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Use Softr's Leaderboard Website template to build a directory with upvoting functionality similar to Product Hunt.

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Features and functionality

Build a dynamic leaderboard where users can upvote their favorite items.

Upvoting functionality

Users can upvote their favorite items.

Submit resources

Users can submit their own suggestions for a review.

Email capture

Capture user emails to begin building an email list.

Search and filtering

Filter and search functionality to find resources in seconds.

Responsive design

Fully responsive design, allowing all the users to view the leaderboard from any device.

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Upvote tools is a leaderboard website template where users can upvote their favorite items. Similar to Product Hunt, the most upvoted items appear at the top. The template can serve multiple purposes. It can be used to create a convenient platform for people to share, promote, and get feedback from their products, ideas, resources, and more. But most importantly, it can be used to build a leaderboard for any kind of virtual or real-life competition. For instance, many businesses create internal leaderboards for their employees (e.g. a sales leaderboard) to motivate them and promote healthy competition. Finally, a leaderboard is a powerful tool that can be used to add some gamification to your community.

How it works

Users can filter the leaderboard by a number of categories or conduct a search if they know what they’re looking for. There is also an option for the users to submit new items, which the owner of the site can review and publish as well. Moreover, using the email capture form at the top of the home page, you can set up a newsletter and send out regular emails with the hottest picks, the past week’s most upvoted items, and so on.

The leaderboard website template features a stylish dark theme, which can also be modified if needed. Apart from that, if you need to share more details on your leaderboard items, each item is linked to a details page, where additional info can be displayed with relevant images, links, descriptions, etc.

Build your Leaderboard today

Proceed with the template and have your leaderboard website ready in minutes.


Leaderboards are used to rank players or participants of any sort of competition according to the specified criteria. The ultimate purpose is to identify the best performers in a certain area.

Leaderboards can be a powerful tool in fostering competition and motivating the members of a community. However, it is important to include relevant psychological factors of motivation in order to make them work as expected.

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