10 Inspiring No-Code Web Apps Built with Softr

Published on September 3, 2021

Being able to build web apps without having to code has become more important than ever. It's not just about saving time or money, it's about becoming more creative and innovative. Softr, in turn, has helped thousands of web applications to come around. We love how people go above and beyond to build powerful and beautiful web apps with our tool. All are equally great and inspirational but today we will present you with 10 inspiring no-code web apps built with Softr that are exceptionally good. 

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1. Charcuterie Board Food Directory

Charcuterie Board Food Directory web app

We start the list with an awesome food directory the Charcuterie Board Food Directory. The web app is for those who want to figure out what to serve on their charcuterie board. From diet types to taste characteristics, everything is made for hosts and hostesses to be on top of their game. 

What we like about this web app is the smart, beautiful web design they came up with. Navigating through the directory is as easy as ABC. Moreover, the web app has a clear niche, and the content is placed around it perfectly. If you have something similar in mind, don’t hesitate to start building your no-code web app. All you need to do is add some imagination, put a clear plan with a niche and a little knowledge of no-code web app building on the board. That would be it. Now you can confidently serve your web app to your potential customers.

2. International Witness Campaign

International Witness Campaign web app

The “Remembering 20 years of the failed War on Terror” slogan catches the eye first when you enter the International Witness Campaign’s web app. We feel very proud when such important campaigns are built with Softr. The campaign is made for bringing together international partners to commemorate and remember the millions of people who have been affected by illegal wars, carpet bombings, drone assassinations, and mass displacement in the Muslim world over the last two decades. It examines the impact, failures, and prospects of the war on terror while advocating unity, justice, and dialogue.

Similar to the first web app we discussed, this one also has a clear niche and uses the layout to introduce it to the visitors. It's an impactful and important resource for the sake of humanity.

3. Beta Directory

Beta Directory web app

There’s something we’d like you to know about Softr we truly love directories. One of our favorites is Beta Directory built by one of the no-code experts Sam Dickie. Sam created the web application for you to get hold of the digital products first. Beta Directory is a selected collection of the most recent digital products now in beta or early access stage. In addition to this, you can check the directory, submit your beta projects and get emails any time new interesting products are added. 

We really like the design of the project. It looks amazing and has a really big collection of products.

4. Clarity

Clarity web app

Mental health is a crucial part of our well being, so we have to take good care of it. That’s why Clarity was made to help you enter the wonderful world of mental well being. The web application an impressive list of mental health resources for creators and artists. Here you can find dozens of organizations, interviews, life hacks, all for helping people to inspire and help start their journey of clarity. 

The web app’s layout is beautiful and simple, letting visitors focus on the most important parts of the content. Clarity is easy to interact with. They did their best to provide struggling creators with resources to befriend their demons and live in peace with their inner world.

5. Nanny Network

Nanny Network web app

Next up is one of our beloved web apps Nanny Network. We’ve already covered it in our case studies so if you want to dig deeper into the network, check out the case study. If you choose to stay here, let us tell you in brief what the Nanny Network is all about. Nanny Network has a simple, yet, unique niche. The platform is your go-to web application if you want to hire the perfect nanny for your family childcare. You can make an appointment with the experts, post a job, and learn more about the network. 

From the first seconds of browsing through the web app, you can tell the platform is all about childcare. Let’s not forget about the concise and clear web app design. The color palette, fonts, layout make the best out of UX. Making a web app like Nanny Network will be completed within hours with Softr blocks and a clear vision of your web application.

6. ToolMeUP

Tool Me Up web app

From helping families find their perfect nannies, we gradually move to startups, and the great help Tool Me Up presents for them. Their team of startup experts provides fast, personalised and reliable tool recommendations that will help you move your business forward. They also offer a wide range of products, including apps, and digital tools to help you grow your startup from idea to success. You can even join their amazing community of creators and builders for more advice and support. 

In his interview with Softr, the founder of TMP, Nic Touron, advised no-code makers to focus on the content quality and to test any idea you may have with the responsive and fast web application. 

7. Humble Help

Humble Help web app

Turning a startup into a successful small business consists of a set of steps. And if you ever got the chance to learn about small businesses you know how important trained and qualified team members are. And that’s where Humble Help comes around. The main concept of the web app is training and preparing people to help small businesses. You can scale up your marketing career with an internship helping a local business to become better. 

Web app serves as a bridge between the business and young professionals ready to help each other grow. As the app has two types of potential users, they had to build a web app to please and match both. Luckily with Softr integrations, listings and other features, Humble Help serves its purpose greatly by presenting features all over the platform for both professionals and businesses. 

8. Missing Black People

Missing Black People web app

We feel immensely proud and obligated when campaigns like Missing Black People choose to spread the word with Softr. We hope the web app will reach its goal, and the list of missing people will be forever empty. As the title suggests, Missing Black People is built for you and others to help find Black people worldwide and reconnect families and communities. 

The web application allows the users to add and browse the list of missing people to see if they can help. Subscribe to their newsletter and learn about other important campaigns. The web app is also secure, flexible enough to carry out such an important task.

9. Boats by Owners

Boats by Owners web app

Let’s get on board with our next web app Boats By Owners. We can’t go on without mentioning that the web app is nominated as the no-code project of the month by Automate All The Things. Marco and Em, the founders of Boats By Owners, have built the niche marketplace for people to find the sailboat of their dreams, and, if needed, can help you sell/purchase your dream boat.

The web app fulfils the main purpose of marketplaces by connecting people who want to buy something to those who want to sell. An amazing fact 3 weeks after starting, 6 boats have been listed ranging from $60k up to $320k! It’s important to mention the marketplace is still an ongoing project, and we can’t wait to see what else the creators have to offer.

10. Softr.io

Softr web app

Now we’ll kindly ask you to look up the domain of the website you’re currently at. Yep, yep you got it right. The website you're on right now has been built with Softr as well. Aside from Softr being ours and its simplicity, we find it important to learn the ins and outs of your products to be able to present them properly. Softr is all about Softr, making it easier for our users to get hold of the recent news to learn about Airtable and more. We did our best for Softr to be a great representation of how you can use our blocks and tools to make the best out of the experience. 

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