Attracting thousands of visitors monthly with the investor review platform built with Softr

We discussed with Joe how and why he established his investor review platform and why he selected Softr to build his landing and marketing pages that currently attract tens of thousands of visitors every month.

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Joe is the founder of Landscape, which builds products that aim at making fundraising better for everyone involved. He tries to raise transparency in the startup fundraising ecosystem by allowing the users to share their investor experiences. Landscape partners with investors as well, allowing them to share their investment theses, team information, and other details to give founders a better understanding of how each investor operates. That's what the platform offers right now, but Joe and his team have lots of new functionality under development that will be released very soon. Apart from building the platform, that has been developed in-house and is accessible to registered users only, the Landscape team has used Softr to make their marketing pages and the main landing page, which currently gets tens of thousands of page views a month. Joe is really into no-code and has tried numerous no-code platforms and tools, so we were curious what made him choose Softr for his project and how he would describe his experience with Softr so far.

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Why Softr?

As mentioned above, Joe is quite experienced with no-code tools and often uses them to test his hypotheses before committing to a full build. His no-code stack consists of such tools as Typeform, Airtable, Glide, Softr, Zapier, and others. So, we discussed with Joe what he thought the main benefits of Softr were and what problems it allowed him to solve. According to him, currently, the ability to create beautiful landing pages in a very short time is one of the main benefits of Softr for them. They are not yet using Softr to its full potential (e.g. Airtable integration, memberships, etc.) but they plan to use our platform to build other projects that will involve more advanced functionality.

"The fact that Softr apps can be powered by Airtable data is currently not the absolute top importance, but opens up product opportunities for us further down the line. Right now, it's incredibly valuable for me and my team to be able to tweak marketing pages without having to bother our developer."

Joe Perkins, Founder, Landscape

Previously, Joe used other no-code tools for the same purposes, but the speed with which Softr allowed him to build and release his projects made him switch. After experimenting a bit with the free plan and exploring the documentation, he was able to pull together a nice-looking site. As a result, he ended up building Landscape's website with our platform and has since used it numerous times for creating MVPs for other products he and his team have worked on.

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Next steps

Landscape is already getting lots of traction and new signups, and the team plans to enhance the platform, offering more interesting features to its users. Moreover, over the next few months, Joe and his team will be releasing 5 new projects on Softr. Therefore, Joe hopes that our platform will continue delivering on his requirements and will allow him to produce even more powerful sites and web apps.

"I hope that Softr will continue to meet my needs. The main thing for me is how quickly you guys add new blocks and designs. Websites can start looking very stale very quickly these days, so I like the idea of constantly being able to update it."

Joe Perkins, Founder, Landscape

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