Why do companies choose Softr over Appsmith?


Hiring professional developers for every web project can get costly, quickly — that’s where Softr comes in. A true no-code solution to building web applications, portals, internal tools, and so much more, Softr was designed to help any business, with developers or not, build like pros.

Softr vs. Appsmith

Softr helps organizations create apps for any business need — from building operational hubs to external facing client portals — no coding expertise needed. Appsmith, on the other hand, which offers some no-code functionality, requires some knowledge of code in order to take full advantage of the tool.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

“Building native or low-code apps is expensive, time-consuming and laborious, especially if we have to scratch them and start over post customer feedback. Softr has helped us save months of development and thousands of dollars.” 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sabica Pardesi, Cofounder and COO, Moya Money

6 features that make Softr better than Appsmith

Softr — a true no-code tool — offers a variety of pre-built templates and modules that users can customize to create web applications quickly. Easy to use, Softr is a better option for organizations looking for more control over their apps, without the cost of hiring developers or learning code.

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From $0 to $323 per month
From free to custom pricing
External & Internal apps
Unlimited applications both internal and external-facing
Public pages (no login required)
Advanced authentication options (SSO, Google Sign-in, Magic Links, Sign in without passwords, Sign in with SMS and more)
Magic Links, Sign in without passwords, Sign in with SMS and more)
Design Flexibility & Customization
Intuitive and flexible design
No code required
Great templates to start from
Responsive design (web, tablet, mobile)
Data sources
Google Sheets
Rest APIs

coming soon

Real-time data retrieval and update
Advanced Building Blocks
Chart block
Kanban block
Calendar block
Organizational View block
Built-in User Groups & Permissions functionalities
User Groups with powerful AND and OR conditions
Field level Create/Read/Update/Delete permissions
Record level Create/Read/Update/Delete permissions
Page & block level visibility rules (per user group)
Zapier & Integromat native integrations
Stripe Payments (one-off and subscription)
Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Hotjar, etc.
24/7 Free Support
Video tutorials
Training & onboarding
Paid plans
Paid plans

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