Today, we’re excited to announce another major step in our journey to become a data-source agnostic platform, with the introduction of HubSpot as a data source. 

Here is a video by no-code expert Demetri Panicki providing a detailed walkthrough of the integration:

Empower your business with HubSpot and Softr

For CRM-driven organizations, establishing foundational marketing and sales operations is just the beginning. Softr empowers SMB owners, agencies, and operational leaders to go a step further. Now, you can easily build custom portals, tools, and forms that leverage your HubSpot CRM data, and integrate seamlessly with a variety of other data sources— without coding.

Let’s dive in 👇

With Softr’s beta release, you can revolutionize your CRM experience:

  • Let external users access your CRM with ease: Create dedicated customer and partner portals with full permission control, and without the need for additional HubSpot service hubs or seats.
  • Personalize the portal lifecycle experience: Tailor your portals to align with your contacts' various stages in the buyer journey, delivering the right data at the right time. From negotiating terms to presenting personalized onboarding offers, you control the user experience.
  • Build advanced capture forms – Go beyond lead capture with forms designed to capture customer information from leads, employees, or other parties directly into HubSpot. Easily create forms for internal workflows like support tickets and feature requests, and customize to align with your brand design, Advanced conditional logic is coming soon.
  • Connect HubSpot with internal workflows and data sources – Softr facilitates the integration of HubSpot with other internal workflows and data sources, providing a unified interface, 360 view of a customer, and a custom operations hub.
  • Simplify and customize the user interface for your field salespeople and in-office teams – Create simplified interfaces for your teams that make CRM data management straightforward and efficient, stripping away unnecessary complexity.

All that is built in days, not months, fueled by Softr and your HubSpot data.

❗Note: HubSpot (beta) is available on all plans (subject to change upon full release).

Get started

  • Connect Your HubSpot Data. In just 30 seconds, you can authenticate with HubSpot in Softr.
  • Transform your HubSpot data into dynamic user interfaces using intuitive building blocks — including lists, tables, forms, and summary cards.
  • Any changes made to your data in HubSpot will automatically be reflected in your Softr app immediately, and vice versa.

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