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Ritoban Mukherjee • Updated on Jan 22, 2024 • 16 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Airtable

If you want to learn Airtable from A-to-Z, The Ultimate Guide to Airtable by Aron Korenblit is our top pick. Aron Korenblit, a founding member of Airtable’s education team (if you’ve ever been to Airtable’s YouTube channel, you should recognize him!), brings his deep product expertise and fun teaching style to this comprehensive course.

Not only does the course cover all of Airtable’s functionality, it teaches you how to put it all together to build better and more efficient workflows putting it apart from other courses in this list. Each section covers a different use case (applicant tracking, CRM, project management among others) so you can see (and learn to implement) the flexibility and power of Airtable.

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  • Expert instructor: Aron's deep knowledge and experience with Airtable provide high-quality instruction,
  • Practical and real-world focus: the course emphasizes practical use cases, making the learning applicable and relevant;
  • Suitable for various levels: it caters to a wide range of learners, from beginners to those with intermediate knowledge;
  • Confidence in workflow management: the course is designed to help learners confidently manage and create their own Airtable workflows.


  • Time investment: with over 4 hours of content, learners need to commit a significant amount of time to complete the course.

airSlate Academy’s Airtable certification course

airSlate Academy's Airtable Certification Course is a specialized free program focused on automating business processes through Airtable. The course, which has attracted over 5,700 students with its concise 40-minute training program, offers plenty of both theoretical and practical knowledge.

What makes this course stand out is its real-world relevance. It's not just about learning a tool; it's about understanding how to apply these skills in everyday work scenarios. The course design caters to modern learning styles, with bite-sized content and quizzes for better retention. It stands as a beneficial resource for professionals across various fields, providing both foundational knowledge and advanced insights into the effective use of no-code databases for business process automation.


  • Comprehensive content: the course covers document workspace automation, including techniques and tools, demonstrating how to configure bots for automating recurring processes​​;
  • Accessibility: the course is open for free enrollment to managers and staff members, regardless of their technological proficiency;
  • Practical and theoretical learning: the concise training includes a mix of theoretical knowledge about processing data on the platform and practical tasks, followed by a quiz to reinforce learning​​.


  • Limited depth: being a short course, it might not cover all aspects in depth;
  • Focus on airSlate perspective: the course is primarily focused on airSlate's approach to RPA, which might limit broader learning about Airtable;
  • Theoretical Emphasis: the content can be too theoretical and not practical enough at times.

Airtable Tutorials for Beginners by GAP Consulting

GAP Consulting's Airtable tutorials are a comprehensive learning resource for individuals and professionals looking to master Airtable. This resource is spearheaded by Gareth Pronovost, a recognized expert in Airtable and the founder of GAP Consulting. With over 200 videos freely available on YouTube, this resource stands out for its in-depth coverage and accessibility to a broad audience.

The resource is structured to cater to both beginners and intermediate users, with a curriculum that ranges from fundamentals to advanced topics like automation, process optimization, and integration with other no-code tools. Pronovost's approach is to focus on three fundamental aspects: storing information effectively, automating processes, and creating interfaces for user interaction with data​​.


  • Accessibility: available for free on YouTube, it is easily accessible to a wide audience;
  • Depth of content: offers comprehensive coverage of Airtable's capabilities, from basics to advanced features;
  • Expert guidance: Pronovost's extensive experience in Airtable adds depth to the instruction.


  • Lack of interactivity: the YouTube format may not provide the interactive learning experience found in more structured Airtable tutorials;
  • Self-directed learning: learners may need to be self-motivated and organized, as this resource lacks the structured progression of paid programs.

Airtable Tutorials by Lessons Unlocked

Airtable Tutorials by Lessons Unlocked is a playlist designed to guide beginners through the essentials of using Airtable. The Airtable tutorial is presented in a user-friendly format, making it accessible even for those who might find Airtable initially intimidating. It’s comprehensive, starting from the basics of setting up an Airtable account and workspace and progressing to more advanced features like creating and managing databases (bases), understanding Airtable's subscription model, and exploring its various templates.

The instructor, Tom, methodically walks through the process of creating a new base from scratch, emphasizing the importance of understanding Airtable's primary field requirement in databases. The course also delves into the creation of relational databases in Airtable, demonstrating how to link different tables and records effectively.

Moreover, the tutorial delves into the use of Airtable's diverse templates, showcasing how these can be leveraged to jumpstart the creation of a base. It even guides viewers through the nuances of customizing these templates to fit specific project requirements. Tom also explores various use cases relevant to company professionals and business owners, helping users learn the ropes of the platform with detailed real-world applications.


  • Detailed explanations: the Airtable tutorial provides in-depth coverage of each feature, ensuring a thorough understanding;
  • Real-world application: the focus on practical business examples makes the learning process more relatable and useful;
  • Step-by-step guidance: the instructor's methodical approach makes it easy to follow along and replicate the processes.


  • Pace: some beginners might find the pace of the course slightly fast, requiring occasional pausing and revisiting of concepts;
  • Focus on Basics: while excellent for beginners, more advanced users might find the initial sections too basic.

Airtable Tutorials by Dan Leeman

Dan Leeman's Airtable Tutorials offer an insightful and beginner-friendly guide to mastering Airtable. His tutorials are specifically designed for newcomers to Airtable, offering a detailed walkthrough of the platform's capabilities. Leeman's teaching style is practical and engaging, focusing on real-world applications of Airtable in various scenarios.

His tutorials start with the fundamentals of Airtable, including setting up a workspace and progress to more advanced features such as creating databases, known as Airtable bases, tables, fields, and records. Leeman emphasizes the importance of understanding Airtable's structure and how it can be customized to meet specific project requirements. He guides viewers through creating different field types, such as single-line text, single-select, and formula fields, and explains their use in organizing and managing data effectively.

A key feature of his tutorials is the introduction to Airtable's automation capabilities. Leeman demonstrates how to set up simple automations to improve workflow efficiency, such as automatically updating tasks based on content types. He also explores the creation of relational databases by linking tables and shows how to use roll-up fields to summarize data from linked records.


  • Well-structured for beginners: the content is organized in a way that is easy to follow for beginners;
  • Broad functionality coverage: extensive coverage of Airtable's features, from the basics to more advanced aspects;
  • Focus on automation: highlights the importance of using automation to enhance productivity in project management.


  • Specific use case focus: the Airtable tutorials are heavily centered on particular scenarios, which might not apply to all users;
  • Database knowledge assumed: some tutorials might require a basic understanding of database concepts.

Airtable for Entrepreneurs by John Whitford

Airtable for Entrepreneurs, crafted by John Whitford, is a comprehensive and highly-rated course tailored specifically for entrepreneurs and business professionals. It's the ultimate tutorial for those looking to integrate Airtable into their business operations, particularly for managing and organizing business data efficiently. With a focus on practicality and user-friendliness, the course is designed to be accessible to individuals with basic computer skills, making it an excellent choice for those new to database management or Airtable.

The course begins with the fundamentals, introducing learners to the process of setting up an Airtable account. It then progresses into more intricate aspects of Airtable, such as creating interactive and public databases that are essential for running a small business. Whitford's approach is hands-on, ensuring that learners not only understand the theoretical aspects of Airtable but also how to apply these concepts practically in a business context. This includes lessons on how to analyze data using various tools within Airtable, like sorting, filtering, grouping, and applying formulas, which are crucial skills for data-driven decision-making in business.

Moreover, the course emphasizes the versatility of Airtable, teaching users how to operate the platform effectively both from a desktop and a mobile perspective. This is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs who need to manage their businesses on the go. Whitford also addresses the potential of Airtable to replace more expensive and complex systems, highlighting its cost-effectiveness and efficiency for small businesses and startups.


  • Highly practical for entrepreneurs: the Airtable tutorial is specifically designed for entrepreneurs, focusing on real business applications;
  • Comprehensive learning: covers from basic setup to advanced data management and analysis techniques;
  • Efficiency and cost-effectiveness: emphasizes using Airtable to avoid the cost of expensive systems while maintaining efficiency.


  • Niche audience: primarily targeted at entrepreneurs and small business owners, which might not cater to all potential learners;
  • Basic for advanced Airtable users: This may not offer in-depth insights for those already proficient in Airtable.

The Airtable Academy by Tobias Troendle

The Airtable Academy, created by Tobias Troendle, is a comprehensive tutorial designed to elevate users' skills in using Airtable and Zapier. It's tailored for a wide range of learners, from creators and entrepreneurs to employees and automators, who are seeking a flexible and powerful solution for data management and workflow automation.

The course begins by addressing common challenges faced in data management, such as redundant data sets, manual data cleanup, and reliance on local Excel files. It then introduces Airtable as a solution to these issues, offering a central web-based system for data management. The course is structured to take learners from beginner to expert level, focusing on practical examples to demonstrate the flexibility of Airtable. It covers setting up Airtable bases, linking records, building interactive databases for business or private projects, and automating workflows using Airtable and Zapier.


  • Practical and real-world applications: the Airtable tutorial is grounded in practicality, with real-world examples that make learning relevant and applicable;
  • Focus on automation: highlights the power of automating workflows, a critical skill in modern data management;
  • Comprehensive learning experience: covers a wide range of topics from basic to advanced levels, ensuring a thorough understanding of Airtable and Zapier;


  • Requires basic Excel skills: while not mandatory, having basic Excel skills could be beneficial for better understanding the tutorial’s material.

Create a Project Tracker with Airtable by Harrison Kong

Create a Project Tracker with Airtable is an Airtable tutorial offered on Coursera, taught by Harrison Kong. It’s designed to be a beginner-level introduction to the fundamentals of relational databases on Airtable. The course is approximately 1.5 hours long and is structured to be accessible and practical for learners with basic spreadsheet experience.

The tutorial aims to provide learners with the skills to create a practical application using Airtable, focusing on building a project tracker. It's ideal for those looking to understand the basics of relational databases and how to apply this knowledge in a real-world context. The Airtable tutorial requires no prior experience with Airtable, although familiarity with spreadsheets is helpful. A free account with Airtable is needed, and learners are advised to sign up before starting the class.

In the tutorial, Kong emphasizes the importance of understanding and manipulating data on Airtable. Learners are guided through the process of creating tables, importing data, and utilizing Airtable's features such as expanded record view, filters, custom views, and forms. One of the highlights of the course is the segment on creating automations, which showcases how you can streamline project management with Airtable.


  • Focused curriculum: the Airtable tutorial is specifically tailored to teach the creation of a project tracker, making it highly relevant for project management;
  • Beginner-friendly: suitable for learners with basic or no prior experience in database management;
  • Convenient learning format: the guided project can be completed at the learner's own pace, with no downloads or installations required;
  • Practical skill development: emphasizes practical skills that can be directly applied in a work setting.


  • Limited scope: the tutorial focuses solely on creating a project tracker, not all aspects of Airtable's capabilities;
  • Basic level: may not be suitable for learners looking for advanced database management skills;
  • Desktop requirement: The course is only available on a desktop, which may not be convenient for all learners.

Airtable for Artists by Shannon McNab

Airtable for Artists is a specialized tutorial taught by Shannon McNab, a surface designer and illustrator. This tutorial is tailored for artists and creative professionals who seek to streamline their business operations and enhance productivity using Airtable.

Throughout the Airtable tutorial, McNab shares her personal experiences and insights into how Airtable transformed her business organization. She provides an in-depth look at the various ways Airtable can be utilized to organize a creative business. The tutorial covers the basics of Airtable, including workspaces, bases, and tables, and delves into more specific applications such as portfolio management, contract organization, company and client tracking, and project calendaring.

One of the unique aspects of this Airtable tutorial is its hands-on approach. McNab demonstrates the use of Airtable using her actual working files, giving learners a real-world perspective on how the tool can be applied in a creative business setting. The course is structured to cater to both beginners just starting out in their creative business journey and more experienced designers looking for efficient ways to manage their digital assets.


  • Industry-specific content: directly addresses the organizational needs of artists and designers;
  • Real-world application: demonstrations using actual working files make the content relatable and practical;
  • Comprehensive Airtable coverage: covers a wide range of Airtable's functionalities, from basic to advanced;
  • Interactive learning experience: Skillshare's format encourages active learning and community engagement.


  • Niche audience: while highly beneficial for artists and designers, the tutorial may not be as relevant to professionals in other industries;
  • Basic for advanced tech users: may not offer in-depth technical insights for advanced users already familiar with database management tools.

Use Airtable to Advance Your Career by Shenin Mark

The Airtable Course: Use Airtable to Advance Your Career, presented by Shenin Mark on Skillshare, is an extensive course designed to empower professionals across various industries to harness the full potential of Airtable in advancing their careers. This Airtable tutorial is particularly valuable for those looking to optimize their business processes, digital marketing strategies, and overall productivity.

The course is structured to provide a deep dive into the multifaceted uses of Airtable. Mark shares his journey of how integrating Airtable into his workflow led to a dramatic 60% reduction in workload, illustrating the profound impact this tool can have on professional efficiency and effectiveness.

During the course, learners are introduced to various aspects of Airtable, starting from the basics and progressing to more complex functionalities. The curriculum includes detailed lessons on updating and managing portfolio bases, company bases, and project calendar bases, which are crucial for maintaining an organized and efficient business structure. Additionally, the course covers advanced topics such as synchronizing data across different bases, sharing and embedding Airtable bases, and creating and utilizing forms for data collection and management.


  • Diverse content: covers a wide range of topics, making it useful for various professional needs;
  • Practical and real-world focus: demonstrations using real-life scenarios make the content practical and applicable;
  • Expert-led instruction: Shenin Mark's experience adds depth and relevance to the course’s material;
  • Interactive and engaging format: Skillshare's format encourages active learning and community engagement.


  • Niche audience: while beneficial for professionals, the course may not cater to those looking for more general Airtable knowledge;
  • Requires commitment: the breadth of topics covered may require a significant time commitment to fully grasp all the concepts.

Airtable Mastery by AirOps Consulting

Airtable Mastery, offered by AirOps Consulting, is a comprehensive tutorial designed for individuals and organizations aiming to master Airtable. The course is structured to build upon existing Airtable skills, guiding learners through the intricacies of designing, creating, and managing Airtable databases that meet the highest industry standards.

The course is segmented into three detailed modules, encompassing over 70 video lessons and providing more than 10 hours of instructional material. Priced at $977, it promises a deep dive into both fundamental and advanced aspects of Airtable usage. The Airtable tutorial begins with basic principles and swiftly progresses to more complex topics such as database schema design, data management, custom fields and formulas, advanced interfaces/views, and automations.


  • Comprehensive curriculum: the tutorial’s extensive coverage of Airtable, from basics to advanced functionalities, ensures a thorough understanding of the tool;
  • Expert instructors: learning from Cherry Yang and Chantal Sousa, who have a rich background in Airtable solutions, results in acquiring invaluable insights and real-world perspectives;
  • Certification: completing the course provides a certificate of achievement, which can be a valuable addition to a professional portfolio;
  • Flexible learning: the self-paced nature of the tutorial allows learners to adapt their study schedule to their personal and professional commitments.


  • Cost: 977 USD may be a significant investment, especially for individuals or smaller organizations with limited training budgets;
  • Advanced level: the Airtable tutorial might be challenging for beginners or those with limited prior experience in Airtable, as it quickly moves into advanced topics;
  • Time commitment: over 10 hours of course material plus additional practice time might require a substantial time commitment, which could be a constraint for some learners.

The Complete Guide to Airtable by No Code MBA

The Complete Guide to Airtable by No Code MBA is a comprehensive course designed to empower entrepreneurs, freelancers, marketers, operators, consultants, and anyone interested in automating repetitive tasks using Airtable. This course stands out as a highly regarded resource for learning Airtable from scratch, and building databases, automations, and workflows.

The Airtable tutorial is structured to cater to both complete beginners and those with some prior experience in using Airtable. It covers a wide range of topics, including the Airtable interface, data types, importing and analyzing data, Kanban views, form creation, linking data tables, rollup functions, formulas, and Airtable automations. Additionally, the course includes practical projects like building a task manager and CRM, providing real-world applications of the skills learned.


  • Versatile curriculum: suitable for various skill levels, from beginners to those with some Airtable experience;
  • Practical application: emphasis on real-world projects enhances the practicality of the course;
  • Experienced instructor: Seth Kramer's expertise adds depth and real-world relevance to the course material;
  • Up-to-date content: regular updates keep the course relevant with the latest Airtable features.


  • Subscription-based pricing: priced at $167.99/month, this course requires an ongoing membership for continued access to the learning material;
  • Time commitment: the comprehensive nature of the course requires a significant investment of time to fully grasp and apply the concepts.

Introduction to Airtable by WeAreNoCode

The Introduction to Airtable course by WeAreNoCode is designed to fast-track learners' Airtable journey, enhancing their data and workflow management skills. This Airtable tutorial is tailored for beginners to intermediate Airtable users, offering them a solid foundation.

The course consists of 7 modules and 17 lessons, all accessible through a one-time payment of $99, with the option of a $70 monthly plan. It provides lifetime access to the content, ensuring that learners can revisit the material at their convenience. A certificate of completion is awarded to participants, acknowledging their accomplishment and understanding of the course material.

The course's focus on the fundamentals of Airtable makes it an excellent starting point for those new to the platform or seeking to strengthen their foundational knowledge. It promises to boost productivity by teaching efficient data and workflow management using Airtable.


  • Beginner-friendly: ideal for those new to Airtable or looking to solidify their basic knowledge;
  • Practical expertise: instruction from a seasoned no-code entrepreneur ensures practical, real-world applications;
  • Comprehensive coverage: the course thoroughly covers the essentials of Airtable;
  • Lifetime access: allows for flexible learning and revisiting of material.


  • Limited advanced content: may not be as suitable for those seeking advanced or specialized Airtable skills;
  • Cost: the price point of $99 isn't too steep, but might be a consideration for some learners.

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