Softr 2021

year in review

Softr 2021 Year In Review

It was a transformational year for us here at Softr, and everything we managed to achieve so far is because of you, our awesome community. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support.

We wanted to take this opportunity to reflect back and briefly summarise what we have managed to achieve in 2021 and highlight the new features and abilities we made available through your feedback, suggestions, and requests.

Softr Got Easier To Use

With our newly redesigned Softr application builder is easier and so much more intuitive to build apps, it literally takes 30 mins to have a membership website up and running, powered by your Airtable data. 70+ new building blocks and 27 new templates, geared towards both B2B & B2C types of apps, make it way simpler and quicker to kickstart your application building.

70+ new blocks and 27 new templates in Softr 2021

Softr Got More Powerful


Last year we not only launched our anticipated Softr 2.0 platform update but also made it one of the most powerful and feature-rich no-code platforms in the market whilst keeping the learning curve close to zero. Here is a list of just some of the new additions and improvements we made in 2021. 

Ton of new features and improvements in 2021

Softr Has Evolved


A big focus for last year and also this year is continuing to create a rich catalog of templates with a wide range of use cases and utility. In 2021 we added 27 additional templates across the following categories:

  • Customer Portals
  • Internal Tools
  • Marketplaces
  • Communities
  • Resource hubs/Directories
  • Websites

The platform has evolved from a simple app-building tool to a powerful no-code platform that enables businesses to build and scale internal tools and automate processes for both themselves and their clients without the need for a dedicated developer. We believe every business should be empowered to solve their own technical problems using Softr.

Softr's 27 new templates

Community Initiatives 


We couldn't have achieved any of the above without you, our incredible community. Fostering and listening to the Softr community was a core goal for 2021 but will continue to remain a core focus going forward. In 2021 we achieved:

Softr's evolvement in 2021
  • Launched the #MadeWithSoftr page to showcase our community’s creations
  • Launched our blog
  • Softr joined No-Code Conf 2021 alongside Glide, Webflow & Bubble.
  • Crossed 5,000 members on Twitter
  • Over 13 community members launched their Softr apps on Product Hunt
  • Became an official Partner with OnDeck
  • Launched the Softr community Slack channel
  • Joined NoCode November
  • Ran 30+ community workshops & build sessions
  • Launched the Softr Experts Program
  • Joined NoCode Week Conference
  • Launched Community Case Studies
  • Launched our Youtube channel with 29 tutorials to help get you started
  • Over 60 tutorial videos were created about Softr by the community members

Community Member Shoutouts 

Rachid's Journey Launching a Foodtruck

Rachid's Journey Launching a Foodtruck

We love inspiring customer stories like Rachid's and couldn't be happier for him. Rachid posted in the community Slack channel that he reached a big milestone in part due to Softr's capabilities.

Missing Black People

Missing black people

Dominic Norton (AKA Mr Hackathon) recently appeared on ITV news in the UK for his incredible work relating to his Missing Black People initiative. Check out his initiative here built using Softr.

Softr Application Listr Gets Acquired

Softr's evolvement in 2021

Sujeet Birajdar announced his Softr platform Listr was recently acquired by Pony Express Studio, a France-based startup building for the creator economy. Listr was also product 2 of the day on Product Hunt back in September this year.

Community Case Studies  

community case studies

We covered a number of inspiring community member case studies this year, including Yohei Nakajima's (General Partner, Untapped Capitalinvestor portal to keep their LPs informed. Dan Smith's (Director, DS Automotive) employee portalLucia Borraccino's (Founder, Nanny Network) service business into an online marketplace for parents to source childcare. There are just to name a few. 

Softr Application NFT Hunt Gets Acquired

Softr Application NFT Hunt Gets Acquired

Softr platform NFT Hunt was recently acquired and joined forces with to continue a joint mission to showcase artists with NFT collectors. 

100 Days of No-Code  

100 days of no-code

Max Haining launched and completed his first cohort for 100DaysOfNoCode and subsequently opened up a second cohort kicking off on the 7th of February. 

Once again, we can’t thank you enough for your support in 2021 and if you think that was a big year of updates just wait for what we have in store for you in 2022.

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