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Effective volunteer management is crucial for the success of any NGO. Here are a few essential elements of volunteer management: - Clear mission and goals - Volunteer recruitment and screening - Orientation and training - Role descriptions - Effective communication - Recognition and appreciation - Feedback and evaluation - Flexibility - Volunteer retention strategies

Here are a few tips on how to manage volunteers: - Clear Communication: Maintain open and transparent communication with volunteers, providing clear instructions, expectations, and feedback. - Recognition and Appreciation: Regularly acknowledge and thank volunteers for their contributions, fostering a sense of value and motivation. - Feedback Loop: Create a feedback mechanism to listen to volunteers' concerns and suggestions, ensuring their voices are heard and improvements are made when necessary.

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pascal vallet

Creating a student portal for the UN International School

The fact that I can allow different users to access different information is brilliant. The School Psychologist and Assistant Principal can see all the students’ cases, while the counselors see only the grades they are in charge of. Homeroom teachers track their own students, and specialist teachers access all the students they're working with from all the different homerooms.

Pascal Vallet School Principal, United Nations International School


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