Streamline Your Grantmaking Process with Grant Management Software

Keep track of applications, manage pending and approved grants, and build transparent reports with grant management software.

grant management software

Maximize grant seeker results with a grant management solution

And get rid of all these problems…

Bottlenecks and delays in the grant lifecycle due to slow manual work

Missing mandatory targets and deadlines because of ineffective workflows

Losing track of relevant information and online applications due to having an unstandardized saving system

Reworking caused by poor communication between team members, grantmakers, and grantees

Lack of data-driven decision-making resulting from poor performance and donor management system

Not being able to build transparent financial reports owing to a lack of organized information

Protect stakeholder and grantee information

Secure all of your grant management system data with Softr’s server-side authentication powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Use conditional filters and set permissions to ensure granular access and data protection.

server-side authentication to protect your data
Interface design flexibility

Customization freedom to meet your grant program needs

Use Softr’s smooth editing functionality and pre-defined building blocks to come up with a grant lifecycle manager that suits your needs in a few minutes. Use a white-label portal to fully brand your web app.

Integrate with third-party software to contact grant seekers

Connect Softr’s native integrations to share your data and contact applicants with the tools you already know and love. Use the Zapier or Make (formerly Integromat) integration to link up with 2000+ other services.

Custom form builder
softr/airtable integration

Build your desired grant management system with zero technical background

Softr lets you build the grant program management you want without needing to have any special technical knowledge. You can even use a template to create an extra-fast solution.

yohei nakajima

How a VC firm built a portal for investors to track and tag startups that may receive funding

"I had already tried other tools, so when I started using Softr, it was clear immediately that the capabilities were beyond what I found elsewhere." 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Yohei Nakajima General Partner, Untapped Capital


Streamline your grant management process!

With Softr, you can create custom grant management software in minutes to save yourself from years of time-consuming manual work.

Create your grant management system with ready-to-use customizable templates

Save time building your web app using one of these pre-built templates.

Donation Tracker

Use the donation tracker to monitor individual and corporate donations, and securely receive payments all in one place.

Our awesome features
Client Portal

Build a client portal to improve your client relationships. Let users update their data and manage changes and projects in real-time.

Our awesome features
Sales CRM

Keep track of your sales leads and manage deals with a custom sales CRM built using Airtable.

Our awesome features
Investor Portal

Manage all your company’s fundraising rounds and communications, and share updates with limited partners (LPs) through an investor portal.

Our awesome features

Simplify workflows and increase productivity with a document portal

Use a document portal to securely store and share your documents, files, and folders with others.

collaborative workflow

Kickstart your grant management software with these powerful features

Softr takes care of all the coding and back-end technicalities of building a custom grant management software solution, so you can focus on bringing your ideas to life.

User accounts

Users can log in or create their personal accounts within your app and sign up in just a few seconds.

Our awesome features
Roles and permissions

Secure your information by setting granular-level security measures and restricting user access.

Our awesome features
Member-only content

Gate your content and restrict access to certain users based on their role, type, and payment rules.

Our awesome features
Search, filtering, sorting

Make the content of your web app easily scannable with a powerful search and sorting functionality.

Our awesome features
Lists, Cards, Grids, Table Views

Use Softr’s pre-built layouts to present your database information. Identify which information is public and which is private.

Our awesome features
Softr integrations

Integrate with your favorite tools

Connect your grant management software with your favorite tools and manage your data in the platforms you already use. Easily integrate with Typeform to collect grant applications or use Calendly to set grant discovery calls.

- Mailerlite

- Typeform

- Calendly

- Google Calendar

- Mailchimp

- Iubenda Cookie Solution

- Google Analytics

- Paypal

- Stripe

Multiplatform Web apps

Don’t be stuck with a single operating system. With Softr's PWA feature, your web app is accessible to your users across IOS and Android. The apps will adapt and look great on every screen without any extra design or resources.

Multiplatform app

Streamline your grant management process!

With Softr, you can create custom grant management software in minutes to save yourself from years of time-consuming manual work.

2 months free


For individuals building passion projects.


Unlimited apps & visitors
Essential blocks
5 workspace collaborators


For entrepreneurs building new products.

$49 /month Start for free


10 internal / 1000 external app users
Custom CSS/JS
Embed Softr apps


For teams building advanced custom apps.

$269 /month Start for free


100 internal / 10000 external app users
Timeline, Org chart
15 workspace collaborators
Downloadable mobile apps (PWA)


For larger companies that want extra volume, security, and support.


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SSO for app users (SAML, OpenID)
Security audit
Team training
Custom invoicing

Frequently asked questions about online marketplaces

A grant management software lets grant seekers organize their grant management process, end to end. This type of software assists in recording grant applications, managing grant opportunities, automating spreadsheets, and using data to build transparent reports.

Since funders want to ensure they’re giving grants to recipients that’ll make a positive, impactful change, nonprofit organizations need to manage the way they make use of their grant awards. Here are some specific steps nonprofits follow to manage grants: 1. Defining the basics: establish what they’ll do with the money and who will be responsible for managing it. 2. Documenting grant awards: keep track of the processes they need to configure or streamline to manage their funds. 3. Reviewing requirements: ensure all requirements are met and the team has easy access to this information. 4. Coming up with a schedule: lay out a plan and highlighting relevant deadlines to execute fund-related tasks and report progress to funders. 5. Getting the finance team on board: keep a recording of the received funds, and make sure the financial team is involved and knows region-specific regulations. 6. Reporting, reporting, reporting: even when funders don’t ask for reports, make a habit of sharing quarterly status reports internally to review performance and progress towards goals. 7. Defining the end of the grant: determine what it means to reach the end of the grant, how it needs to be reported, and the required documentation.

Grant management software has several benefits, such as: - Connecting funders and grant seekers - Streamlining the communication process between grantmakers and seekers - Managing the end-to-end process of grant applications - Using platform data to generate accurate and compliant reports

Grant management and grant writing are two different practices. The first one is related to managing the process of applying, receiving and managing funds, and reporting to funders. Grant writing is a part of grant management. It’s the process of filling out applications to apply for financial grants.

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