards that summarize data, which makes it easier to analyze it and facilitates decision-making.

The investor relationship platform has some additional nice-to-have features such as the possibility to post events and the job board, where users can post and share industry-specific job opportunities.

How it works

To access the template, you just need to have Softr and Airtable accounts (both have free plans that will do just fine until you decide to scale the platform). The template comes with its Airtable base with mock data that you can import to you Airtable account and start customizing.

Each section (e.g. Events) has its separate directory, where the users can click on an item to see its detailed profile page as well as submit new items through a custom form. Each Limited Partner sees his/her own portfolio of companies and can visit the company page to get familiar with all the recent updates. At the same time, company founders can log in to modify their company profile and post updates.

One of the most important features of the template is its advanced user management and access permissions system that lets you define all the view and edit rules on a low level to make sure that each user has access to exactly what he’s supposed to and avoid potential confidentiality issues.

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An investor relationship platform is a system that lets businesses manage their relationships with investors by showcasing company data that’s important for investors (e.g. financial metrics, KPIs) to track progress and make decisions about their investment portfolios.

An investor relations CRM lets a company provide a convenient interface to current and prospective investors to get familiar with company’s performance indicators, financial data, and so on. It allows to communicate with and report to investors in a single spot, which significantly simplifies the investor relationship management process.

As soon as you click the Use the template button, you'll be immediately taken to Softr studio and can start working on the template. If you don't have a Softr account, you'll be prompted to register first (a Free account will work just fine).

All the Softr templates are completely free of charge and can be used with any of the Softr subscription plans. However, Free and Starter plans have a limitation on the number of application users, so you might need to consider a higher subscription plan if you need to have full Memberships access.

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