Fostering collaboration across the globe: The Recap of Softr's Barcelona offsite [2023]

Mariam Ispiryan • August 2, 2023 • 5 min read

As a remote-based company, we understand the importance of coming together and building strong bonds despite the distance. That's why our company offsites are the highlight of every summer!

Gathering from across the globe, our diverse team traveled all the way from Germany, Australia, Canada, Armenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan, Czech and the US to unite at the panoramic Terassa's Campus La Mola. With excitement and anticipation, we were all set to kick off our unforgettable Softr Offsite in beautiful Barcelona, Spain! 🌍✈️🇪🇸

Softr team in Campus La Mola

Day 1: Arrival and a reunion

We started the offsite by checking into our cozy hotel and having a reunion! After settling into our rooms, we had a delicious lunch at the hotel and some free time to get to know our fellow Softrians. The day ended with a delightful dinner and fun-filled board games to break the ice and get into the offsite spirit!

Day 1: Arrival and a reunion

Day 2: Inspiring talks and nature time

The second day was all about Softr's vision and strategy. Mariam Hakobyan, our Co-Founder and CEO, led an inspiring session where she shared the company's vision, strategy, and core values. It was a fantastic opportunity to understand where we are heading as a company and the incredible impact we can make together.

To balance our minds and souls, we embarked on a refreshing hike in Montseny Natural Park, creating cherished memories in nature!

Day 2: Inspiring talks and nature time

Day 3: Insights, Barcelona exploring, and an exciting AMA!

Our third day was packed with insights and exploration. The Product, Design, and Growth teams gave insightful presentations, delving into the nitty-gritty of their domains.

The day's highlight was undoubtedly the AMA session with the founders, Mariam Hakobyan and Artur Mkrtchyan, alongside one of our first investors, Marc-Olivier Luecke. It was a rare opportunity to gain invaluable insights into the journey of Softr.

Later, we explored the vibrant streets of Barcelona and indulged in its delectable cuisine, strengthening our bonds through shared experiences!

Day 3: Insights, Barcelona exploring, and an exciting AMA!

Day 4: Creativity and beach fun

The fourth day was all about creativity and tech. We hit off the first-ever Softr Hackathon, where we collaborated to generate compelling ideas for an upcoming top-secret project. Stay tuned because the future holds something exciting!

To end the sessions on a high note, our Co-founder and CTO, Artur Mkrtchyan, took us on an insightful journey through the evolution of Softr's technology. It was thrilling to see how far we've come and envision where we're headed next!

Before saying our goodbyes, we had one last enjoyable trip together in Sitges, where we spent quality time over a mouthwatering dinner.

Day 4: Creativity and beach fun

Check out this great video created by Samvel Siradeghyan (Senior Software Engineer) to take a trip down memory lane with Softr.

Softr’s Barcelona Offsite was not just about having fun, exploring a new city, or indulging in delicious food. It was a celebration of our shared mission, vision, and values. It was about building deeper connections, fostering collaboration, and building memories that will last a lifetime.

We return to our routines with renewed enthusiasm, knowing we are part of something special. Thank you, Softr, for this unforgettable journey.

Until the next offsite adventure!

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