Top 25 no-code founders to follow

Mariam Ispiryan • Updated on Nov 14, 2021 • 16 min read

In recent years, no-code has become a hot topic in the development industry. That's partly due to the great startups that have come to change the ways people treat and use app-building tools. It’s no surprise the number of people interested in no-code is rapidly increasing. Though it has been around for a while now, people have started to take no-code platforms and tools as essential for app building just recently.

It's a relatively new concept that can keep you overwhelmed and confused about what to do and where to start. That’s where founders come to the rescue. If you’re looking to learn more about it or build your own app building tool, the best place to start is by following talented and experienced no-code founders. To make your crawling journey even easier, we’ve compiled a list of 25 no-code founders to follow, so you can learn from the best. Let’s take a walk.

Note: The list has no particular order and all the mentioned no-code founders are experts and among the best in their respective fields.

The list includes no-code founders:

  1. Jeremy Redman
  2. Joseph Cohen 
  3. Emmanuel Strashchnov  
  4. Marie Martens 
  5. Ignas Rubezius
  6. AJ
  7. Jan Oberhauser
  8. Mariam Hakobyan
  9. Chris Spags
  10. Tobias Lütke
  11. Mike Knoop
  12. Thilo Huellmann
  13. Hamish McKenzie
  14. Jiaqi Pan
  15. David Adkin 
  16. Mark Magnuson 
  17. Vlad Magdalin
  18. Shar Darafsheh
  19. Howie Liu
  20. Alexander Isora
  21. Arun Saigal
  22. Brian Luerssen
  23. Gary Hoberman
  24. David Siegel
  25. Humberto Ayres Pereira

Jeremy Redman no-code founder

Jeremy Redman

Founder & CEO /

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“Entrepreneur mag & startup comedian” – that’s how our first founder, Jeremy Redman, describes himself on Twitter. Jeremy has managed to become a great asset to the community with his tool, is an easy-to-use app builder. Jeremy developed to assist non-technical people in developing an app. It is a great tool that assists many businesses today. 

By following Jeremy, you will have a chance to know how he manages to be a serial entrepreneur and no-code guru while running a small business.

Joseph Cohen no-code founder

Joseph Cohen 

Founder & CEO / Universe

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The next no-code founder, worthy of your attention, is Joseph Cohen. Joseph is a serial entrepreneur who founded Universe in 2014. Universe is one of the greatest tools that allows anybody to create a beautiful website and begin selling online in minutes from their iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Joseph regularly posts about the hard work and milestones of the Universe team. If you want to know how to build and run a company, manage to grow your revenue, and become a game-changer in the community, you should follow Joseph. 

Emanuel no-code founder

Emmanuel Strashchnov  

Founder & co-CEO / Bubble

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Emmanuel Strashchnov has to be one of the most influential no-code founders in the world. By founding Bubble in 2014, he and his team have managed to have impressive growth since the day of their explosive launch on Product Hunt. Because of the great achievement of Bubble and great leadership skills, many beginners and experts look up to Emmanuel for updates and a piece of advice to build such a powerful platform as Bubble is.

So it’s high time to do the same. If you want to know how Emanuel managed to reinvent the ways we build software without writing a single line of code, get insights into Bubble and app building, follow him right away not to miss a single thing!

Marie Martens no-code founder

Marie Martens 

Co-Founder / Tally

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The next founder on our list is Marie, the founder of Tally, the simplest way to create online forms for free. With Tally, you can create forms for all purposes in seconds and easily share or embed them into your website.

Marie is very present in the community and loves to share Tally’s milestones and progress on her social media channels. Marie never misses a chance to talk about no-code updates, team building, so trust us, you wouldn’t want to miss any of her posts.

ignas no-code founder

Ignas Rubezius

Founder / Ycode

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Ignas is our next no-code founder who merged into the industry with his tool, YCode. According to Ycode’s LinkedIn page, it’s a new visual programming tool that empowers you to build and host advanced web apps without writing any code or hiring developers.

Ignas often talks about his journey of being an entrepreneur and founder of a startup. Ignas is open about the ultimate challenges any no-code founder has to face throughout their product journey and breaks down what matters the most for no-code makers not only in the community but also when using Ycode. Apart from mentioned topics, Ignas posts about Ycode updates, tips and tricks for no-code makers and more.

AJ no-code founder


Founder / Carrd

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Next up is the founder of Carrd, AJ. AJ managed to build a developing app, first viewed as a side project. But today it has become a profitable SaaS (Software as a Service), where you can create easy, fully responsive one-page websites for almost any occasion.

Today, AJ has around 58k followers, who are regularly fed with no-code resources, reviews, tutorials of Carrd. You can become one of them and find out how AJ manages to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the community and what you can do to become one as well.

Jan Oberhauser no-code founder

Jan Oberhauser

Founder & CEO / n8n

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Jan Oberhauser happens to be the founder of one of the fastest-growing no-code app-building tools in the community - n8n. is a free and open workflow automation tool that allows you to integrate with other apps to exchange and modify data without writing a single line of code. 

If you want to know how Jan manages his great team and learn about the new updates and milestones of not only n8n but also of the community, then you should click the “Follow” button!

Mariam Hakobyan no-code founder

Mariam Hakobyan

Co-Founder & CEO /

                                                                                                   Follow on Twitter / LinkedIn

Mariam Hakobyan is the founder of Softr, a no-code tool that has become the number one product on Product Hunt not once but twice. Mariam has founded Softr to help people with no tech background create their desired websites and web apps in 10 minutes. Softr offers templates for anything from online communities, websites to online marketplaces, resource directories, and more.

You can learn more about web app building and dive deeper into the rapidly-growing world of Softr by following her on Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, Mariam is an engineer turned entrepreneur and breaks down all the details on how you can do the same and manage to take part in building the future of no-code.

This website is built on Softr

No designer or developer needed. Zero learning curve.

Chris Spags no-code founder

Chris Spags

Founder / Jetboost

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Next on our list is the incredible Chris Spags, the founder of Jetboost. Jetboost is a powerful tool allowing people with zero knowledge of coding to get hold of on-page search, dynamic filtering, and more for Webflow sites. The reason behind Chris founding Jetboost was and still is to make sure anyone on the web can become a developer and use the right tools to reach their goals.

Chris is open and practical when it comes to using his social media. You will learn more about Jetboost and the ultimate challenges one faces when founding a tool like Jetboost. Apart from his product, Chris manages to promote and talk about no-code app-building tools and praise the community he’s in.

Tobias Lutke no-code founder

Tobias Lütke

Founder & CEO / Shopify 

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Shopify is one of the greatest tools you can work with. The man behind the success of Shopify is Tobias Lütke, who founded the company in 2004. Since then, Shopify has been the leading tool for small and medium-sized businesses. Shopify is a cloud-based, multi-channel e-commerce platform specifically designed for such businesses.

The ultimate success of Shopify brought authority to Tobias, who now has around 200k followers on Twitter. His followers are constantly blessed and informed on the latest news, the community, and the successful entrepreneur himself. 

Mike Knoop no-code founder

Mike Knoop

Co-Founder / Zapier

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Zapier happens to be another big name the market has to present. It all started in 2011, when Mike, along with his small team, founded Zapier which was to be a game-changer of the industry. Zapier enables its users to connect and automate the apps they use. Zapier, together with Mike, aims to enable companies all around the world to establish processes and systems that allow computers/humans to do what they do best.

If you want to know how Zapier became Zapier, follow Mike to learn about case studies, milestones of his tool as well as productivity and successful entrepreneurship tips.

Thilo Huellmann no-code founder

Thilo Huellmann

Co-Founder / Levity

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The next no-code founder you need to follow is Thilo, the founder of Levity. Levity is a platform for training AI models on photos, documents, and text data. Without writing a single line of code, you can reconstruct manual procedures and link everything to your existing systems.

The founder of Levity is very active on social media, posting all you need to know about the BTS of Levity and the great work their team performs. Additionally, Thilo often posts about startups, the community, SaaS, and Artificial Intelligence.

Hamish Mckenzie no-code founder

Hamish McKenzie

Co-Founder / Substack

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Next up we have Hamish Mckenzie, the co-founder of Substack. Substack is an online platform that supports subscription newsletters by providing publication, payment, analytics, and design infrastructure. Substack is great for those who want to start writing on any possible topic. Since the day it was launched, Substack has managed to change the newsletter publishing and monetisation, making it really easy. All thanks to Hamish and his team. 

Hamish knows the publishing industry the best since he’s a writer as well. So, if you want to dive deeper into Substack and learn the ways Hamish has managed to redefine the publishing industry, you should become one of his 17k followers.

Jiaqi Pan no-code founder

Jiaqi Pan

Co-Founder / Landbot

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Jiaqi Pan is our next no-code founder worthy of your attention. He has become an inseparable part of the community with his startup Landbot, an intuitive conversational chatbot builder. Jiaqi and his team have built Landbot to help you build frictionless conversational interfaces for better CX and more effective lead gen.

If you want to learn about all the effort going into a startup like Landbot, you should follow Jiaqi. Besides, by following him, you will also learn about Landbot case studies, chatbots, innovations, tools, and tech.

David Adkin no-code founder

David Adkin 

Co-founder / Adalo

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Next up we have David Adkin, who founded Adalo in 2018. He established Adalo to make the app building process easier. Adalo is a tool that provides a platform for building, designing, and hosting mobile apps with databases, workflow activities, and integrations.

One of the main reasons why David should be on your following list is the amount of quality content he shares on his social media channels regularly. You can learn more about how Adalo works, be informed on no-code news, the community, entrepreneurship, and even more.

Mark Magnusun no-code founder

Mark Magnuson 

CEO / Bildr

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Following David is Mark Magnuson. Mark is the founder of Bildr, a tool allowing people to build web apps and websites with real-time collaboration. Bildr is gradually growing and opening opportunities for designers and developers to build web apps/websites for their customers. 

Mark, like his product, has been slowly taking over the community. If you want to learn more about the updates, case studies on Bildr, web app building, and entrepreneurship, you’re going to love the tweets Mark posts regularly.

vlad magdalin no-code founder

Vlad Magdalin

Co-Founder & CEO / Webflow

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There’s not a single person in the community who hasn’t heard of Webflow. All thanks to the amazing team and founders of Webflow. Webflow is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that allows designers to create responsive websites using browser-based visual editing tools. 

Vlad is one of the co-founders of Webflow we want you to know all about. Vlad often shares his journey of being a freelance web designer and developer on his social media channels. As Bryant Chou, another Webflow founder, mentioned in one of his interviews, Webflow was Vlad’s senior thesis project back in college. Since 2004, Vlad and his team have been evolving and developing one of the most dominant tools in the community. If you don’t want to miss out on learning the early stages of product building, Webflow updates, and milestones, it’s high time for you to become one of the followers of Vlad.

Shar Darafsheh no-code founder

Shar Darafsheh

Founder / Billflow

Follow on Twitter / LinkedIn

Coming next is Shar Darafsheh, the founder of Billflow. Shar is active on social media and has valuable posts on no-code. Before diving into his posts, let’s first understand what Billflow is. Billflow is a tool providing embeddable billing pages to support SaaS businesses in setting up customer-facing billing interfaces easily and quickly. You can create billing pages such as a plan picker, a customer portal, pricing pages, checkout forms, and more.

Billflow’s journey started in 2017 when Shar and his team understood the need of launching a tool for quick and easy use. Shar, as a young man, fell in love with programming and dreamed of creating and monetizing software. By following Shar on Twitter, you can learn more about his journey of building his app and updates in general.

Howie Liu no-code founder

Howie Liu

Co-founder & CEO / Airtable

Follow on Twitter / LinkedIn

Airtable is one of the best and most known tools in the industry. Just in case you didn’t know, Airtable is a modern spreadsheet tool with database features. It's one of the numerous tools that are gaining popularity. Airtable, in itself, is already a great tool, but with Softr, you can take it to the next level.

Howie is well known in the community not only because of Airtable but also for his great leading skills and knowledge of tools and resources anyone can use to make their tools much better. On his Twitter, Howie shares many tips and tricks, Airtable case studies and any extra information you might need to get hold of Airtable.

Alexander Isora no-code founder

Alexander Isora

Founder / Unicorn Platform 

Follow on Twitter / LinkedIn

Next up we have Alexander Isora, the founder of the already successful Unicorn Platform. Unicorn Platform is a simplistic landing page builder for technology startups. Over 5,000 skilled SaaS, mobile app, and desktop app developers use the tool to develop a website for their project. Behind the major success of Unicorn Platform is serial entrepreneur Alexander Isora with his great team of developers.

If you want to know how Alexander managed to found multiple successful companies and merged himself into the community, you should definitely follow him. Besides, Alexander often posts updates and helpful resources on startups and the process of leading Unicorn Platform.

Arun Saigal no-code founder

Arun Saigal

Founder / Thunkable

Follow on Twitter / LinkedIn

Our next no-code founder is Arun Saigal, the founder of Thunkable. Thunkable is a platform that allows users to create native mobile apps for any operating system. Arun’s main inspiration and the reason behind founding Thunkable is to let anyone create their app without having the need to code.

Arun is a regular poster and user of Twitter. You can come across his posts on use cases of Thukable, get hold of his tips on entrepreneurship and the no-code/low-code space. So, following him would be a great start for your journey.

Brian Luerssen no-code founder

Brian Luerssen

Co-founder & CEO / Draftbit

Follow on Twitter / LinkedIn

Brian Luerssen is one of the founders of Draftbit. Draftbit is a visual development platform for React Native mobile apps. Anything that can be done in code can also be done in Draftbit. The tool allows you to export production-grade React Native source code. Draftbit, according to Brian, is the future of real cooperation across app development teams: both technical and non-technical individuals working alongside each other.

Brian is a no-code/low-code enthusiast actively posting updates and new tools. On his Twitter, you can stumble across useful posts on leading Draftbit, building native apps, and more to help anyone advance in the no-code community.

Gary Hoberman no-code founder

Gary Hoberman

Founder / Unqork

Follow on Twitter / LinkedIn

Another no-code founder to grab your follow is Gary Hoberman. Gary founded Unqork to enable large organizations to build customized enterprise-grade software more quickly and with higher quality.

You can learn more about Unqork by following Gary on his social media accounts. Besides, Gary often posts about the community, Unqork tutorials, resources to get hold of web app building and more.

David Siegel no-code founder

David Siegel

Founder / Glide 

Follow on Twitter / LinkedIn

Next up is David Siegel, the founder of Glide. Glide transforms spreadsheets into attractive, user-friendly mobile apps. All you have to do is start with a spreadsheet or a template, create your app, and publish it instantly.

Glide is an evolving platform with tutorials and updates released regularly. If you want to learn how to build and lead such a successful tool, we recommend following David. David often posts about web app building, entrepreneurship, and team building.

Humberto Ayres Pereira no-code founder

Humberto Ayres Pereira

Founder & CEO / Rows

Follow on Twitter / LinkedIn

To wrap up the list we would like to introduce the no-code founder of Rows, Humberto. Humberto is a serial entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience, so you can tell he certainly knows what he’s talking about. His company, Rows, is a free, open-source, web-based spreadsheet with built-in integrations and a slick sharing experience.

Humberto shares his journey on his social media channels. The main topic of his posts are various tools, mostly Rows. If you choose to follow him you will get insights on building and getting the best out of Rows, learn more about leading and managing no code teams and companies. 

Final Thoughts 

The community is evolving and becoming better and better day by day. All the mentioned no-code founders were once like you, scrolling the web looking for inspiration and ideas. No matter what your plan is on taking over the web app building world, you can surely do it. And who knows, one day you will be the 26th founder people should look up to and get motivation from.

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