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Anush Bichakhchyan

Anush is a journalist and freelance content writer from Armenia, affiliated with several online magazines and tech blogs. Born and raised in Armenia, she has always been interested in writing and communication. After completing her Master's degree in Pedagogy from the State Pedagogic University of Armenia, she decided to pursue a career in writing and has been blogging and writing content for 8 years. Anush is an expert in research and creative writing, and her new passion is interviewing and communicating with people, writing their stories, and storytelling. During her years of experience, she has been involved in different segments and has written about topics such as technology, innovation, travel, marketing research, and much more. Anush is a well-rounded writer with a vast amount of knowledge and experience. She is a great storyteller with the ability to capture her readers' attention and keep them engaged. Some examples of Anush's work: - 10 Biggest mistakes companies make when outsourcing - Complete Guide to CMS; Everything you need to know - Website Redesign? It's easy if you do it smart - The power of visual content - Armenia – a new crossroad in tech industry

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