Softr 2022 year in review

Softr 2022 Year In Review

There are now over 100,000 Softr users. This has been an incredible year for Softr and the team is as grateful as ever to all of you that have made it possible. On behalf of the team, thank you!

As we close out the year we’re back again to reflect on the amazing achievements we have made in 2022.

“The Cinderella of no-code”

Another year, another redesign, in 2022 we found our glass slipper and our community says this one fits. Softr has always been easy to use but with our modern look and building experience, we are feeling as good as ever. Though if building wasn’t easy enough already, we’ve also designed an intuitive set up journey and app building checklist. Creating a beautiful app with Softr has never been better.

“The Cinderella of no-code”

We are now data-agnostic

This year we achieved a significant milestone. With the addition of Google Sheets as a data source, we are now data-agnostic. As you know, our aim is to empower anyone to build the tools they need for their work using their existing data. To achieve this we want to let you connect to any data source you might be using (databases, excel, HR systems etc). That’s why we plan to connect to a number of more data sources in the coming year. Stay tuned!

Google Sheets is available on Softr

Softr is now used by businesses of all sizes to build sophisticated internal tools

Softr is not the new kid on the block anymore, and as the year has rolled, we’ve seen our community expand. Not just in numbers but by the need for more and more advanced app capabilities.

To our business customers, this year we’ve been listening and are delighted to have introduced a number of advanced app-building features like:

  • Global CRUD Permissions
  • Conditional Filters
  • Inbox, Timeline and Calendar Blocks
  • App History
  • Softr Mobile

Not to mention a suite of new business templates.

Softr is now used by businesses of all sizes to build sophisticated internal tools

This year we said hello to internal tools

We have taken on a big mission at Softr. We believe everyone should have the ability to create the tools they need without engineers or designers. To those who have always had to bid for in-house development resources - we think we can help.

This year we made the decision to expand our cause to help teams needing better internal tooling. So far we have been a popular choice across a number of great use cases like Team Intranet, Content Calendar, Custom CRM, Inventory and Vendor Management and other internal use cases.

For our existing community, our focus here will result in more powerful functionality to utilize. As an introduction we have built Workspaces, giving the ability for teams to collaborate in one space. In addition we have added improvements to our charts, tables and kanban blocks.

Softr internal tools

Artificial Intelligence has landed in Softr 

This year we introduced Softr AI so you can generate images and copy with just the click of a robot. Additionally, you can create apps that offer AI functionality to your users. Easily enable your users to create sales emails, marketing copy, blog posts, interview questions, images and more, all with AI.

introducing Softr AI

Not to mention these big achievements 

We are ecstatic to have been recognized by some of the most respected communities around. To mention a few, this year Softr has been featured as:

We also launched our very own Generation Builders Podcast on Product HuntCheck out our first two episodes with Brian Belfour (Founder/CEO of Reforge) and Kevin Indig (Growth & SEO Advisor).

Softr #1 on Product Hunt

An unforgettable year for our Softr Community

Here are some key things that made it memorable:

  • Hired a full-time community-lead, Lizzie, to help take the Softr community to the next level.

  • Hosted 6 events, featuring several Softr community members and friends.

  • Launched the Softr Insider Community. A place where Softr Experts, Partners and Ambassadors come together to share ideas, get exclusive access to the team and more.

  • Elevated and re-engaged our Softr Experts program.

And we’re just getting started! 

softr community recap

Community Member Shoutouts


Morning Brew Co-Founder, Alex Lieberman, has built the world’s best free start up guide using Softr. Alex says ‘There's an endless supply of startup content. But Founders still feel lost & lonely because there's no single source of truth.” Which is why he created Sherpa.

made with Softr- Sherpa


Built by Softr community member, Félix Barros. Measurevent creates impact reports for your events. They measure, analyze and storytell your economic, sociocultural and environmental impacts, with comparable KPIs within their exclusive network of measured events.

made with Softr- Measurevent

Looking ahead to 2023

In 2023 we predict a few key trends that will shape the no-code movement and we plan to be ahead of the curve.

  1. We anticipate increased adoption of no-code tools by businesses of all sizes, as more and more companies discover the benefits of no-code tools.
  2. We will see a rise in development of new platforms and tools that make it even easier for non-technical users to build complex apps.
  3. Increased focus on integration and interoperability: We will see a greater focus on making no-code tools work harmoniously with other systems.

For Softr these key trends mean a few things:

More advanced capabilities for complex business apps and internal tools.

  • A concerted effort in improving design flexibility for power users while keeping things simple for the majority of use cases. We will always stay true to our mission of Softr - simple yet powerful, and offer the right balance of customizability and ease of use.
  • More data sources. This will give our customers greater power to build powerful apps on top of their existing data.

We hope you are as excited as we are.

Once again, we can’t thank you enough for your support in 2022. Bring on 2023!

Hear more about our journey!

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