36 most useful community and learning no-code resources in 2023

Anush Bichakhchyan • Updated on Jan 11, 2022 • 11 min read

In the fast-growing digital world, every second is crucial. Especially when it comes to building a website, web app, or mobile app for a business purpose. No-code development is the solution to complicated custom development, developers’ shortage, and big budgets spent on a single project. The principle of no-code development is to make tools more accessible and easier to use. With no-code, people with non-technical skills can easily build web apps. If you're considering building a no-code product and don’t have any experience, check out the top 35 no-code resources list that includes popular no-code communities and no-code learning platforms.

P.S. we have listed the no-code resources in random order.

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1. No Code HQ

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No-code HQ

No Code HQ is a community of no-code builders who showcase new projects, share news and experience, engage and learn with other community members. The platform has tutorials to learn no-code development, templates, and no-code tools to start your own project.

2. Nu Code

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Nu Code is a community of 5000+ no-code builders and experts who learn and share the experience of creating no-code products. The no-code community members are regularly sharing ideas and showcasing progress on using new tools.

3. Makerpad

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Another important no-code resource is Makerpad. Being one of the largest no-code communities, Makerpad is a platform of no-code experts who share their success stories and experience. The platform also provides tutorials and learning courses for beginners.

4. No Code Makers

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No Code makers

The forum is created for no-code experts to learn, discuss, share, and partner with other no-code community members and makers. Regular updates in the forum show the latest news about the no-code tools and experience as the most valuable source for beginners. 

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5. NoCodeDevs

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No-code experts are now sharing experience, tips, and tricks on NoCodeDevs, giving beginners top knowledge on starting with no-code tools. Up-to-date tutorials review and present the latest trends on how to master no-code and create your own project. 

6. Shnoco

#learning #tutorials

NoCode Club

Shnocoshort for Ship with No-Codeis building a vast knowledge repository for you to learn no-code and build profitable digital businesses with no-code tools. The platform offers curated learning resources, inspirational examples, no-code tips, tricks, tool recommendations, and all the latest on no-code.

7. Nocoders Academy

#community, #tutorials, #learning

No coders

The universe of no-code has another space with all the valuable material to arm up no-code makers. The no-code resource offers tutorials, learning material, more than 200 free resources on different tools. NoCoders Academy is also a robust community and soon-to-come academy with mentors and tutors. 

8. No Code Founders



NCF is a community of founders who have stepped into the no-code world and are now sharing their expertise and knowledge with like-minded people. The members are entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, no-code enthusiasts, and developers who have chosen no-code tools as an ultimate option for business projects. Members with technical backgrounds perfectly coexist with those who are non-technical. The strong community and the culture allow the members to help each other to build effective solutions. 

9. NoCode.Tech

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No Code Tech

NoCode.Tech is a directory of more than 200 tools and tricks used by developers and no-code makers. Even a beginner can learn how to build software without coding and get community support if facing any challenge. 

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10. Codeless.how


No Code Resource

A no-code resource where various tools and automation are put together in one place to help you boost your business productivity. The website offers video courses, series of online classes to master no-code, tutorials on building no-code MVP, and much more.

11. Bubble Academy


Bubble No Code Resource

Bubble is now one of the leading platforms to build web apps with no-code tools. With over 1 million users worldwide, Bubble now has an academy to learn no-code and easily navigate through no-code tools like an expert. The platform has videos, practical courses, and coaching for better learning. 

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12. Coaching No Code Apps


Coaching no-code apps  No Code Resource

Start working more effectively using no-code tools and platforms as the best means of automation. If you don’t know how to do that, the Coaching No Code platform will be an excellent way to gain knowledge. Here you will learn how to get started with a no-code app and take advantage of new revenue streams with the new app. They also have YouTube tutorials that are conducted in a simple, non-technical language to guide beginners through the essentials of no-code development. 

13. No Code MVP


No Code MVP No Code Resource

If you are thinking of starting with no-code tools to build MVP, this platform will become a solid base for gaining practical knowledge. The course includes worksheets, assignments, a step-by-step building guide, video tutorials, and certification upon completion. No Code MVP is suitable for developers, product managers, startup entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

14. Zeroqode


Zero Qode No Code Resource

This no-code resource is an excellent start for those who are taking the first steps in no-code development. The simple and interactive learning material will be easy to adopt and practice even for non-technical users. Zeroqode lab has 20+ courses covering all the areas needed to get started with no-code.

15. Ottho


 No Code Resource

For the French-speaking community, Ottho is the leader in creating applications without coding. The training material is designed for users with both technical and non-technical skills. Eighteen mentors are leading students during the whole journey, helping to solve challenges and practice no-code development. 

16. Zapier


 No Code Resource Zapier

Zapier is a world-known software for easy automation. The platform is already integrated into hundreds and thousands of projects, cutting the time on most processes. Zapier now has a separate platform to learn and start your own project on Zapier.

17. Webflow University

#learning, #community

 No Code Resource Webflow

Weblow inspires everyone who wants to create powerful websites and apps without a big budget. They've also established Webflow University, which is a massive library of lessons and courses to learn and practice no-code. 

18. No Code MBA


 No Code Resource MBA

No Code MBA is one of the best no-code resources of in-depth learning material to practice and build websites, apps, and automation. It means that not only tech geeks can now nail creating products, but everyone who's ready to learn no-code tools.

19. Visual Dev.fm


 No Code Resource Visual Dev

Visual Dev School is an interactive way to learn to build apps and websites without coding. The source is constantly updated with new videos and learning material based on no-code software. 

20. WeAreNoCode


 No Code Resource We are no code

WeAreNoCode is an online institute for entrepreneurs and non-technical enthusiasts ready to learn no-code development. Aside from helpful content and tools, it is a no-code community of specialists and those who want to start with no-code tools. 

21. NoCodery


 No Code Resource No codery

Another valuable no-code resource of learning the strategies and creating your own project with no-code tutorials and courses from leading experts. 

22. Nocodify


 No Code Resource

No-code development has taken up the marketplace, and no wonder why no-code courses and tutorials are so popular. Nocodify is another excellent choice for learning, designing, and building apps without coding. The website offers step-by-step guidance and courses to learn and practice no-code visual development.

23. Without Code


 No Code Resource Without Code

Learn how to start with your own project without spending thousands of dollars on developers. Detailed video tutorials will explain the secrets of building mobile applications and websites without technical knowledge and skills. 

24. Hello Guru


 No Code Resource Hello Guru

Ready to master no-coding? Hello Guru is a no-code university for non-technical builders. Here, everyone can learn to build a website or a mobile app like a software developer. The courses promise to teach you the techniques of building a simple landing page, create an app or a CMS.

25. No Code Tutorials

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 No Code Resource No Code Tutoiials

A famous expert in the no-code community, Connor Finlayson, is now sharing valuable content on no-code development and automation. The videos are presented in a fun and relaxed manner, making learning easy. The website is constantly updated with new videos so that you will keep abreast of the latest tools.

26. NoCode


 No Code Resource NoCode

All the no-code videos are now in one place. If you have started learning no-code development, this website will become an indefeasible part of learning and practice. The experts share their experience, successful projects, and the challenges they had while using no-code platforms. 

27. Visual Dev School


 No Code Resource Visual By School

Real school or not, this platform will help you to learn no-code development even if you are not a tech geek. The learning material will show the whole framework of building no-code mobile apps, web apps, or websites. 

28. No Code Community


 No Code Resource No Code Community

Inspired by the revolutionary new approach to building apps and websites, no-code makers have created a community on Facebook. They gather all the enthusiasts successfully working or starting practising no-code development. 

29. 100DaysOfNoCode


 No Code Resource 100 Days of No Code

It is an online community of no-code builders who share, discuss, collaborate and make lifelong friends. The community is suitable for everyone. 100 Days of No-Code will be a valuable source for not only beginner citizen developers but for no-code pros as well.

30. Apps Without Code


 No Code Resource Apps Without Code

No-code development has already become a lifesaver for those who want to spend less time and resources on the building process. The tutorials and learning material available on Apps Without Code will help non-technical users understand how to use no-code tools and create a new product. 

31. No Code Ops


 No Code Resource No Code Ops

This is a no-code community of more than 5000 professionals gathered to share experience and help each other build better tools and products. The community of professionals is the best source to learn things that you will never find in tutorials and courses. 

32. No Code School


 No Code Resource No Code School

Design and development have never been so fun. Dayton Pereira will be your coach and trainer to teach you how to build your app or website and validate your idea with minimal budget and zero coding. 

33. No Code Mentors


 No Code Resource No Code Mentors

If you want to level up your skills in no-code development, coaches of No Code Mentors will help you with practical information and advice. One-on-one video calls with no-code experts are the best means to get the answers to your questions, share your ideas, and discuss your project. 

34. People Who build


 No Code Resource People who Build

If coding has stopped you from idea execution, no-coding development is the thing you have been looking for. The courses on the website are to solve the problem of developing websites, web apps, and mobile apps.

35. WeLoveNoCode

#tutorials, #learning

 No Code Resource NoCode Tutorials

WeLoveNoCode provides companies with unlimited no-code development services at fair prices. They offer dozens of great tutorials which will enable your no-code skills and make you a better no-code developer.

36. Visual Makers

#tutorials, #learning

 No Code Resource Visual Makers

Virtual Makers is our final no-code resource. Visual Makers is a German company that provides help to those who need to automate repetitive tasks and build various digital products. The membership website has a highly skilled team and around 200+ makers that will make your digital growth much easier and faster.


We do love no-code development because it is easy, fast, and effective. The digital revolution has gained thousands of followers and devotees. Now it is your time to become a no-code expert and start creating your own projects.

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